President-Elect Trump Calls Murdered San Antonio Officer’s Son


President-Elect Trump Calls Murdered San Antonio Officer’s Son

San Antonio, TX – It looks like we finally have a friend in the white house. President-Elect Trump called Det. Ben Marconi’s son to offer his condolences.

While one president won’t even take five minutes and tell everyone to stop killing police, President-elect Trump has been calling slain officers family members to offer condolences. MySA news reports that Dane Gregory Marconi, the son of the murdered San Antonio officer, made a Facebook post Monday evening that said “Just got off the phone with the future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family.”

Detective Benjamin Marconi was murdered on Sunday while writing a citation to a motorist on a traffic stop. Otis McKane walked up to the officer’s window and shot him twice in the side of the head. He was caught about 30 hours after the senseless murder. The killers reasoning for this act: He was mad at society and lashed out and someone who didn’t deserve it.

This isn’t the first time that the President- Elect has shown heavy support to police officers and their families. Earlier this month NYPD Sergeant Paul Tuozollo was shot and killed while responding to a burglary call. The day after Trump’s nomination, he made it a point to call the murdered officers wife to tell her

“I’m very sorry I cannot be there with you today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time,”

Trump isn’t just offering condolences though, when the Trumpfest Crybaby Riots started on November 9th, he opened the doors of Trump tower to feed the police officers who had to baby-sit protesters.

One Chicago police officer tweeted this awesome spread that was free of charge from Trump to the workers dealing with protesters