Townville Elementary School Shooting – Multiple Victims

Townville Elementary School

Multiple officers responded to a shooting at Townville Elementary

Townville Elementary School Shooting – Multiple Victims – One Of Our Own Was On Scene

BREAKING Townville, S.C. – Multiple law enforcement and emergency vehicles rushed to Townville Elementary School in northwestern South Carolina this afternoon after receiving reports of multiple shots fired. According to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, at least two children have been airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital with life-threatening injuries. A female teacher was transported by ambulance to Anmed Hospital. The conditions of the victims are unknown at this time but officials say that all have gunshot wounds.

One of our own Blue Lives Matter team members was on scene to pull his daughter, a student at the school, from the scene. Thankfully, she was unharmed. She described the scene as chaotic.

Other parents rushed to the school to check on their children. The remaining students at the school were evacuated by school bus to nearby Oakdale Baptist Church. Parents and family members were asked to respond there instead of the school. Armed officers could be seen all over the campus, even walking the roof to ensure that the scene was safe for additional responding officers. A law enforcement source close to the investigation said that deputies have a teenage suspect in custody, but no details were released. The area still shows a heavy police presence and the scene is locked down while various law enforcement agencies begin the arduous task to processing the scene and collecting evidence.

The incident, which took place shortly after 2:00 p.m., rocked this sleepy little community of 2,913 residents.  Witnesses reported seeing dozens of emergency vehicles speeding up Highway 24 toward the school. Units from multiple law enforcement agencies responded, including the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Anderson City Police, and the sheriff’s offices Anderson and Oconee counties.

At about the same time, a death scene was located on Osborne Road in Townville that police are saying is connected to the shooting incident at the school. The location is in close proximity to the school at just over 3 miles away.

Police have not released any details on how the scenes are connected or any information about the suspect in this incident.

Stay tuned to BlueLivesMatter for updates on this breaking story.

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