Thomas Berry Disarms Officer And Tases Him

Thomas Berry disarmed a  Phoenix police officer and tased him.

Thomas Berry disarmed a Phoenix police officer and tased him.

Thomas Berry Disarms Officer And Tases Him

26-year-old Thomas Berry was charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer after a domestic disturbance call Friday night.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department, Sergeant Jonathan Howard, said police officers responded to the home near 52nd Street and Greenway Road. The officers found Thomas Berry at the location acting erratically, punching holes in a door, and destroying items in the house.

When the police officers attempted to take Berry into custody, he charged at the officers aggressively, and attempted to take one of their guns. Berry was unable to get control of the gun, but he was able to take one of the officer’s Tasers before tasing that officer in the leg.

Police said Berry was eventually arrested and booked into jail on three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

This is yet another example of the many dangers police officers face when confronting suspects who are intent on injuring and/or killing a police officer.

As discussion and questions about police use of force continues to sweep the nation, police are finding themselves in a balancing act of sorts. It’s an act of evaluating whether they should act to protect their own lives, or whether they should gamble with their own safety in order to prevent more cries from the anti-police organizations spreading narratives of police brutality. Those claims are routinely proven to be false.

Police escalate the amount of force they use in direct response to a suspect’s actions. When a suspect introduces a weapon, there is no reasonable expectation for an officer to attempt to de-escalate in order to appease police critics; the officer’s life is already in immediate jeopardy.

Had an officer been confronting Thomas Berry alone, there’s a very real possibility that the officer could have been killed. Thankfully, these officers ended what could have certainly been considered a deadly threat, and they did so without causing injury or death to the suspect or themselves.

This is representative of the actions of thousands of officers all across the nation. On a daily basis they go from dangerous call after call where split-second decisions on life or death must be made.