Texas Officer Stephen Magnes Ambushed, Shot In Back

Officer Stephen Magnes with the Calvert Police Department was ambushed on Sunday.

Officer Stephen Magnes with the Calvert Police Department was ambushed on Sunday.

Calvert, Texas Police Officer Stephen Magnes Ambushed

Robertson County, Texas – A few hours into 2017 and a police officer has already been ambushed. Sunday morning, Calvert, Texas Police Officer Stephen Magnes was ambushed while on-duty. The Law Enforcement Association of the Brazos Valley put out a statement early today on Facebook saying that the officer was saved by his bullet proof vest.

While the full details of the shooting have not been released yet, Calvert City Manager Kevin O’Carroll told KBTX news that officer Stephen Magnes was shot one time in the back and was treated at a local hospital. Officer Magnes commented later on Facebook that he is fine thanks to his vest.

This isn’t the best way to start off 2017, but we’re very happy that Officer Magnes wasn’t severely injured or killed in this incident. May you have a speedy recovery, sir.

The suspect who tried to murder officer Magnes was arrested and their identity has not been released. This is the the second attempt to ambush law enforcement officers recently. In December, several gang members ambushed four Oklahoma police officers on a traffic stop. Fortunately, none of the officers were severely injured and the suspects were caught.

2016 was a pretty terrible year for law enforcement. According to the Officer Down Memorial page, 140 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016 alone. Many are looking to 2017 to be a better year for law enforcement with a new president who vocally supports law enforcement, rather than one who accuses law enforcement of widespread racism. Check out our earlier article here that outlines some changes President Trump will be making for police.

Keep your head on a swivel and watch your six everyone. It may be a new year, but there are still dirtbags out there willing to shoot police in the back.