Terrell Walker Runs Over And Opens Fire On Ambulance Crew For Helping His Shooting Victim

Terrell Walker went on a murderous rampage before being stopped by heroes.

Terrell Walker went on a murderous rampage before being stopped by heroes.

Terrell Walker Attempted To Murder People Trying To Help His Victim

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –  Crazed domestic violence abuser, Terrell Walker, murdered his girlfriend, and then tried to murder everybody who tried to assist her.

At 5:30 PM Sunday, 48-year-old Terrell Walker shot 30-year-old April Peck several times, threw her out of his car, and drove away.  Prior to officers and medics arriving, the critically injured woman was being assisted by bystanders, one being a local physician and the other a 17-year-old EMT trainee.

Walker returned when the ambulance arrived and drove into the crowd of first responders, running over the EMT trainee and doctor, and then shooting the 17-year-old.  Walker crashed into the ambulance and reportedly said, “If you help her, I’m going to kill you,” before leaving the scene on foot at United Plaza Boulevard at Essen Lane.

In a news conference, Major Bryan White stated officers obtained information on Terrell Walker from prior reports from city police as well as the Sheriff’s Office. After an intense search, they found Walker near Bluebonnet Boulevard off Interstate 10 at approximately 9 PM.   Two deputies confronted the armed suspect and demanded he show his hands.  Walker then opened fire, shooting several rounds at deputies. The deputies returned fire and shot Walker.  Walker fled into a wooded area and was quickly apprehended.

Terrell Walker died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  The officers were not injured.

April Peck was Walker’s live-in girlfriend and it is unclear what led up to the shooting.  She died from her gunshot wounds.

All others hurt in Walker’s rampage were transported to the hospital and are expected to survive their injuries. Daniel Wesley, the 17-year-old, suffered two gunshot wounds and multiple broken bones.

Good job heroes for stopping this mad killer.

  • bws001

    So did he have a carry permit? Where is black live matter didn’t his??

  • rdytogo

    Glad all first responders are ok. Prayers for them all.

    • Mike Klarman

      No their not. The 17 year old was shot twice, fractured his arm and femur but he will survive. He had jumped out of his private car as he was driving by to help her

      • Sage Moose

        terrell’s intent was to kill Daniel for assisting April. Daniel survived the attack.
        I think this is what rdytogo meant by him being okay.

        • Mike Klarman

          No I get it Greg. I wasn’t criticizing him for it at all. Just saying the kid is not okay

          • Sage Moose

            Well gee Mike, I’m afraid I don’t get it then. Daniel was twice shot and car hit. He survived the attack that was meant to kill him. I’m sure he may be pissed off but he’s “okay” as far as he’s still living. What do you mean by “the kid is not okay?”

          • Mike Klarman

            Bottom line Greg is I am agreeing with you!

          • Sage Moose

            Okay, gotcha.
            Your comment saying the kid is not okay kinda threw me off.
            Yeah he’s a bit busted up but he survived the attack.

          • daveainthere

            I get what is being said…..BUT he will never be “OK”. ok?

          • Sage Moose


  • hardresetamericadotcom

    Black Lives Matter protest in 3……2…….ummm, wait……

  • Glenn Davis

    what a shame for the EMTs, as though their job isn’t hard enough. Glad to hear he didn’t get away, and that the EMTs injured will survive.

  • Mike Klarman

    The17 year old EMT that jumped out of his own car to help, got run over by this POS while he tried to control the victims bleeding then shot then shot at a second time and run over once more is a true hero. God bless him and best wishes for a speedy recovery. He can work with me any day of the week!

  • Barbarism.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Why am I not surprised by the picture?


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  • Greg Robertson

    Obama should visit this kid and give him a medal ( a real medal that really means something).

    • Upperthoughts

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  • Upperthoughts

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    because they are the ones that defend the guilty racists and point fingers at the
    law-abiding people as being bad. Pathetic foreign owned government/media.

  • Dixie Erekt

    I read this article on another site without a photo of the perp. Is it racist to already know the guy was black before seeing a picture? People bitch about stereotypes but there is always truth in them, and that’s the truth.

  • Aaron Crook

    Another ‘Terrell’ killed by police. Black Terrell’s seem to be shot quite often by police lately.

  • overseer

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their dedication to exceptional civic values, stable traditional families, parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture and their unflagging pride in maintaining exemplary clean, neat and orderly homes. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Property values are boosted and energized by the entry of American Africans into an area thanks to the caring and sincere respect they show for these communities, their absolute dedication to lives of law abiding peaceful neighborliness, and the examples of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant, can-do culture of integrity and honor. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    • Sage Moose

      Dude! (or Chick!) You absolutely killed it! Well done Sir or Madam!
      And you are so right about the enrichment that the precious lives that ALL black folks bring to their communities. I guess that’s what the fella had in mind when he busted my window and stole my dough.
      I got a new window out of the deal. Dough was never recovered so I’m not exactly sure how that enriched my life, but I’m sure it did.
      I have also heard, on many occasions where they will go out of their way to lighten the burden of carrying such heavy loads. My sister was the recipient of such generous doings when the necklace she was wearing was taken from her.
      And I have heard of many other times they will also relieve a person of the weight of the money or other personal belongings they may be carrying.
      Many times I have heard of these happenings.
      I come from the suburbs of the lovely city of detroit and I can personally attest to all the good they have done there. What with all the beauty of the graffiti. All the broken windows in the abandoned buildings. It’s almost as if your living in a living, breathing work of art.
      I must commend you on your open mind in seeing all the wonder and splendor they have provided. Again, well done!

  • Marc Tabor

    and all his victims left paying their medical bills from his rampage I bet too…