Teen Who Rescued Philadelphia Police Officer Graduates Police Academy

Joseph Chambers Graduates Academy

Joseph Chambers with Officer Matt Kimsey

In 2014 Philadelphia Police Officer Matt Kimsey was responding to a call when a truck ran a stop sign and hit Officer Kimsey’s patrol car. Officer Kimsey’s vehicle burst into flames with Officer Kimsey unconscious inside. Then 17-year-old Joseph Chambers pulled Officer Kimsey out of the burning vehicle. Now, Chambers has just graduated the police academy.

ABC13 reports:

“Like a dream come true almost. I really just can’t wait to get out there, get on the job, get on the street and actually make a difference,” said Joseph Chambers.

But Chambers has already been doing that.

He may have just graduated from the Delaware County Police Academy, but his chance encounter with Philadelphia Police Officer Matt Kimsey is the motivation for getting him to this day.

Their paths crossed when Officer Kimsey found himself in grave danger, trapped in a fiery blaze.

Chambers, then a volunteer firefighter, pulled him to safety.

“Hopefully when he looks at me, he’s kind of like my brother, so hopefully he’s seeing a little brother walk across the stage,” said Chambers.

“Absolutely proud. I couldn’t think of a better person to walk across the stage and want to be a police officer,” said Kimsey. “I look up to him just as much as I hope he looks up me.”

Since Kimsey’s recuperation, the pair have remained close – Kimsey like an older brother encouraging Chambers to rank and file.

Almost two years later, alongside his family, Chambers had the man who inspired him to wear a badge cheering him on.

Good luck in your new career path Joseph.