Taylor Parker Shoots Out His Own Tires, Ending Police Chase

Taylor Parker

Taylor Parker the marksmen

Taylor Parker Shoots Out His Own Tires, Ending Police Chase

Des Moines, Iowa – Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction as proven by Taylor Parker. This genius was not only carrying methamphetamine while he was armed with a shotgun, he was driving suspended and attracted the attention of Des Moines police.

Police attempted to stop Parker for a minor traffic violation. Given the fact that Parker was in possession of several items that would send him to prison, he elected not to stop. A short pursuit ensued. While running from the police, Parker threw the loaded shotgun out of the window. When the gun hit the ground, it fired a round striking one of the tires on Parker’s vehicle.

Unable to effectively elude police in his embattled vehicle, Parker elected to try to run on foot. Again, to his detriment, the police officer was a little faster than he was and the foot chase was ended when Parker was captured and arrested.

The report was not available as of the time of this writing but police indicated that a “significant amount” of methamphetamine was recovered from Parker’s vehicle.

Parker’s license was not valid at the time of the stop and he was charged with that also. Parker was placed into the Polk County Jail on $113,000.00 bond for eluding police, driving suspended, unauthorized possession of a weapon, failure to affix a drug tax stamp, an additional narcotics violation, and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

This is not Taylor Parker’s first run-in with the law and not likely to be his last. We can only hope that the justice system recognizes this knucklehead for the danger he poses to society and deals with him appropriately. The shotgun could as easily have killed someone else when it fired as it hit the ground. Drugs and guns do not mix.

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