Taco Bell Ruins Taco Thursday For Five Officers

A Louisville Taco Bell refused service to officers.

A Louisville Taco Bell refused service to officers.

Taco Bell Ruins Taco Thursday For Five Officers

Louisville, KY – 5 officers denied service at Taco Bell. Employee: “I wanna mess with them”.

On Thursday five officers entered a Louisville Kentucky Taco Bell during their lunch break to celebrate Taco Thursday. When the hungry officers approached the counter, the man behind the counter told them that he wasn’t taking their order, turned, and walked away.

WKYT reports that the officers then overheard the disrespectful employee having a conversation with another employee; “One of these young men, told the other employee, ‘I wanna mess with them. I wanna mess with them.’ And then he followed that up by saying, ‘I’m going to mess with them”

Fortunately for this young man, the officers turned and walked out of the restaurant. Hopefully, this Taco Bell is off of their Taco Thursday roster.

This isn’t the first incident this month where police have been denied service. On August 15th, an officer was denied service by a cashier at a Florida Walmart. Unlike Walmart, who still hasn’t issued an apology or acknowledged wrongdoing, Taco Bell immediately apologized:

Taco Bell and Bells & Birds, Inc., the franchise owner of this Louisville Taco Bell, do not tolerate discrimination in any way. Bells & Birds, Inc. deeply regrets these officers felt unwelcome in the restaurant, and has apologized directly to the officers and the Louisville Metro Police Department, who made it clear they did not want anyone to lose their job over this incident. We appreciate their ongoing support, and the franchisee is working to re-train its staff at this location.

Taco Bell responded exactly as we could have hoped, and there is no reason to hold the company responsible for the actions of these employees.

Gentlemen, maybe you would have more luck on Taco Tuesday.


  • John Strother

    Hold on for one moment, the employees represent the company and that is directly the responsibility of the parent company. The ones that failed to do their jobs properly needs to be fired. There is not reason not to fire them. They insulted the Officers and disgraced their employer. That is plainly a good reason to fire them.

  • Taco Bell employees the worst collection of high school drop out’s and N duh hoodies straight out of prison

    • Windygirl

      Good point. There is very little in the way of nutritional food being sold in those establishments, so why even bother?

  • John Baker

    No more Taco Bell in my future.

  • Ilse Shaffer

    Whether the officers wanted the employee fired or not, I hope Taco Bell did the right thing and fired that employee. He is a bad representative of their company so should not be working there. The officers had far more class than that poor excuse of an employee.


      “Taco Bell and Bells & Birds, Inc., the franchise owner of this
      Louisville Taco Bell, do not tolerate discrimination in any way.”

      If Taco Bell follows their own discrimination policy then the employee will be terminated.

  • Jenna

    This whole refusing service to LEO’s is getting old fast. I don’t understand it. I guess they figure it’s owed or what ever. What is happening to our youth? I guess respect has to be present in their homes for them to have it for others, including a Police officer. Walking out without saying a word was the right thing to do. I hope this goes on the kids permanent record so next time he applies for a job the HR recruiter will see it and think twice.

    • Windygirl

      It starts at the top with Obama enabling criminal behavior, if not encouraging it, all the way down to the media. I used to love “Blackish” but it’s gotten so BLM lately that I can’t stand it. Tonight they had the kids reciting statistic that 25% of the deaths of blacks by police were unarmed. Nothing in it about other factors, like Michael Brown who was using his whole body as a weapon. Ugh. I’m over and done with this business.

    • Uno Strawman

      In a lot of these ‘cops refused food’ situations, the reality is that some businesses offer cops free food for stopping in. This used to be a good practice because for the time that the cop was in there eating, everyone felt safer. Nowadays, the general public doesn’t feel safer being in close proximity to police officers. It is entirely possible that these cops stopped in to get something to go, and the employee mistakenly rang up a bill. The cops didn’t get the free food they were expecting and decided to turn it around on the employee. Knowing full well that the public will side with them and the high school kid assembling the food will lose his/her job.

  • Hollie Peck

    If you are a LEO in Vegas you can eat for free at the Cosmopolitan… maybe a change in state is in order.

  • D.C.J.

    Not going to patronize Taco Bell, KFC, or Pizza Hut until I read this is corrected with firings. Who do every one of them people in that Taco Bell call when they get assaulted, robbed, in a traffic accident, etc., The Police.

  • M Edwards

    These days it’s tuff to find a place you can eat while in uniform and not worry about somebody with an attitude will mess with your food. Refusing to serve a LEO is probably keeping them from getting contaminated food. Sad times we are living in.

    • Windygirl

      I’m thinking it ‘s time for LEOs to do what firefighters do, and cook at the station.

  • Shamrock

    Young punks these days. Problem with paying minimum wage is typically you get high school kids who live with their parents and don’t particularly care if they lose their minimum wage job for spending money.

  • Windygirl

    At a minimum, these employees 1) should be demoted to only cleaning and having no contact with food whatsoever, 2) be required to take something akin to sexual harassment classes, but for sensitivity toward others and 3) told that if they ever do something like that again, they’d lose their jobs.

  • Phil me Cracken

    Taco Bell tastes like shit anyway. I have not eaten there in years.

  • ModdKenwood

    fucking hoodrat nigs

    • Will Nepper

      First – you’re all class. And obviously, you’re implying they were black even though that’s never stated above, because while too clueless to realize how pathetic a piece like this is (COPS DENIED TACOS! GASP!), the writer WAS smart enough to know that including the race of the counter kid was probably not in anyone’s best interest. You on the other hand …

      • ModdKenwood

        hey…are you wearing your Kaepernick #7 jersey?

  • Will Nepper

    Those poor, poor hungry officers. Don’t they know that Blue Lunchtime Matters too? Are we really supposed to care about this? Whether or not cops are being treated fairly by Taco Bell employees? This reads like a parody. It scares me that this is written by people involved with law enforcement. And nice EYEWITNESS REPORT from one of the cops involved. MUST BE TRUE! Your racist comments section pretty much says it all. That this site even exists is hilarious. Poor persecuted armed people with badges. Sorry you’ve got it so rough.

    • Justin Jurek

      So it’s perfectly OK to deny service to someone because they’re a cop? Here’s hoping one never has to deal with you in the future.

  • Uno Strawman

    A good many fast food businesses offer free food to cops for stopping in. Having said that, in my opinion, police officers are either extremely brave or extremely stupid for getting food from any establishment where they can’t watch the food being made or assembled. That ‘special sauce’ might truly ‘special’.

  • Steve Smith

    Minor correction to the story, there was a followup to the story from the Walmart in Florida that said that cashier had been fired.