Massive Manhunt For Sylvester Holt, Suspect In Murder Of Officer And Woman

Sylvester Holt is a suspect in the murder of Officer Michael Louvier and a female.

Sylvester Holt is a suspect in the murder of Officer Michael Louvier and a female.

Sylvester Holt: Suspect In Murdering Officer Michael Louviere

Marrero, Louisiana –   A massive manhunt is underway for Sylvester Holt, who is suspected of shooting and killing Westwego Police Officer Michael Louviere early Friday, as well as shooting and killing an as yet unidentified woman in the same incident.

The shooting was reported around 6:30 AM at Barataria and Ames Boulevards. The incident is believed to have started as a domestic violence incident within the vehicle that Holt and the unidentified female victim were in, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said.  Sheriff Normand also said that Holt’s vehicle was involved in an accident and that the shooting occurred after that.

In a statement, Antwan Harris, public information officer for Jefferson Parrish, said  “Friday morning we were informed one of our Westwego Police Department officers and a female victim were shot in a senseless act of violence… We are confident parish law enforcement officers will find those responsible.”

A manhunt is ongoing for Sylvester Holt, age 32, according to The New Orleans Advocate.  His last known address is in Kenner, Louisiana.  Holt is no stranger to the criminal justice system.  Sylvester Holt’s criminal history shows that on September 29, 2016, he was arrested for first-degree Rape, involving an incident where he raped a 33-year-old New Orleans woman at gunpoint. According to The Times-Picayune, Holt and the victim did not know each other.  He was identified in that case by DNA evidence.  His criminal history also shows that several women have taken out protective orders against Holt in the past.

Sylvester Holt also has a previous criminal history of Battery On A Police Officer.  His bond for the Rape assault was set at $500,000 and he was held at the time of his arrest on a fugitive warrant in another case from a different jurisdiction on no bond.  Dozens of law enforcement officers are involved in the manhunt and a perimeter has been set up around a large subdivision in Marrero where Holt’s vehicle has been located.

Our question is: Why was he free on the streets, after his previous arrest and criminal history?

Our thoughts and prayers are with fallen hero Westwego Officer Michael Louviere, and his family, both blood and blue.  Our thoughts and prayers are also with all of the law enforcement officers who are assisting in the manhunt for this coward.

Please spread this scumbag’s picture everywhere so he has nowhere to hide.

  • Patriot Baker

    “Why was he free on the streets, after his previous arrest and criminal history?”

    That is the question of the hour. $500,000.00 bond? Who posted it? Why?

    Prayers for the victims’ families.

  • Steven Hulbert

    This POS should not have been on the streets, what the hell? He’s out from a rape charge in possession of an illegal weapon. He contributes nothing to society, has no intelligence, no common sense and should never see the outside of a prison cell

  • How do these POS scum keep getting access to guns?

  • Wilma Souza

    Violence against women is not taken seriously in Louisiana, unfortunately. Just look statistical data.
    Prayers for the victims’ families are sent.

  • eavesmac

    If you listen to rap lyrics, its really no wonder that these acts are committed after years of being programmed by this music.

    • Shaft Little

      Whats worse? Freddie kruger, Terminator or rap lyrics..gtfoh

  • Fred Young

    Darn, he looks just like any one of a millions of other drug dealers, gang bangors, and thugs in this country. He’d be tough to pick our of a lineup.