Suspect Killed After Trying to Drown Trooper

Hall County, GA – Late Sunday morning, one suspect is dead and another is in custody after after a pursuit. It has been reported that Rodrigo Guardiola and Epitacio Gudino fled from a DUI checkpoint in a Ford Explorer leading police on a chase for several miles. Both suspects bailed from the vehicle and one of them put up a fight, allegedly trying to drown one of the troopers. Subsequently after the struggle the suspect was shot and killed.

WSBTV Atlanta reports:

“A physical struggled ensued while he was trying to get him handcuffed, very violent confrontation for about a minute, minute and half, which ultimately resulted in shots being fired, and the violator is deceased,” said Cpt. Mark Perry with the Georgia State Patrol.

The GBI says during that struggle, Guardiola allegedly tried to drown the trooper. Two other troopers arrived to help. One of those troopers tried to stun Guardiola with his Taser, but the stun had no effect on Guardiola, and that’s when detectives said the trooper then shot and killed Guardiola.

One trooper was injured in the fight. Another twisted a knee chasing Gudino, who is now in jail. A third trooper was also checked out at the hospital.

“The officers will be OK physically. It take a little while probably mentally and emotionally to sort out what happened tonight. I will say this, the troopers involved, I know them personally, I know they have a strong faith in God and know that’s what’s going to take to get them through it,” said Perry.

Luckily Officers came out on top during this struggle as they have all been released from the hospital. Never underestimate your suspects, fight to win, we cannot loose. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will continue the investigation and report their findings as soon as possible.

  • Terry Gilmour

    Nothing makes me madder than someone abusing my heroes, especially the ones in Georgia.