Street Cop’s Reaction to the President’s Dallas Speech

Street cop's reaction to the President's Dallas speechStreet cop's reaction to the President's Dallas speech

Street cop’s reaction to the President’s Dallas speech

Steet Cop’s Reaction to the President’s Dallas Speech

The following was submitted by a full-time law enforcement officer who dedicates his time to community outreach and spreading the word that Blue Lives Matter. He describes his reaction to President Obama’s speech at the Dallas memorial.

For the full speech transcript, or to watch the speech: CLICK HERE

I will agree that parts of the President’s speech were good; he made some solid statements. He loses it when he, yet again, starts pushing another agenda at what is supposed to be a memorial service for five fallen police officers! Why did his speech have to include false rhetoric black people facing discrimination by police? Why were the names of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile even mentioned, as if they were unjustly murdered by police? There is still an pending investigation and nothing has been proven, yet he wants to compare their deaths to five heroes that were callously murdered just for the badge that they wear?

The fact that he ends his speech with Black Lives Matter still being hailed as a legitimate cause, effectively taking their key hate filled slogan, slightly altering it, and saying “righteous anger can be transformed into more justice and more peace,” makes me absolutely sick. Let me get this straight, I am not so ignorant to deny that he made plenty of valid points but maybe some of his opinions should have been left for another speech on another day.

The fact that he even uttered the words “Black Lives Matter” at a memorial service for 5 Police Officers, murdered because of their race and their profession, by an angry racist black man is absolutely disgusting. In doing so, he gives a movement founded on lies that has constantly incited hatred, violence, division and racism more cause to continue as if they have done nothing wrong. I will say it now and I will say it again, everything about the Black Lives Matter movement is wrong. They are a group funded by politicians, ill intentioned business owners, and celebrities who want nothing more than to see this false narrative further divide our nation. Obama was right about this in his speech: we are not a nation divided. The media is driving a proverbial wedge into the cultures of this great society, making you think we have reversed all of the progress that we have made as a country in the past 60 years.

Hear this: I do appreciate his encouraging words for law enforcement as he recognized the difficulties, struggles, and dangers that we face daily. I appreciate him saying we need to ask less of police and more of ourselves, as we cannot be the solution or scapegoat for the problems we face as a nation. Obama did say a lot of right things, but he completely negates what he says when he pushes a political agenda at a memorial service. This was no place for anything other than to honor these Officers and the sacrifices they made. This was not a time for jokes and not a time for applause every couple minutes because of something Obama said, it was a time to remember those who selflessly gave their lives to protect those who needed us most.

Do not twist this opinion piece and do not twist the intentions of Blue Lives Matter as a movement, we want nothing more than to see a country united. We are not trying to further divide our country, we are not promoting hate or violence. We are not denying the experiences and racial discrimination some have felt. We are merely trying to bring recognition for those who serve this country to selflessly protect those who need it most. We are giving a voice to the cops who are wrongly accused while doing a job that presents new challenges everyday. We are saying we have experienced things that no one deserves to see or feel as well. We can’t just continually compare problems trying to one up each other, it gets us nowhere.

We aren’t trying to put ourselves on a pedestal, we aren’t saying that police are perfect, we’re saying that the country has problems, and the root is not in policing.

Blue Lives Matter do matter, but in reality, All Lives Matter. We need to stand together, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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