Seattle Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger Suspended For Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Seattle Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger was suspended for criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Seattle Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger was suspended for criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Seattle Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger Suspended For Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Seattle, WA – Seattle Mariner Steve Clevenger was suspended without pay for the rest of the season for criticizing Black Lives Matter and President Obama on Twitter. While major sports stars are disrespecting our country, military heroes, and police, this is what happens when somebody speaks out against Black Lives Matter.

Steve Clevenger is a backup catcher who has been batting .221 this season for the Seattle Mariners. His game performance appears to mean little to his team after they suspended him without pay for the rest of the season. Clevenger tweeted out a couple of tweets on Thursday which quickly prompted backlash in the ultra-liberal city of Seattle. After the backlash started, Clevenger locked down his privacy settings to keep people out. His tweets read:

“Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha (expletive) cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem!”

“BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!”

Those tweets got Steve Clevenger suspended without pay for the rest of the season while other sports stars say far worse things about police on a daily basis. Clevenger was reacting to the violent attacks on innocent people by rioters in Charlotte. The rioters assaulted random white people. Those attacks included an attempt to burn a photographer alive and an assault on a CNN reporter while he was on live TV.

The riots were sparked by a black officer shooting a black man armed with a gun after they ordered him to drop his gun over 16 times and he continued to advance on officers. Black Lives Matter “activists” spread lies that the suspect, Keith Scott, was shot by a white officer for being black, he wasn’t armed, and he was only reading a book when he was shot. The lies of Black Lives Matter and the Scott family incited the riots, and it’s something that any decent person should be upset about.

The Seattle Mariners were quick to respond:

“The Seattle Mariners are very disappointed at the tweets posted on Steve Clevenger’s account. While he is certainly free to express himself, his tweets do not in any way represent the opinions of the Seattle Mariners. We strongly disagree with the language and tone of his comments.”

Steve Clevenger immediately responded with an apology:

First and foremost I would like to apologize to the Seattle Mariners, my teammates, my family and the fans of our great game for the distraction my tweets on my personal twitter page caused when they went public earlier today. I am sickened by the idea that anyone would think of me in racist terms. My tweets were reactionary to the events I saw on the news and were worded beyond poorly at best and I can see how and why someone could read into my tweets far more deeply than how I actually feel.

I grew up on the streets of Baltimore, a city I love to this very day. I grew up in a very culturally diverse area of America and I am very proud to come from there. I am also proud that my inner circle of friends has never been defined by race but by the content of their character. Any former teammate or anyone who has met me can attest to this and I pride myself on not being a judgemental person. I just ask that the public not judge me because of an ill worded tweet.

I do believe that supporting our First Amendment rights and supporting local law enforcement are not mutually exclusive. With everything going on in the world I really just want what is best for everyone regardless of who they are. I like many Americans are frustrated by a lot of things in the world and I would like to be a part of the dialogue moving forward to make this a better world for everyone.

I once again apologize to anyone who was offended today and I just ask you not judge me off of a social media posting. Thank you and God bless everyone.”

The Mariners then showed how “free” Steve Clevenger was to “express himself” by suspending him from the team.

Where are all of the Black Lives Matter supporters who claimed that all Americans were required to support Colin Kaepernick because he was just exercising his constitutional rights?

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    There are TWO REASONS he got suspended. FIRST and foremost is the fact he is WHITE!!!
    The second REASON is that they are AFRAID of the BLM!!!!!
    BLACKS can DISRESPECT the COUNTRY and the MILITARY and its OK because its their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!!!! JUST for BLACKS ONLY!!!!!!

    • Belinda McGrew Wooley

      Boy don’t you know your white you have no rights

      • Brenda Mathews Morris

        Exactly. If you are white you get nothing. They (the oppressed) get anything they want handed to them on a silver platter. If it was a gold platter, then they still wouldn’t be happy.

    • KLC

      Actually, no one has freedom of speech unless the media hands it to them

      • Anonymous Me

        Which only occurs if you are supporting the Lefts agenda. Unbelievable that people can’t see the oppression of conservatives. This is like the former USSR.

        • KLC

          You don’t actually know what “the left” is. There is no difference between “the left” and “the right.” The interests of the wealthy are served by the media… the rest is all “divide and conquer.”

        • Brenda Mathews Morris

          Only worse

    • Robert Humphries

      No. I’m a Black-American and NOT African-american. A differnce there. I have faithfully served in the military. All lives matter except for those killing burning looting, crime of anu nature that takes life liberty ir property. Be careful of making race in general. What would that make you as white? Anyone can be a racist. Its not yours alone to claim. Look a BLM.

      • Brenda Mathews Morris

        I can’t believe how many white people are in the BLM movement, which should be a domestic terrorist group. I just can’t understand how they think they are oppressed. If they would quit breeding like rabbits, then there would be no oppression. The homeless vets get nothing for fighting for the “oppressed BLM”” and for what. It’s like a slap in the face to any veteran who fought for freedon they have. Do they realize the biggest slave owner was a rich black man?. God help us all.

    • Brenda Mathews Morris

      He should never have been suspended after what kapernicker did.

  • doright

    You probably don’t want to criticise BLM. If you want to keep your job keep your mouth shut.

    • Melody Mcbride

      Freedom of speach!

    • Shirley Williams


  • Count_Iblis

    I’m growing quite tired of BLM and the lengths some are going to appease and protect this domestic terror group.

    • Robert Humphries

      Amen there.

  • JoeDrager

    Clevenger is expected to commit suicide this weekend.

    • Arthur Tirrell

      You first.

    • Tony P

      Just like that pussy who shot himself outside a police station after they took his badge… lol, fuqin’ amateurs.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    It is pretty sad when giving your opinion about a domestic terrorist group gets you suspended, but disrespecting our country, military, police and political figures gets you a pass. THANKS OBEYME!!! YOU BUILT THIS!!!!

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Honestly, I would have suspended the guy too. It has nothing to do with race or politics. He put “shot by cop” and “haha cracks me up” in the same sentence.

    A family is grieving the death of a loved one. A guy with TBI, whose actions may have been provoked by illness, with a wife and 7 kids. An officer’s life will never be the same now that he’s had to kill somebody. This incident lead to massive riots where police officers have been injured, and somebody is in critical condition after being shot by another “protester”. He finds this funny? This isn’t about BLM or politics. This is about simple human decency.

    Imitating the reprehensible behavior of the other side isn’t going accomplish anything for us or our goals.

    • Arthur Tirrell

      It is the speech that you don’t agree with that needs the most protection.

  • Donna Blair

    Al lives matter, I guess it’s okay to disrespect the country, our flag but not give your opinion. Would this have happened if he wasn’t white–NO.

    • Shane Lees

      All lives will matter when black lives matter too. You’re such an idiot.

      • Grieg

        Go demonstrate and protest in the inner city like Chicago, Detroit, Oakland or the like.

        • Shane Lees

          Why would I wish to do that when I can travel to Portland or Seattle to wave a banner? Have you ever thought of dragging one knuckle at a time and adopting erect posture?

      • iamus

        And the goat fucker has spoken his pearls of goat droppings to impress his mother and father – look his 7 years getting a HS diploma paid off.

        • Shane Lees

          You’re a fucking idiot that is way into bestiality.

          • iamus

            The goat fucker troll has again taken his head out of his ass. Devoid of any facts – The misogynist dumbshit with diarrhea of written skills, got schooled by a women, and can’t handle that she is smarter than, and more coherent then he is. You invited my fellow military buddies to visit you, but never provided your address. How do you exist wallowing in complete stupidity, you semen swallowing excuse for a human being. Of course cowards such as yourself prefer to hide behind BS. Keep the posts coming dick wad – show the world how inept and incompetent you actually are ………….. the ASPCA called – you are supposed to use a condom with your goat – she’s complaining you could be spreading your genetic makeup and dumbing down the herd. Seriously, You really need psychological help – your need for attention is evident in your non-coherent rants . Not about subject matter but about people opinions. I am sure your parents are extremely proud of an unintended anti-social consequence.

          • iamus

            Get yourself a dictionary goat fucker – you have misused more words in your small minded diatribes than a 5th grader. You are being to bore me with your banal excuses for when you “mis-write your rants”. You try and defend your lack of information and grammatical errors as “satire” – and the dumb shit you present yourself as. Educated – fuck I probably have forgotten more than you know. Find a life you lonely asswipe – read a book – wait I hear your goats been complaining about “your” not paying attention to her – as you again masturbate your way through a very pitiful existence. . Learn how to create a cogent sentence …………. and maybe – just maybe – I will give you the attention you so desperately need………….. by responding to your blathering.

          • Shane Lees

            You just responded to me. And once again you have provided me with free entertainment. Which is the best kind of entertainment. You are my entertainment whore baytch. And the only person displaying poor grammar here is you.

          • Shane Lees

            (Yawn)…..Gooat fuck this, goat fuck that. You’re really into goat fucking. You enjoy other species to fuck? Entertain me some more baytch. You’re seriously a deranged piece of shit.

    • Vickie Otte

      The only people “opressing” black lives are themselves. I know many black people who have very good jobs and standings in their community. They came from NOTHING and worked hard to get to where they are. It’s called getting a job, working towards your goals and not living off the government.

  • Chuck Erickson

    Fuck Obama, fuck Islam, fuck Sharia Law, fuck ALL the Clintons, fuck BLM, fuck the Black Panthers, fuck every thug criminal, and fuck anyone who disrespects our flag, military, law enforcement officers, or true american patriots! There if I left anyone out fuck them too. This is OUR country, if you dont like it GET THE FUCK OUT!

    • davf62599

      I take it you’re a little fed up with all this

    • Shirley Williams


      • Steven Wareaglemaniac Smart

        No Shirley he didn’t leave Hillary out. He said “fuck ALL the Clintons”. So he had her covered too.

      • KLC

        He actually said ALL the Clintons

      • Brenda Mathews Morris

        I believe that the person who designed the woman picture for the ladies room also designed her God awful pantsuits.

    • jb

      Chuck, how do you really feel?

    • acb550

      You started off by attacking the president. Very patriotic of you

      • david ratay

        @acb550 He doesn’t have free speech?

        • exit 7

          He has free speech, his employer has the right to respond.

          • david ratay

            Agreed! I wish the NFL owners had the same gumption to tell their players to save their causes for when they are not at work, or suspend them for the season, but they won’t…

          • STLBirdsOnBat


      • Janice Nunley Erickson

        he is an imposter moslim pos so ya fuck him too

      • David Sorenson

        Obama perpetuated the lies about the Charlotte shooting. Yes, he shares in yhe blame. Shame on our POTUS.

        • exit 7

          He never spoke to the events of the shooting. You’re statement is incorrect.

        • Sean Mayor

          Why don’t you just man up and say that you don’t like black people?

      • Grieg

        Many of us believe the President is the enemy within…both foreign and domestic we are sworn to guard against. He is by far the worst in my lifetime and that includes Nixon and Clinton. You should read the website Chimpmania to see the many, many, many crimes committed. He was supposed to bring jobs and hope to the country and yet he does not. He can speak about police acting badly and having a beer summit yet while Chicago there are over 3000 shootings he says and leads nothing.

        • Peggy Hoehne

          And of course we should trust a website with the name Chimpmania to be completely honest and unbiased. Try getting the real facts rather than made up ones. Obama has not been perfect. No one is. But he will go down in history as being one of the best working against unbelievable odds. And able to do it with out having to say fuck every other word because he has a real vocabulary.

          • Jeremy Hammond

            I guess you’re simply glossing over the fact that Obama emailed Hillary using a pseudonym (he said he found out about Clinton’s server via media), paid a 400 million dollar RANSOM to Iran and then sent them 1.7 billion more, and is in league with the likes of George Soros who’s been subverting governments for years. Obama will go down in history, but not in the glorious way the braindead think he will.

          • ISCANDAR

            Obama is a piece of dogshit and has pissed all over the Constitution. Grow up and understand what this Country stands for. And READ the CONSTITUTION.

          • unityconsciousness

            He was already working with US CIA intel by the end of his teens.

        • Vince Stagbaugh

          Resident Obummer is a PIECE OF SHIT!

        • Brenda Mathews Morris

          He is. He, Soros and Clinton started the BLM to get the UN police in US to take over. If i were a policeman, I’d have my life insurance tripled for my family. It’s getting so outta hand, it’s ridiculous. And the government is setting back laughing and not doing their job at control in the matter.

      • Bumpy Rhodes

        It’s a new era today. This is the first anti American ever installed in the White House. Of course we’re going to call him out.

      • Jeff

        Yes it was very Patriotic. We are citizens not subjects, we can exercise our Rights and call out a failed President.

        • KLC

          Ya think?

    • Dean Gutierrez

      Chuck, stop sugar coating the subject and tell how you really feel

    • Jamie Bennett

      Good call Chuck!

    • Shane Lees

      You’re just a bastion of intellectual prowess aren’t you.

      In our country we also have freedom of religion

      • iamus

        Oh look another asinine post by the semen sucking troll l – how endearing of you Ahmed. The better part of you dripped down your mothers leg ……….. PS how’s your goat – heard you ripped another pair of boots.

        • exit 7

          Your remarks speak poorly for your beliefs and the beliefs of like minded people. You are your own worse enemy.

          • iamus

            Another liberal progressive – socialist douche bag . Are you related to Slane Lees (the moronic goat fucker) who believes he/you have the answers for others. Who died and made you the arbiter of what is correct? My enemies are those who have a minimum of experiential life lessons, limited travel and worse the hubris and mentality of entitlement. In a land of equality (that would be the USA) – there are no special rules or conditions for dealing with people who are of another color or cultural background, no exceptions.

          • Shane Lees

            We do have the answers. Its getting rid of racists pieces of shit like you. And I am the arbiter of all that is right. Me.

          • exit 7

            Hatred seems to have consumed you. I’ll pray for you.

          • iamus

            Hate you – I hate no one – persons such as yourself are pitied – I am sorry for you you, as it must be tough going through your existence as “mentally disabled person”.

          • exit 7

            Still praying you’ll be forgiven for the ugliness you are sharing.

          • exit 7


          • iamus

            Another idiot – No I AM U.S. – You are a traitor – try exiting to another country.

          • exit 7

            I honey. This is OUR country. If that bothers you, feel free to relocate. Me and mine staying put. Somebody has to stand up for what’s right.

        • Shane Lees

          But I don’t herd goats. But please do continue to show your bigotry and racism some more .

          • iamus

            No you fuck them……

    • Sierra Gormsen

      What’s the difference between Sharia law and what republicans want? A man led, weapons loving, anti any other religion, or lack of, anti LGBTQ, racist set of laws. I mean, the Bible is much more violent and has many more sects than the Koran, but otherwise, what’s the difference?

      • Bumpy Rhodes

        Your post is full of hysterical, over the top, unsupportable nonsense. You are not to be taken seriously.

      • Anonymous Me

        How in the world did you arrive at Trump being anti LGBTQ, I dont recall any such statement from him. Secondly, it’s not racist to control our borders, especially when there are reports of terrorists learning Spanish and crossing in from Mexico. Third, Islam should not be protected as a religion, because it is also a set of governing laws, Sharia Law, and a commitment to conquering all forms of government except their own, that’s makes it an ideology like communism or socialism, not just a religion. Lastly, it would be insanity to allow our Leftist leaders to continue to bring in refugees when Europe has proven how bad an idea that is, is getting rid of their Leftist leaders, is building walls to block refugees and is deporting criminal refugees. Ask yourself why these people would travel so far for safety when they are other safe Muslim regions nearby, Imams say it is to get them in place for the Caliphate, should we doubt their own religious leaders?

      • Patrick

        Media slave.

      • Marcus Landon

        You’re entitled to be ignorant but not to make patently false statements like “the Bible is much more violent and has many more sects than the Koran.” First, as concerns violence, you must be referring to the Old Testament. The New Testament, which is the basis for Christianity, and particularly the Gospels, preach peace and love. Second, the Old Testament is allegorical. The stories are intended to be illustrative not to establish detailed rules for daily life. The Old Testament rules are simple: The Ten Commandments. Only complete nut jobs take literally the many allegorical examples in the Old Testament. The Qur’an, by contrast, prescribes strict mandates for how muslims must worship and live. If one follows faithfully the Qur’an, that person can’t at the same time be “an American” as the Qur’an mandates adherence to Sharia law, which is absolutely incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. Anyone who compares the Christian Bible with the book responsible for creating the vile cult of islam, displays a profound degree of ignorance.

    • john4637

      Well good for you Chuck, I hope you got it all off your chest for a while!

    • Jersh

      Naww ill stay tell your cops to actually learn how to be cops and not just trigger happy maniacs. And that goes for both races this is pathetic, shooting people for no reason at times like damn this is real life not target practice. also Fuck Christianity

    • Jax

      FUCK EM ALL AND FEED THE BEANS ! Especially the sandniggers and spooks , they’re all on welfare and have all the time in the world to protest. And fuck Al
      Sharpton to. And fuck the asshole celebrities that threatened to leave the country if trump wins. Fuck Amy Shumer up her slutty ass that pig that she really is. And fuck all politicians cause they’re all crooked scumbags.

    • exit 7

      This is every citizen’s country, regardless of race, religion or political beliefs. That’s kind of how it got started. If you don’t like it then maybe you should leave.

    • Sean Mayor

      Fuck you chuck. How about that

    • jngtelco

      Crude but effective!

    • unityconsciousness

      GTFO or STFU
      They really have options, they should be grateful.

  • perry

    WTF ???

  • beachcomer

    After the first of next year no one will cover for all the blm racist tripe. Their agenda will be well underway and they will have no use for the blacks or minorities.

  • TK miller

    He doesn’t think it’s funny that a person was shot and killed. When he says “that **** cracks me up” he’s referring to how you can have a black cop shoot a black suspect and yet it’s still the white man’s fault. Clearly he exposes BLM for what they are. A group of racist thugs that are clueless of what their protesting for. They give two shits less about the black guy that was shot. Their just using that as a reason to loot and steal everything they can. If they wonder why racism still exists it’s because you can only accuse and call a person a racist so many times that they become one because their tired all the Bullshit that’s going on right now.

    • AlternateViewpoint

      I guess when you’re dealing with emotions instead of facts, you can rationalize just about anything. BLM seems to have an answer for all of their double standard, hypocritical garbage.

      Black cop shoots a black suspect, it’s the white man’s fault because the black cop is a sellout … an “Uncle Tom” as other blacks like to call their OWN successful people who don’t perpetuate their belief system of being oppressed by “the man”. Take their badge and lock them up!

      White cop shoots a black suspect, it’s racism & execution. Take their badge and lock them up or just target and execute them “eye for an eye” style!

      Black thug shoots a white victim and it’s self defense against racism and/or oppression. Set them free!

      Ethnic footall players kneel during the national anthem disrespecting a country and people that gives them a million dollar paycheck, it’s them exercising their rights & liberties. Let them keep their big, fat excessive paychecks and just suck it up. After all, it would be wrong to penalize them … oh my.

      White baseball player voices an opinion that is entirely within HIS RIGHT … the same rights those football players are using … and the shit hits the fan. Take away his pay, his means of supporting his family and suspend him for the REST OF THE SEASON because “How dare he?!?!?!?”

      Yeah, that seems totally legit and within reason.


  • Al Haus

    Where are black people defending his right to free speech like they do for Kaepernick?
    Seems i can only find them in posts where they defend a criminal with a gun ignoring police instructions and act like it’s all racism regardless of the fact he got shot by a black cop.

    Where y’all at now?

    • david ratay


    • Shane Lees

      He had freedom of speech. Not freedom from his speech. These are the consequences of his speech. I love watching single celled organisms like yourself attempt to rationalize and construct rhetoric for an argument. OOOOOHHH YOU’RE SO ADORABLE. But ultimately your intellect fails you.

      • Grieg

        You are really persuading a lot of people. Go read the website Chimpmania to get a better world view. It will cover some of the many, many, many crimes committed by Blacks. You should quit reading Democrat Underground, Huffpo, Daily Kos and the other subversive leftwing rags. It is affecting your world view. We would be a much better, more peaceful and economically successful society if they would all return to the mother land Africa.

        • Shane Lees

          And you absolutely created o, O, 0, ZERO! Rhetoric for argumentation. Here go read that. That isn’t an argument. That is more like somebody convinced of a point of view who is incapable of constructing rhetoric to defend said point of view. And my perspectives own merit which means they have evidence and facts supporting them.

          • iamus

            Hey goat fucking “shame less” alias “the stupid online troll” – stop misusing the word rhetoric – not only are you a dumb shit but you are also incapable of utilizing words in a coherent written fashion. Regards to Shaney your muslim goat –

          • Shane Lees

            I comprehend the word fine and I am utilizing it in its correct context.

      • iamus

        Shame less the prick from goat fucking land extolling the virtues of his celebrity as the “Masturbater” of online trolls. Hey asshole get a life…………… you accusatory shit for brains nobody. . I bet you were sure pissed off when Jon Stewart on the comedy central show left – you had to go somewhere else for your hard news.

  • Larry Lassere

    No one should have to live in fear because of their beliefs.·
    is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a
    different belief based on the belief that one’s own beliefs are superior to

    has no laws preventing prejudice, discrimination or antagonism against someone
    of a different belief.

    are allowed to ruin someone financially, socially shame them, belittle them, and
    label them morally and intellectually inferior.

    believe their beliefs are superior to other’s beliefs believing they stand on
    superior intellectual and moral ground.

    are intolerant, abusive, aggressive, and possess no insight into their own
    prejudice toward others and their beliefs.

    PCists take on the same qualities they condemn in others yet remain self-fault

    • LoneStarLibertas

      “When even one American–who has done nothing wrong–is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.” – Harry Truman

    • acb550

      No. PCism is about treating ALL with respect. Period. You are free to feel better, etc. But you cannot act in a way that adversely affects another. You are free to be Christians, Jewish, atheist, Wiccan, Muslim…whatever… up to the point that your beliefs impact another. As a catholic, I’m not supposed to eat meat during Lent. Fine. I cannot go out and make others not eat meat.

      Someone is allowed to say, “whites are better than blacks.. they are all monkeys” That have that right to say it. But the next person has a right to call them out on it, and call them the bigot they are.

      You can say, “men are superior to women”. But women (and men) have every right to call them on it and call them sexist.

      • Larry Lassere

        Many are confusing Political Correctness
        with treating others with dignity and respect. Treating others with dignity and
        respect is a personal one on one or a small group interaction. PC is the
        shutting down of much needed discussion and debate by shaming and
        labeling others as being morally and intellectually inferior, bigots or racist for
        addressing PC issues lacking common sense or reality such as Muslim
        immigration and BLM

      • Larry Lassere

        Liberals have a difficult time understanding this concept:

        I am not
        responsible for others’ actions and reactions. To believe I am responsible for
        others’ actions and reactions is a misconception of power over others.

        I and I
        alone am responsible for my actions and reactions. To believe others are
        responsible for my actions and reactions is psychological slavery.

  • Dee

    I can’t help but wonder if he did anything else. It seems to me that if his only offense was expressing his opinion he has grounds for a lawsuit for the suspension due to the protections of the constitution.

    • Guy

      Haven’t heard anything else, but remember that the morals clause in most professional athletes contracts gives the teams a lot of leeway in situations like this. I do wonder what would have happened if it had been a starting pitcher though

  • Matthew Babcock

    I refuse to apologize for being white, and I refuse to apologize for accurately describing BLM as a terrorist organization.

    • Shane Lees

      Will you apologize for being an un-evolved knuckle dragging troglodyte incapable of critical inquiry?

      • Grieg

        Not to judgemental are you? Getting your liberal talking points from the DNC? White guilt much?

        • Shane Lees

          I am not a Democrat. I hate Democrats as much as I Republicans and racist piece of shits like you. You really should try evolving opposable thumbs. Thumbs are awesome.

          • iamus

            And “shameless” the egoist once again provides evidence that stupidity has no limits and that he is indeed the king of banal and worthless information. Hows your goat – feeling better I hope.

          • urbsdetector

            When you post, you embarrass yourself. Your command of the English language is comical.

          • Shane Lees

            Does it hurt when your knuckles drag the ground?

      • Clint Norwood

        Just think, with this new definition of free speech, I could fire you for being a Ameriphobic liberal.
        I love it 😉

        • Shane Lees

          You absolutely could because private enterprise has that right. And you fucking moron it’s not a new definition. It’s the same definition its always been. Freedom of speech pertains to freedom from governmental reprisal. Not freedom from private citizens or corporations from doing something about your speech. You people shouldn’t vote. You’re fucking idiots and pieces of shits.

          • iamus

            Given your propensity for self destruction – and inane blathering – void of any contextual facts – is there anyone I can send to end your misery? PS I sure hope your goat gets better – all that masturbating has caused you to to become an ill mannered asshole – which doesn’t help your sub par IQ ………………… Still looking to send you some help – where is it you live again?

          • Shane Lees

            You have a very strange fascination with people and goats. You’re a sick man.

    • Grieg

      Make sure to vote for Trump, with HRC we will get more of this.

  • whootaz

    Give that guy a raise….. What do they want us to BOYCOTT MLB too along with NFL and NBA? Political Correctness is TOTAL Bull Shit and this Nation is going down the toilet faster than Obama and Hildabeast can flush it…

  • Tim

    Greatly disappointed in the Mariners response !
    He Tweeted and was called out on it. Then he Manned-Up and ate a bit of crow and apologized Respectfully and Honestly. Sad to see the Mariners not accepting his statement and giving him a chance to redeem himself (not that he really needed too ) . His apology seemed heartfelt and is far more respectful than those disrespecting the flag by supporting BLM that is known to attack people and businesses that have nothing to do with their rioting ! He didn’t burn or loot , damage or destroy anything , just posted a tweet !
    Pathetic response by the Mariners !

    • Shane Lees

      Expect nothing less from someone who supports racist. Can you please express that in it’s original Nazi-rhetorical vehemence?

      • urbsdetector

        You are a blithering idiot.

        • Shane Lees

          You are an un-evolved simian knuckle dragging, mouth breather.

          • urbsdetector

            And you are an undissolved, semin mouthed, knuckle eater,

  • Lisa Renee Perez

    Stupid. He said nothing wrong. I’ve said before, you’d think people who claim to be treated like wild uncivilized animals would not act as such. Smh. He does not deserve any type of punishment.

  • Diana Moiseff Marcotte

    This makes me physically sick to my stomach. Why is he not afforded the same rights as Colin Kaepernick?

    • chrism12743

      because he is a cracker!

    • Shane Lees

      Because my dear critical inquiry is lost upon you lesser lifeforms. Kaepernick takes a knee. He is expressing the truth about there being more Caucasians shot and killed by police per-a-capita than white people. And white privilege exists.

      • iamus

        The semen sucking troll with an IQ of a moron is posting his stupidity once again. Devoid of facts – More “Caucasians shot and killed by police…… than white people”. Hey you condescending illiterate fuckface – white people and Caucasian are synonymous.
        How about the fact most Blacks are killed by other Blacks – not cops and not white people. Check the statistics in Chicago where the democrats run their never ending poverty plantations. Oh thats right “shame less” facts don’t work for shitheads such as yourself. PS how’s you goat doing? PS if weren’t for virtual reality and your masturbatory significant other i.e. the goat – you would have no life at all – Waiting for you next illusionary claptrap post.

      • Rita Anne

        You are showing your ignorance through and through. In case you didn’t know, which is obvious by your post that Caucasians are WHITE people…….can see where the CORE program failed America’s youth ……….keep drinking the kool aid and maybe pick up an encyclopedia somewhere and stop relying on CNN for your info

        • Shane Lees

          HOOOLLLLLY SHIT! DA FUCK YA SAY! You mean Caucasians have been white people all along? Well slap my ass and call me whitey.

          I was attempting to be sarcastic at the expense of my own white privilege. I can see now that satire and sarcasm is lost on the lower lifeforms. Yeah I drink the Kool Aid. Because I am sure you’re right wing rhetoric full of praise JAYZUS and anti choice is so enlightened.

          You cannot even make an insult with unique talking points.

          Fuck you ignorant baytch.

          • iamus

            The goat fucker troll has again taken his head of his ass. Devoid of any facts – The misogynist dumbhsit with diarrhea of written skills, got schooled by a women, and can’t handle that she is smarter than, and more coherent then he is. Seriously, You really need psychological help – PS you invited my fellow military buddies to visit you, but never provided your address. How do you exist wallowing in complete stupidity, you semen swallowing excuse for a human being. Of course cowards such as yourself prefer to hide behind BS. Keep the posts coming dick wad – show the world how inept and incompetent you actually are ………….. the ASPCA called – you are supposed to use a condom with your goat – she’s complaining you could be spreading your genetic makeup and dumbing down the herd.

          • Shane Lees

            (Sigh….Yawn) I am still waiting for you to construct a rational and reasonable argument why I am mistaking. This goat fucking bestiality bullshit is just fucking stupid. You’re fucking idiot lacking any skills for discourse and argumentation.

            That is just so fucking stupid. So vets are going to do what? All because I call your personhood for what it is. Ignorant and stupid. Vets protected my rights to call you stupid mother fucker. Because that is exactly what you are. You can neither debate nor have argumentation without resorting to goat fucking.

            Seriously fuck off troglodyte. You’re beneath me.

          • Marcus Landon

            White Privilege? Isn’t that what Santa brings the Tooth Fairy for Christmas? Or is it what the Easter Bunny brings to Leprechauns on Halloween? Oh, wait, I’m sorry, that’s all make-believe, fictional nonsense, JUST LIKE WHITE PRIVILEGE!

  • AlternateViewpoint

    This BS needs to end. When people of color can be hateful, disrespectful, violent liars and the world bows down to kiss their ethnic asses while whites are penalized for merely having an opinion, enough is enough. I don’t give a damn how oppressed the black community feels, none of THIS generation were slaves and very few left experienced the white supremacy movement first hand. Flipping the script and attempting to oppress whites is just as wrong as anything whites have done to others. And the fact that the NBA is so willing to penalize a white player while the NFL won’t touch an ethnic player for simply voicing an opinion is infuriating. If ethnic football players can exercise their right to make a statement so can this guy!

  • tulet

    Seattle Mariners are falling into the Hypocrisy of Political Correctness. Clevenger should express his right to have a personal opinion that did not mention the Seattle Mariners, so they are not complicit in his personal statements. However, the Mariners are punishing him for exercising Freedom of Speech. Hope he gets an attorney.

    • Grieg

      I support this ball player and his rights. Seattle is PC and wrong to have done this. I will not in anyway support these usurpers of the Constitution. I served this country honorably and we had only one race related incident. It was a drunk black Marine who did not fully accept that in the military we are but one color…green. BLM is a terrorist organization that is fomenting anarchy and ships in agitators from outside. They are threat to our country, its’ people and its’ institutions. Colin and the others who are sitting, kneeling, raising the black power salute are doing it on company time. We need more owners with spine like Jerry Jones who will not condone nor accept such subversive activity.

      • Shane Lees

        Repeat after me Grieg?



        That’s a description of your state of affairs and personhood.

        Oh and you’re an idiot.

        • iamus

          Another trolling comment by the goat fucker……….. long on BS short on IQ or facts. Goodnight sweetie………..

        • Grieg

          You are prejudiced. I have almost six years of College and University, Four years of Military with special training and status, and decades in the business world. Far from the IQ of an Idiot. Look it up. I think mine may be three times as high as tested by HS and USGOV. I call it as I See it and you are just too blind to follow. Try after me, Comprehension is my friend.

  • Bill Gilbow

    Apparently freedom of speech for whitey comes at a price. If you are black is say or do whatever the hell you feel without consequence. What a world we live in today. Glad our last black president for a while is gone soon.

  • NeonCat222

    He apologized? What? He just told the damn truth. That is now a sin in the USA. God help us.

  • Curmudgeon

    So while he is suspended for tweeting about BLM, NFL bigwigs threaten to fine any players wearing shoes honoring the victims of 9/11 and ignore those who disrespect our country. Beam me up, Scottie.

  • gray444

    I did not think that they could suspend him with out pay for the year. Under the MLB union which is the the strongest in all sport’s. That a players contract is 100 % guaranteed even if he say’s he does not feel good and refuse’s to play hell he can show up drunk and he still get’s paid. Am I wrong the way the union has it written there is no way for a team no matter what he does to get out of paying him. I know some teams have added clause’s to player’s with drug and alcohol but I do not see how he still does not get paid. If someone knows different please let me know and send the link thank you

  • Michael Tessaro

    How about all sports personalities just shut the FUCK UP and keep their opinions to themselves and stop using their celebrity to voice their opinions. ALL LIVES MATTER !!!

  • Bruce Probert

    Once again the left shows it’s tolerance or better put it’s lack. BLM is based on a lie Hands up don’t shoot was a lie. The BLM would be where without the funding from George Soros an old white man? Mike Brown was a Thug pure and simple, the gentle giant myth was disproved minutes before his shooting by a video of him strong arming a store keeper for a box of cigars. He assaulted a police officer attempting to get his gun and breaking the officers cheek bone in the process and then while charging him again was shot dead. Poor little innocent Mikey. Trayvon Martin was assaulting a neighborhood watch volunteer brutally when he was shot in self defense. How this was justified by his being so disrespected who knows. Eric Gardner died as a result of his having a medical problems that his resisting arrest acerbated. Freddy Grey died likely as a result of a self inflicted injury in an attempt to win money from the City for false claim of abuse. The list goes on. I would really like to know how it’s racism when in Charlotte the Police Chief is Black and the officer in question is Black but it is white racism?

  • david ratay

    Liberals are all for “free speech” unless it doesn’t agree with their diatribe. Then it is labeled “racist”! and of course, “hate speech”.

  • John Spurlock

    What’s wrong with what he said? I agree with him. We live in a double-standard country now.

  • chrism12743

    It is a bad time to be white in this country. obama owns this, and when the crap does go down, it is only going to get real ugly. Time for the federal government to get their wings clipped, these blm thugs are getting their marching orders straight out of the white mosque.

  • Murray Landau

    Boycott Mariners!!!

    • Kathy Gurley


    • sNiPer

      Boycott MLB, I’ve already boycotted the NFL.

  • Jamie Bennett

    So let me get this straight. Black people that are upset can burn buildings, jump on cop cars, destroy stores, drag white people out of their cars and beat them up, throw bricks and rocks at our police officers, and riot in our cities But a white professional athlete can’t have an opinion.

    • Shane Lees

      So let me get this straight. You lack the intellectual prowess to actually discern this situation and arrive at a rational and reasonable conclusion. Right?

      He had the freedom to express his speech and these are the consequences of his speech. Nobody ever said that we have freedom from our speech. Now you un-evolved simian. Stand erect and learn to construct a rational and reasonable argument dumbshit.

      • Jamie Bennett

        So the fact Hillary takes money from country’s that kill gays, blacks, homosexuals, Jews, christians, and women are nothing more but child birthers means nothing to you. But a man who doesn’t speak politically correct does?

        Makes perfect sense.

        • Shane Lees

          Remember when I said to actually construct a reasonable and rational argument? Ummm yeaaaaah, that wasn’t it. When did I ever say any of those things about Hillary? Do you wake up in the morning and realize how just fucking stupid you are? You fucking people don’t have a brain among all of you fucking idiots.

          • Jamie Bennett

            Someone’s obviously angry. Don’t you have a black lives matter protest to attend somewhere?

          • Shane Lees

            I am angry because dumb fucks like you exist in the world. And what is worse you fucking morons vote.

      • iamus

        Stupidity personified in a post by the goat fucker Shane Less or is that ” Fact less” no wait maybe its “Brain Less”, Hey Buddy eat shit and find a muslim to marry you misogynist fuck face. And please go back to masturbating – your goat has called the ASPCA claiming animal cruelty by you, for not buying a new pair of boots and her hind legs have become chafed.

  • Steve Ippolito

    When will everyone learn…it’s never ok to upset or offend a libtard, but it’s okay to upset and offend everyone else. SMH

  • Steve Ippolito
    • Steve Ippolito

      Forgot about this one eh…always love the double standard – to hell with all the sports groups – keep spending money going to games and buying their crap people, it’s what they count on!

  • KLC

    Yeah, my husband submitted a very well written article criticizing BLM and the Black Hate Group behind it. No one would touch the article.
    Perhaps he should submit it here

  • sNiPer This is BS. BLM can kiss my hind quarters, then OBAMA & KILLARY (the Democrats), and then the Media. These are the real RACISTS. I’m white & I don’t fear a damn thing. I served my Country to protect OUR (everybody’s) way of life, not this BS. I’ve been in combat and have 38 confirmed kills. Does that bother me? Hell no I did my duty, followed my orders, and used my training to complete missions. My Brothers of Color had my back, and I had theirs; if not I might not be writing this or my Brothers might not go home. Color in the military doesn’t matter in combat because at that moment we need each other, period. We took an oath, just like our Hero’s in Blue therefore we have a bond. You hate COPS? Then you hate Combat Veterans. Don’t Tread on Me. RLTW!

  • Tom Marchitelli

    So much for the 1st amendment!!! And that POS Kaepernick can disrespect the country and he is the poster boy for
    “change”? give me a break!!!!!!!!!!

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Kaepernick is the poster “child” for washed up athlete grasping at his last 15 minutes of fame. It is all about his ego and that fact his athletic ability is gone and he does not want to stop hearing his name rather it is in a positive or negative manner.

  • Jamal Garrett

    Whites have killed over 100 million indigenous people on this STOLEN European land!! Whites have the audacity to call other ethnic groups thugs, terrorist, Liars? No other race has stolen, raped, murdered more than Europeans in the last 500 years!! Europeans like to tell others to be peaceful to accomplish change mean while history has shown that everything whites have has come by way of bloodshed!! White on EVERYBODY crimes against humanity are of historical proportions! To justify the hypocrisy of creating “Laws” on STOLEN land that was inhabited by natives for 1000s of years before a pale face touched it’s shore can only be described as animalistic in mindset. For those Europeans who wish for a “whiter” environment perhaps returning to your native cave dwellings where you could walk on all fours and howling at the moon would be more suiting….. I bet you wouldn’t see any BLM in there.

    • iamus

      Stolen lands from those that crossed the Bering Straits during the last Ice age – wow is your analogy as full of shit as the BLM rioters. Try getting an honest analogy …….. here are some facts you uneducated racist. The first persons to own slaves in America were black. The Slavers from the beginning of time until today were and are muslims.

    • Unapologetically Deplorable

      Perhaps school and history in particular aren’t your strong suits. I nominate your blather for the stupidest post of the day award. Congrats.

      • Grieg

        I agree. Have seen similar screed by others. Wonder if they are getting their talking points from BLM, NAACP, or some other Black Nationalist group. Jamal, no wonder with a tribal name like that, should venture over the the website Chimpmania and read up on some of the many, many, many crimes blacks create. Show me one good and successful city, country run by them. They are indeed, as a group, inferior. See the Bell Curve and out of wedlock birth rates for proof.

        • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

          I think you are right on the money with these TROLLS using talking points. I see very similar comments all over the internet. I actually pity the fact that they cannot think for themselves. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • You’re Fired!

      You’re free to GTFO at any time.

  • Gary Freeman

    Im sure the History Ch has some great shows lined up for the fall. Not going to be watching NFL or MLB. Unless my Rangers make it to the World Series.

  • Unapologetically Deplorable

    Has BLM and the politically correct, racist bazturds apologized for all the death, injuries, burning and looting they’ve caused? Apologized for disrespecting the United States, it’s citizens and even themselves? No, they haven’t. Seemingly, most perps walk scot-free without fear of reprisal. It’s their right, right? Steve Clevenger, on the other hand, addresses a domestic terrorist group and their racist supporters and is immediately admonished and suspended from his job without pay. When is the last time you saw that happen to a black man? This one-way, racist, political correctness has got to stop. We have got to put an end to this insanity one way or another!! Note to MLB/MiLB: You start this bulllhiitt you will go the way of the NFL…I will never watch or tune in another ball game EVER!!

  • iamus

    Guess the guy was too “white” to be politically correct. Total BS

    • Shane Lees

      And an idiot. Much like you.

      • iamus

        Dear Asshole – yes you asshole – I am sure you recognized your first name right away. It is evident your IQ falls below average into the moron range, and as you are the epitome and national poster “BOY” for the daunting success of our liberal progressive school systems, i.e. the dumbing down of entire generations since the 1960’s. There are still a few Nationalistic Americans – having served in the military – and taken an oath to to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of rights – “Freedom of Speech”, being one of those amendments. It however doesn’t provide dumb shits like you, to callously malign my opinion. So scumbag – fuck with someone else – or take your goat out for a drink, Thank You

        • Shane Lees

          You know what is so fucking awesome it just makes my dick so hard. You say you volunteered to kill people. To guaranteed my right to speak my mind and be an asshole. I can say what ever the fuck I want to espouse free from governmental reprisal. That includes calling you a knuckle dragging troglodyte. And you’re 100% right I am an asshole. A far educated asshole than you are. No I don’t think I’ll malign anyone else’s opinion for the time being. You’re the biggest piece of shit I could find right now.

          • iamus

            Now I remember where I heard of you – your that guy name asshole “shame less” I heard of you – your the guy that was identified online as the “great masturbatory” egoist. The shit for brains no nothing about life – but has an opinion about everything and everyone. Now that I have your attention – which is difficult for semen sucking attention disorder morons like yourself. Thank you I am glad to have finally found me the perfect narcissistic “bitch”. Been looking for you so I can practice pounding your minuscule uneducated brain which is stuck so far up your ass – a broomstick with a magnifying glass would be necessary to find it. Bring it on – I enjoy goading stupid bastards such as yourself to reveal how absolutely absurd your minimalist view of life is to the broader public. Please continue with your self aggrandized “I am a well educated stupid person persona”. Thanks Again – I await you next puerile immature reply . PS just a “real world” hint never fuck with someone that has volunteered to be in combat.

          • Shane Lees

            (Sigh…Yawn) I really don’t give a shit if you volunteered to kill people or not. I am waiting for the moment when you actually construct rhetoric for rational and reasonable argumentation. (Yawn) Please expose my minimalist world view, I’d love for likes of your ilk to enlighten me. And you’re serving to entertain me. Free entertainment. Which is the best kind.

            And yes I do have an opinion about everything and everyone. Especially about the likes of you.

          • iamus

            I am leaving the “rhetoric to you” So hows your goat ? It must be her time of the month because you are getting surly in your comments. As to the enlightenment – it would be almost impossible given your IQ is the moron level – best I leave that to the special education classes for the developmentally disable which I believe you are now attending. So I was thinking maybe having some fellow veterans visit you so you could enlighten them – got an address you’d like to share fuckface? Let’s see how much hyperbole you can lay on them. Maybe thinking of them will keep you from yawning so much and sighing is only a sign of a very disturbing mental disorder – I worry about you – you should check it out

          • Shane Lees

            You really are an idiot. Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself how you got that fucking stupid? Send some veterans over. You people are supposed to be the ones who would spill your own blood defending my right to say what ever the fuck I want to say. Whether it’s criticizing your dumb ignorant ass or saying the president is an idiot. You defend those articles of The Constitution for me to have the right to say that.

            I am assuming you’re a fucking conservative or a republican. You really think that those people give a fuck that you’re a veteran or that they’re educated? Look at half the comments on here. These people are fucking morons. And you’re one of them.

          • iamus

            Yes troll you assume quite a lot goat fucker – in doing so you make an ASS of you and – just you.

          • iamus

            Still got that hard-on – hard-on or has your goat finally provided you with relief.

  • You’re Fired!

    This is what happens when you allow the gene pool to become contaminated.

  • Fedupashell

    Yet AGAIN, the leftists find the TRUTH offensive!!!!!!!

  • Trex…bluesscout

    the liberal agenda will end or we are finished.we need to take back control of america from these pathetic scum liberals.give us liberty or give us death..

  • JimmyTehFreak

    Saw this from a Katharine Roth Sutphen on facebook “Whether or not I agree or you agree, wasn’t he exercising his 1st amendment rights? Why is it ok to support certain ideologies but not all? Who decides this? If colin kaepernick can protest on the field, why can’t this guy protest too? Many have spoken out against Colin but he’s supported for what he does in the media and by those in power. It baffles me??”

    Why yes, he was exercising his 1st amendment rights – and since the Seattle Mariners aren’t a government force persecuting him for his statements his 1st amendment rights are intact. Since they’re a private business who don’t share his views that black people should be in cages – and since he violated the terms of his MLB players contract with regards to ambassadorship to the public – he should count himself very fucking lucky he wasn’t canned and blackballed entirely from the league.

  • Shane Lees

    I wonder how many of you knuckle dragging troglodytes are going to comprehend that this idiots freedom of speech and of expression wasn’t impeded upon. Freedom of speech pertains to governmental reprisal. Not private organizations. He had freedom of his speech. Not freedom from his speech. Thus these are the consequences of being an idiot. Much like the majority of the posters here. Bunch of morons.

    • Grieg

      White guilt much? Go read the website Chimpmania about the many, many, many crimes. It might de program you. Good luck. Reading is your friend.

    • iamus

      Semen sucking goat fucker (shame less) – for your edification – The APA in the past used terms such as Moron and Idiot to denote IQ – each term represented a value range. Average on a bell shaped curve, would fall into the range of 90 and 110. it represents between 75 to 80% of the population. Above that 110 were segments that denoted a higher intelligence on up to genius. Below 90 were also segments the scale corresponded to terms such as idiot and moron, I was trying to use the scale to identify your level of comprehension. Unfortunately based on your barely passable written skills as evidence by your posts, I couldn’t find a range that would equate to your diminished capacity as a human being. There was no category for a narcissistic – Know nothing – unaccomplished tool. From this point forward in response to your non-factual rants, is the newly coined classification – created just for you:: Goatfucker.

  • baruchzed

    Fuck white supremacists, Fuck violent cops, Fuck FOP and police unions who enable thieves, rapists and murderers. Fuck white people who don’t get it that black people have been screwed in this country for centuries. Fuck cops who don’t blow the whistle on crooked cops. Fuck people who hide behind the flag and militarism.

    • Grieg

      White supremacists are right. Show me one city or country that is run by blacks and a success. When they have the leadership you get corruption, graft, and a less than average economic outcome. They score lower on the Bell Curve, Asians score highest, and they have a tragic out of wedlock birth rate. They represent the vast majority of crimes in this country. Go to the website Chimpmania to see the many, many, many crimes they commit.

  • john4637

    I suppose he tweeted about the jerkoff Obama and the communist critters in the BLM while wearing the Mariners little baseball suit. It’s not a real uniform so what is the problem? If they deny a man’s 1st amendment rights then they should be shut down and not be allowed to conduct business in this Democrat Republic. Totalitarianism is chomping at the bit here, but has not taken over yet. Or has it?

  • Sunnydaze

    Hey BLM (that would be Black Lives Matter not Blue Lives Matter) I got one thing to say to you. I’m sure you’ll love it. Ready? BLM = KKK And both Democrat supported. Go ahead prove me wrong. I’ll wait…..cue the crickets….

  • Dennisinlexky

    Way to go Steve, I stand and salute you for what you believe in.

  • asisay

    The “obama effect”. Coming to a sports team near you!

  • Robert Humphries

    He should be placed back on roster as playing. The league officials are brain dead. He is no racist.

  • Max Blood

    fuck these shitskins and dont ever say your sorry for speaking the truth!!!!! you’re already suspended ffs. love how these shitskins can say w/e they want when they want and its ok, a white dude says something and its all this… these fucking animals make up 13% ffs!!!! we dont need to cater to these fucking ppl!..opp’s i’m sorry, animals!

  • John Lee

    Looks like I’ll add baseball to football on my boycott list. These people don’the realize who their fans are. They are going to find out, no more of my money to them or their sponsors!

  • Roman

    Very Sad that only B.S. Leftist opinions for everything are allowed, and anyone with an opposite opinion that supports our country is shut down. I hope he goes after the franchise for harassment!

  • BUD12

    Fascists, pure and simple. Let’s boycott their miserable, scumball a$$es….

  • rolfman

    “Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha (expletive) cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem!”

    “BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!”

    They fired him, because does not know how to create a sentence, apparently swing a bat, and throw a ball very well. Just curious who is “Everyone”?

  • Johnny Olson

    Mr. Clevenger…Thank you for standing up and speaking out. You have my support.

  • Jessica Elliott

    1. Freedom of speech does not protect you from consequences (especially if you have contractual obligations around how you present yourself in public), it protects you from arrest (and not all-encompassing – not all speech is protected). 2. If you think that quietly sitting or kneeling and subsequently clearly and calmly articulating your views and protest is the same as firing off a few quick rage-filled Tweets saying people should be treated like animals, then you have some work to do in understanding community change.

  • Jerry Medlin

    Yep, just more Chicken Shit professional sports team owners, who think they are important in today’s politically correct bullshit. They will think that crap until there are the ones that are attacked and beat up and have their areas burned to the ground!

  • jngtelco

    People don’t seem to realize what BLM stands for if they did they would understand everything that has been going on.
    BLM stands for “Black Lies Matter” why we let them is beyond me!

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    FUCK YOU, Seattle Mariners.

    • Vince Stagbaugh

      And FUCK YOU again!

  • Jeepgurl72

    What happened to freedom of speech? Oh wait, if you’re white or straight and if you disagree with the libtards you don’t have freedom of speech anymore.

  • stkman

    He should sue the hell out of the Mariners.

  • Bill Jones

    He needs to find him a real team to play for those Liberal assholes only support other Libs and have not had a thought of their own since childhood

  • Venus Flytrap

    It just goes to show the fear in the hearts of the management with the mariners – I guess they forgot that the player has freedom of speech.

    How many of the mariners have refused to respect the flag during the national anthem? Were they all sat down for the rest of the year? I think the guy needs to sue the ball club for infringing on his freedom of speech.

  • Venus Flytrap

    I posted a comment, didn’t have anything vile in it yet it’s been erased.

    Thanks Blue Lives Matter – you just lost a strong supporter for your cause.

  • Bill Gordon

    He was suspended for what he said because he’s WHITE. NUFF SAID.

  • Rod Martin

    BLM has already stated that only Black Lives Matter and everyone should honor the (disgusting) display of an adopted (by a White couple) football players right to express his 1st Amendment right. This holds true until the person that is white expresses his 1st Amendment right to criticize the BLM and the President (which is not against the law) and is admonished. Sounds like equal treatment to me! (That was sarcasm for the Liberals)

  • Phyllis Anne Lounsbury

    I will have my say. Whoever did this is taking our freedoms away, is wrong wrong. He, has a much to say as the Constitution allows. When you, let a BLM, woman, get on TV, and say “kill all the white babies”, and then criticize this ball player for his right to say anything against BLM. You, are the one who should be suspended for the rest of the season, with no pay. BLM, is a terrorist group who beat a 87yr, old man to death, etc, etc. Shame, Shame, on you. Reinstate that ball player, and give him protection, you shameless idiot.