FBI Investigating St. Louis Protesters Hanging ‘Whites Only’ Signs On Restaurants

A 'Whites Only' sign with a Black Lives Matter hashtag was placed on several restaurants.

A ‘Whites Only’ sign with a Black Lives Matter hashtag was placed on several restaurants.

Whites Only Signs Apparently Placed By Black Lives Matter Protesters

St. Louis, MO – “Whites Only” signs were found posted up on St. Louis businesses Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t the owners who put the signs there; it was protesters.

Even more concerning is that minority-owned businesses were also targeted by the signs, and now the FBI is investigating.

They have a lead: all of the signs displayed a #BLM (Black Lives Matter) hashtag.

Qayum Mohammed owns Sameem, an Afghan restaurant that employs a diverse group of staff, according to KMOV.

“I’m proud to say I employ African American, Caucasian American, Malaysian,” Mohammed said.

Sameem was still targeted for the “Whites Only” sign, in addition to other restaurants in The Grove, including Urban Chestnut, Layla, and Taha’a Twisted Tiki Bar.

Burger restaurant Layla posted about the sign on its Facebook page:

To come into work only to find a sticker like this on our window is heartbreaking. We pride ourselves on being open, accepting and inviting of all types of people. We truly believe that our differences are what make us beautiful. This does not represent our restaurant, our team or our beliefs. #equalityforall #youcantstoptherevolution

Facebook users responded in confusion about why Black Lives Matter would make the sign when it “stands for everything they work against.”

Many people hold their own individual belief of what Black Lives Matter is. They think that their personal definition for Black Lives Matter is what the organized BLM groups stand for; this is not the case.

Black Lives Matter is made up of political organizations with political goals that most people would disagree with, including disrupting the “nuclear family” structure (see Black Villages), taxpayer-funded reparations for black people (see Reparations), and the elimination of charter schools (see Invest-Divest.) If you are unfamiliar with the Movement 4 Black Lives website we linked to, that’s the coalition of over 50 Black Lives Matter organizations which is receiving $100 million in donations to push their political goals.

Black Lives Matter groups have been pushing for racial segregation at colleges, at its meetings, and even at the St. Louis protests. They have also advocated for people only banking at black-owned banks and shopping at black-owned businesses.

So no, Black Lives Matter does not work against racial segregation; they promote it.

KMOV reports that the FBI is investigating the signs.

  • Bucky Barkingham

    If only they would start a “Back to Africa” movement!

    • Highest common denominator

      Why? We’re American.

      • Up Huff

        Not with what you’re promoting, you’re not!

        • Highest common denominator

          Nah, I’m American by birth. Whatever I say doesn’t change that.

      • Rick
        • Highest common denominator

          Most black folk do not call themselves African American. If you knew any black people in real life, you’d know that.

          • Rick

            Wow, that sounds like a blanket statement about all black people. It sounds something like someone saying ” all black people are???” Also, never ASSuME about who someone may know as my maternal grandmother is black. If anyone is a RACIST here, it is you so take a long look in the mirror.

          • Highest common denominator

            Didn’t I use the same phrasing as you?

            And I’m black. Most of the people I associate with daily are black, and most of my family are black, and most of the media I consume full of black people. Far as I know, we all call ourselves black.

            Whites love to say African American though.

          • Rick

            So, IF most of the people that you associate are Black then how can you presume to say what Whites LOVE about anything? Sounds again like you are assuming what White people feel when you hardly associate with any of them per your statement.

            So just to make your day, I will ASSUME THAT ALL WHITES ARE RACIST AND ALL BLACKS ARE JUST POOR MISUNDERSTOOD PEOPLE. Does that make you feel better? I know that would piss off my Grandma if she were still alive.

            AGAIN, NEVER ASSUME what a person feels.

          • Highest common denominator

            You keep saying all.
            And white people are everywhere, can’t avoid them forever. Of course i know what you guys like.

          • Highest common denominator

            And I’m sure you don’t know any black people in your real life, which means everything you’ve said is an assumption, clown.

          • Rick

            It’s senseless trying to have a conversation with someone like you who always assumes and in all reality is nothing but a TROLL. I’m done with you and will no longer reply to your dribble.

          • Highest common denominator


          • scaatylobo

            I do know more than a few,and the one’s that I know that do not use that term = are the ONLY people of color that I respect.
            I actually do not see their color,unless it is brought up by ————– idiots who call themselves ” African Americans ” as often as it actually is.
            JUST as I do not hear ANY that I respect use the “n” word !!! = EVER.

          • Highest common denominator


            I don’t use the n-word in mixed company. Outsiders start thinking it’s cool to say it, and that normally doesn’t go well for them.

          • OutbackJon

            Why would you use that word at all?

  • Anthony Stiga

    Waiting for Boston to build that MLK monument so I can piss on it and blow it up.

    • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

      There is a line forming already…

  • bws001

    first they wanted equality but what they wanted was the benefits of equality… Now they want their own world… Who will run the black owned banks? black owned stores? I’m not saying they don’t exist or that they aren’t capable.. But percentage wise there are far less of them…

    • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

      Well think about it, who has the drive to own and run the majority of stores in the inner cities? Why it is the Indians and the Asians. So there is your answer.

  • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

    This just in: A thin black man with a big bobble head has been seen posting these “Whites Only” signs all over town. I think we have video. Yes, there he is. It looks like …. Al Sharpton, race pimp extraordinaire. Over.


    I remember those from back in the good ole days…..!

  • Up Huff

    Best way to promote the “Blacks Only” is to give them what they want.
    Ship them all back to Africa. (All those in this “movement” that is.)
    Want to be a part of America, stay.

    • Highest common denominator

      How exactly would I be going “back to Africa” if I’ve never lived there before? I’m American.

      • Josh Selle

        You and I probably don’t agree on everything; however, I’m with you on this. I can’t stand it when people say that, it doesn’t help the situation at all. I am a cop and have been involved in a few protests in the last year. I have been told repeatedly that I need to go back to Europe because I’m a “white colonial”.

        Excuse me, I was born here. My parents and grandparents were born here. This is my home as much as anybody else. Same as you I imagine. You are right, we are American. All of us. It would be a better world if everyone could talk things out rather than try to shut the opposition up.

        Anyways, good luck to you.

        • Highest common denominator

          Well said.

  • Peekin-In

    I don’t get it. Years ago there was such an outcry against segregation and now the black community wants segregation excluding whites? It doesn’t make sense, it’s a step back isn’t it?

    • Ann

      BLM posting White Only signs on specific businesses is to target them when rioters are on the streets.

  • but it’s perfectly acceptable to post BLACK ONLY signs. SMH!

  • ZuZu’sPetals

    We live in a Florida retirement community with few blacks. Do we BAN blacks? NO, of course we don’t! Blacks are free to move here and we would welcome them (as we would anyone who comes here)! They freely choose NOT TO LIVE HERE. That does not make us racist or bigoted!