Victim Records Herself Being Raped, Posts It To Snapchat – Results In Arrest Of Rapist

James Allen was arrested after he was recorded raping his step-granddaughter.

James Allen was arrested after he was recorded raping his step-granddaughter.

James Allen Arrested For Rape On Snapchat

Danbury Township, OH – An Ohio man has been arrested after his victim posted a video of her rape on Snapchat.

The video was posted on Tuesday, August 8, and the suspect James Allen was arrested on the same day, according to Fox News.  Allen, age 77, is the victim’s step-grandfather.  A friend of the 20-year-old victim saw the video on Snapchat hours after it was posted, and called police, who found two videos that had been posted.

Danbury Township Police Chief Michael S. Meisler said that both videos “were crucial” to making the arrest, according to People.  He said, “We’re sorry this happened to this young lady.  It was obviously horrible, but we’re happy she was able to capture the images and video on her cell phone.”

Chief Meisler also said that videos prove that the victim resisted.  He said, “She tried to resist as much as possible.  Verbally saying ‘no,’ and things like that.”

James VanErten, Ottawa County Prosecutor, said that he had reviewed the video and that it ‘clearly’ shows a sexual assault taking place. He said that the victim appeared impaired in the video.  VanErten and police have also asked people who are on social media to stop reposting the video of the assault.

Police said that it’s not clear from the video if the attack was live-streamed, or just shows the aftermath.

Chief Meisler said “The most upsetting thing about this is that this is her stepgrandfather.  He married her biological grandmother. He was the one who provided her with the alcohol that evening.”

Allen is charged with rape and is being held on $1 million bond.