UPDATE: Smashburger’s Official Response to Employees “F*** the Police” Incident

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UPDATE: Smashburger’s Official Response to Employees “F*** the Police” Incident

Aurora, CO – Smashburger acted quickly in handling the incident where employees played NWA “F*** the police” on repeat while officers were dining in the restaurant.

On December 20, 2016 Blue Lives Matter reported a story about an incident in which some Aurora police officers dined in a Smashburger restaurant at the Smoky Hill & Aurora Parkway location. While the officers were dining, multiple employees began playing the music of NWA “F*** the Police” on repeat. The following day the “Brotherhood for the Fallen” notified the food chain via a Facebook post, and Smashburger acted quickly.

Today, Smashburger informed us that they have FIRED the employees, as well as the manager in charge the night those officers were ridiculed to the “F**K the police” music blaring while they ate their meal.

The company acted quickly and contacted Blue Lives Matter via Twitter direct message on December 21, 2016 that read:

Hello Blue Lives Matter, First and foremost, we respect, honor and appreciate every police department in the country. The regrettable events of Friday night in no way reflect the values or principles that are core to the Smashburger brand. They occurred by way of the inappropriate actions by a few employees. They, and the manager in charge, have been placed on leave pending a thorough investigation. We wanted to personally let you know that we are addressing the situation and this will not happen again. Thank you, Katy

We responded by thanking them for acting swiftly, and requested an update once their thorough investigation was complete. Today, December 22, 2016 Smashburger contacted Blue Lives Matter again on Twitter with a direct message that read:

We thought you would like to know that the employees and manager in charge are no longer with the company.

We feel it’s important to point out that this company handled this matter with the utmost of professionalism and transparency through dialog with Blue Lives Matter, as well as their customers on social media. That’s certainly worthy of recognition, and we commend them for handling this matter appropriately, quickly, and with dignity. Thank you Smashburger!


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