Black Lives Matter Leader, Sir Maejor, Arrested for Impersonating An Officer

Tyree "Sir Maejor" Conyers-Page is an albino Black Lives Matter leader who has been repeatedly arrested for impersonating a police officer.

Tyree “Sir Maejor” Conyers-Page is an albino Black Lives Matter leader who has been repeatedly arrested for impersonating a police officer.

Black Lives Matter Leader, Sir Maejor, Arrested for Impersonating An Officer

Atlanta, GA – A prominent, and very vocal, Black Lives Matter leader, Tyree “Sir Maejor” (Tyree Conyers-Page), is back in the news. After spewing hate about the police, police tactics, and systemic racism for months, the reason he is anti-police has become clear.

Jealousy and envy are Tyree’s motives, as he has been arrested multiple times for impersonating a law enforcement officer in the greater Atlanta area. Apparently, Tyree longs to be a police officer and since that has not happened, he now chooses to spread the false narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In late 2014, Atlanta Police found him with a female handcuffed outside a busy gas station. He was wearing a uniform that looked like an Atlanta PD uniform, had a Glock .45 pistol, and full duty belt.

In another incident, on October 14, 2015, Sir Maejor was observed at the MARTA Five Points station, wearing a bulletproof vest with a full duty belt. He also had one loaded Glock .45, two additional loaded magazines, two pairs of handcuffs, OC spray, one baton, a Taser with additional cartridge, and a makeshift ID card designating his duties as a fugitive apprehension officer.

He was not acting like a bounty hunter though. He was harassing and yelling at MARTA patrons, telling them where they could and could not stand. It was when Conyers-Page approached a parked car and demanded the identification of the person inside that his pipedream began to unfold.

The person inside the car was, in fact, a real police officer. Sgt. Knapp, a plain clothes police officer, had been watching Sir Maejor’s strange behavior. Atlanta Police again arrested him for impersonating an officer.

The story does not end here. The police impersonation charges even stretch into this year. Page was arrested in January after he conned his way past security guards at the Sloppy Floyd state office building by claiming he was an FBI agent. Court records say he was carrying a gun. He managed to get into the Secretary of State’s corporate records office.

His vocal nature and bad-mouthing of law enforcement has nothing to do with police brutality or racism or anything that he would like us to believe. The bottom line here is that his jealousy and envy of the officers who do the job every day has led him down a path of lies. His motto seems to be, “If you can’t join them, then beat them.” Sorry Tyree Conyers-Page, the blue line does not need criminals like you.

  • MolonLabe#tryme

    There is no way our current technology can measure the “fucktardness” of some people…

    • William Wheeler

      Agreed. Some of these idiots are so dense, you can see the light bending around their heads.

      • Doug Packer

        That is hilarious! You win the comment of the day

  • Ball Buster®

    Chicago has had issues with actual police officers found to be gang members.
    Hell, even a couple of their alderman are former gang leaders from the 70’s.

  • hapvalpsu

    Just another example of “The Man” keeping the albino down.

  • LL

    How is this fool a scary one at that not sitting in prison or in a mental ward. He is a dangerous fool and someone’s nightmare if he ever managed to handcuff someone at takes them away somewhere.

    • Windygirl

      How do you know he hasn’t and they’re buried in the woods.

    • Robert Travis

      He is most definitely a future pardon on the Obama commutation campaign.

  • CardiLover

    Or he’s trying to give the impression that cops are bad. No matter what his motivation, why is he still walking the streets?

    • Windygirl

      Good point. Lots of people running around complaining about police harassment. By the officer with the clown haircut.

  • Woody20164

    First, if that Karl Childers haircut doesn’t make him look creepy, I don’t know what would. Next, the Sloppy Floyd State Office Building?

    • Windygirl

      Sloppy being the key word here…

  • Afotey Annum

    I’m just commenting here to see where there is any FACTUAL EVIDENCE that this dude is a LEADER in #BlackLivesMatter…

    Evidence, please?

    Or are we just assigning the mantle of “leader of #BlackLivesMatter” to ANY Black person who acts the fool?


    • Windygirl

      Pretty much, yes. Is there an official election for BLM leaders?

    • Dakota Riley


    • Mark Toney

      I’m sure he self identified as being with BLM. How else could the connection be made. Is there a Toll Free number for BLM with management prompts ?

      LMAO ! $$!

      • Afotey Annum

        He also self identified as a police officer.

        Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is BASIC LOGIC

        • Tired of it….

          Was there an election that I missed? And since when doesn’t the media tell the truth? Man I’m sure behind the times.

          Seriously, your point here is mute because there is not an official registry of leaders. These people choose to appoint themselves to organize their own groups of hate. How about instead of coming on here and trying to make everyone else look stupid asking for actual proof (I sure didn’t see a website with leaders names) you go out and make a positive impact on Society.

          • Afotey Annum

            My point here is not *moot, mainly because my point is that this is an erroneous claim being made about this yahoo being officially tied to #BlackLivesMatter as a leader. A point people seem to be conceding, but arguing at the same time.

            Additionally, I love how you can make such detailed “revelations” about my personal life based on me being slavishly beholden to factual accuracy (aka “making everyone else look stupid”).

            Can you come up off that secret of mind reading, Charles? I need to find some X-Men

          • Tired of it….

            Mute is the correct word I wanted to use, so no need to try to correct it. Mute ~ is what you should be with your comments to keep asking for proof that he’s a leader. Where’s the proof that BLM is not a racist, terrorist group who wants to destroy everything around them and yet claim they have nothing? Go ahead, I’ll wait….

          • Afotey Annum

            Right, because again, trying to establish FACT is something that should be muted in your opinion.

            Duly noted.

            PS: Regarding your proof that you asked (for a claim that I NEVER MADE):


            So….you giving up that mind reading secret yet? LOL

          • Tired of it….

            Your proof is a joke. Seriously you drank too much of the BLM kool-aid. And I do not have a problem with people expressing their opinion, what I do have a problem with is you still not accepting the fact that he is a leader of his own BLM group.


          • Afotey Annum

            “…he is a leader of his own BLM group….”

            SELF APPOINTED.

            Which he also tried to do when he called himself a cop.

            We all agree that his attempt to self appoint himself a cop was bogus. But somehow, when he tries to do the same thing with #BlackLivesMatter, you wanna all of a sudden believe him.


          • Tired of it….

            Stop trolling cop pages looking to feed the fire. Go play somewhere else already. You’re wasting my time. #byefelicia

          • Afotey Annum

            Stop commenting in this thread, assuming shit not in evidence.

            Funny how that works, huh?

            Here I am, simply looking for 100% FACTUAL ACCURACY, and that somehow bothers you.

            On a website ostensibly dedicated to GOOD COPS who uphold truth and fact.


            PS: Are you going to disclose the secret of mind reading or will you keep on with these silly hashtags? LMFAO

          • dave

            You want facts. If black lives mattered so much then quit killing each other. FACT, MORE BLACK MEN DIE AT THE HANDS OF OTHER BLACK MEN! If this bs movement is so important then why don’t they protest the people who take most of the black lives.

          • Afotey Annum
          • Afotey Annum

            Additionally, I love how the response to being slavishly beholden to factual accuracy is “what about so-called Black on Black crime”, as if these two have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with each other LOL

          • Tired of it….

            And seriously why are you even here commenting? Did you get lost or something because it seems pretty obvious to everyone here that you are not a supporter of those in blue.

          • Afotey Annum

            Funny how me asking for clarity on something automagically makes me a cop hater.

            Where do you get your brand of marijuana? I would like some.

          • Tired of it….

            Funny how you keep asking for clarity yet you’re asking me where to get Marijuana? Look in the mirror, I’m sure your supplier can hook you up. Be gone already….

          • Afotey Annum

            Funny how you missed that bit of sarcasm.

            I’ll apply the Sarcasm Font™ next time


    • hardresetamericadotcom

      Maybe we should ring up Sean King and ask him.

    • CraxyD
    • Afotey Annum

      Right, so somehow, him SELF IDENTIFYING as a police officer is RESOUNDINGLY decried as nonsense (rightfully so, as just claiming something isn’t the same thing as BEING something), but I’m supposed to wholeheartedly believe him when he SELF IDENTIFIES as a #BlackLivesMatter leader?

      This is the “logic” you all are espousing?


      They tried this same nonsense with the ORIGINAL Black Panther Party. It won’t work this time, as we Back people are allowed ta use dah internets now, Bawse!


      • Natalie Mailloux

        Hahahahahha, not replying after pushing for proof and getting it. Typical idiot behavior.

        • Afotey Annum

          Except a) no one has provided anything resembling proof of anything except dude appointing HIMSELF a leader b) learn to read and c) LMFAO @ “idiot”!!! Once people start calling you names in a grown up conversation, that’s how you know you’re dealing with kids that have infiltrated the grown up conversation.

          Try again

          • richard scalzo

            There is no central organization with a defined leadership. so in fact many cities have self appointed leadership.

          • Buckshot67

            So he has a point..we all agree the mans a ass-wipe….But if just anyone can claim to be a leader of something then act out to give that org a bad name then where does it end ? Sounds like he claims to be alot of things he isnt. Weve established hes a fraud so the only thing you chose to believe the part that benefits our conservative positions? Im as conservative as they come folks, but it is what it is. The clown is just that some asshole trying to get attention and your giving it to him.

          • Afotey Annum

            My point EXACTLY

          • Ncrdbl1

            Give the organization a bad name?????????? Are you joking? The organization has a large percentage of thugs who hate the police and use any incident they can to instigate an uprising In our community the BLM has held uprising after uprising and the spokesman for the group had outstanding felony warrants. In incidents where arrest are made a large % of those arrest have already had outstanding warrants.

          • Natalie Mailloux

            LOL, okay, second try… You do know this is not an official organization where leaders are “officially” appointed, right? Or no? Haha.

          • Afotey Annum

            “…You do know this is not an official organization where leaders are “officially” appointed, right?”


            Which is why this article is erroneous.

            Thanks for proving my point

      • tj7978

        Talking to yourself again?

    • Roger Rose

      This is your leader

      • Afotey Annum

        Except he’s NOT, and I’m fairly certain I keep asking for proof that he is the leader of ANYTHING.

        But nooooooo, folks keep deflecting with more of the same claims, as if repetition = validity.


        • Ncrdbl1

          One moment it is claimed there are no “official” chapters and then you turn around and say he is not the “official” leader. Make up your mind. Either this is an official organization with official chapter or it is not.

          • Afotey Annum

            I never once typed anything about there not being official leaders, etc.

            I only questioned THIS guy’s self appointed status as leader.

          • pureice

            Yes you did. Reread what you were spouting further up. None of it matters though cuz the whole blm cult is a joke anyway. Nobody takes what they want seriously. I feel bad for the real, good black people. They are so ashamed of these clowns.

          • Afotey Annum

            Except I DIDN’T.

            I know what I typed. *EYE* typed it LOL

            Additionally, folks YOU might associate with probably don’t take the movement seriously, but that’s only the people YOU might associate with and like minded folks.

            Lots of people actually DO take it seriously. Which is probably why the smear campaigns like what the OP article is attempting to do is what people are attempting.

            Again, that won’t work, as Black people are allowed to use the internet and research FACTUAL INFORMATION.

            PS: I’m ashamed of THIS clown in the OP, no question. As were the OFFICIAL #BlackLivesMatter folks who RESOUNDINGLY denounced him. Just so you know.

          • pureice

            That’s funny. Missing a couple of your posts in that thread now. Enjoy your fantasy.

          • Afotey Annum

            What’s even funnier is the fact that I haven’t edited a gotdamn thing I’ve typed in this entire thread, save for maybe an errant autocorrect or two.

            Funny AF


          • Callista Bernard

            I too, am one who checks out things, as most journalists try to be activists, more than reporters..these days. His twitter acct says he’s

            The Official Twitter of Sir Maejor President of #BlackLivesMatter Greater Atlanta, Black Activist, Model, Actor– He shaking hands with GA Rep John Lewis — looks pretty official !
            Posters of meetings, rallys etc.

          • Afotey Annum

            Then I’ll assume you are aware of the fact that those same #BlackLivesMatter folks RESOUNDINGLY denounced him once they found out how homophobic, irrational and flat out crazy he was, right?

            Surely that bit of info came up on the FIRST page of Google search
            results, yes?

          • Hurting4Her

            Not saying he is or isn’t but maybe this is why he’s being tagged….


    • joedog
      • Afotey Annum

        In the article you JUUUUUUST posted:

        “…But others who claim to carry the Black Lives Matter mantel denounce him as a fraud, a violent homophobe and a con-artist who started his own group Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta after he was bounced out of the city’s official chapter…”

        So again, PLEASE show the class where he is an OFFICIAL LEADER, not some self-appointed nutjob.


        • richard scalzo

          A valid question. Local media reported him was a leader.

          Here’s a more detailed article that is very interesting.

          • Afotey Annum

            I just posted this in response to the same link:

            “…But others who claim to carry the Black Lives Matter mantel denounce him as a fraud, a violent homophobe and a con-artist who started his own group Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta after he was bounced out of the city’s official chapter…”

            So again, PLEASE show the class where he is an OFFICIAL LEADER, not some self-appointed nutjob.

          • Tired of it….

            Self appointed or not, he’s still a leader if it’s his own group.

          • Afotey Annum

            Except a) he’s SELF APPOINTED, which means he’s not OFFICIALLY A LEADER b) he also SELF APPOINTED himself a cop, but you don’t believe THAT bullshit for a second (nor should you) and c) it’s not HIS group. In fact, ACTUAL members of the group have RESOUNDINGLY denounced him as batshit insane.

            Try again

        • Ncrdbl1

          Make up your mind. Is it an organization with official chapters or not. Can’t have it both ways.

    • Cam

      Afotey Annum…Proof?…Sir Maejor aka Tyree Page participated in a July meeting with Mayor Reed and local BLM protestors and he represented BLM. Sir Maejor then spoke to media about the meeting, along side the Mayor and Police Chef Turner.

      • Afotey Annum

        Yes, on behalf of HIMSELF.

        Which he did one other time, except to pretend like he was a cop.

    • melissa kessler

      I tried to post a screen shot of the guys fb page but it won’t let me . Go check out his page and you will see that according to his fb he is indeed a BLM leader , or president of his area .

      • Afotey Annum

        Yes, SELF APPOINTED.

        It’s the same exact thing as me trying to join the KKK, being rejected and starting my own personal chapter of the KKK and appointing myself as the leader of the KKK.

        Again, #FactsNotFiction

    • Beyoncé sucks

      Like this? Just google him!!!
      And if he ISNT a big part of BLM then why hasn’t any one denounced him when he was doing all this publicity shit? Why aren’t people going after all the thugs that claim they are BLM burning and destroying shit, looting and attacking white people, killing cops? Why isn’t BLM denouncing THESE people?

      • Afotey Annum

        “…But others who claim to carry the Black Lives Matter mantel denounce him as a fraud, a violent homophobe and a con-artist who started his own group Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta after he was bounced out of the city’s official chapter…”

        Someone didn’t use Google properly LOL

        Again, this guy in the OP is an asshole. This much is universally agreed upon.

        He is NOT a #BlackLivesMatter leader. This is a matter of FACT, not conjecture or speculation.

        Additionally, the people doing the nonsense in Milwaukee from a rioting perspective AREN’T actual #BlackLivesMatter people.

        Why is it anytime Black people do something bad, clueless people want to automagically brand them #BlackLivesMatter?

        They tried the SAAAAAAME nonsense with the original Black Panthers…

  • Mark Toney

    Why hasn’t the Atlanta Police taken him to Court and had his gun rights revoked ? These people need to be adjudicated ASAP not just put on some stupid list . Had someone resisted him they would have been shot …

  • Trinity4

    This guy should not be associated with BLM. He obviously have some mental issues.

    • Hausdok

      And you’re saying the others in BLM don’t have mental issues? Let me see. Yesterday a black guy pointed a gun at a black police officer in Milwaukee and was shot dead and BLM turned around and stirred up a riot that’s burning down huge swaths of black neighborhoods. Excuse me if I consider that to be pretty damned demented. I wonder if the morons at BLM realize that they resemble, by their actions, Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Skinhead Gangs and the KKK?

  • VOTE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    He looks like a clown and acts like a clown. I am betting this guy is a clown. A creepy dangerous clown, but still a clown.

  • John

    What “Tyree longs” for Don’t make it right.

  • John

    I have one question. Does Tyree harass black people when he is playing cop?

  • tim

    Why is he on the street..seems he should be serving time for all of those offenses. Black Albino…..That’s funny. Must be one confused asshole !!!!

  • ChiefD

    Asshole needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.

  • Roger Rose

    Hillary and Obama Support Black Lives Matter which has said
    repeatedly they will kill Police and people that do not look like them, in fact
    this is already happening, yet not one Democrat has an issue with that, this is
    what Democrats support.

  • Mike Davidson

    And he is NOT in prison ? WOW !

  • headache

    Isn’t it ironic that the BMer’s leader looks white???? What a conundrum for black folks!

    • Robert Travis

      Yeah he could pass for Rachel Dolezal’s little brother any day.

      • BillMiller667

        He looks like the love child of Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.

    • dave

      There’s another white leader

  • Legirons

    Blame the courts for leaving these scumbags on the street

  • Christopher David Eaton

    Can’t bring myself to pay attention to, much less seriously consider, a man with a hyphenated last name. It’s so un-manly. Not worthy of consideration at all.

  • Dave

    He is one weird sicko, needs to be institutionalized.

  • macsvens

    Does he ever do any time?

  • Paulette Gunn

    He needs to be locked up in a paych ward and treated! He’s loony and could be very dangerous!

  • Ncrdbl1

    Handcuffing the woman and holding her against her will in 2014 constitutes kidnapping. He should have been charged with kidnapping and sent away for a few years. But no he was not and look where it got you.

  • Janice Crawford

    Such a big baby wanna be

  • Toxophilite

    You can just bet that he managed to get into that building impersonating an FBI agent by playing the race card. Nowadays all a black has to do is whip that puppy out, shout “RACISM!”, and people are afraid to question him.

    So why isn’t this guy in jail? Story said he handcuffed a woman while impersonating a cop, that sounds like kidnapping and assault to me.

    Gee, wonder if I can imitate a law officer at least three times, get caught in the act, and NOT go to jail?
    Naw. I don’t have “black privilege”.

  • Mick McDaniel

    Bet he wasn’t impersonating a Dallas or Baton Rouge police officer a few weeks ago…

  • stop crying

    Blacklosermovement can’t help but hurt themselves. No one will ever take these people seriously except for dumb whites and criminals.

  • fanniemac

    This goof ball can’t even decide what his name is. Who takes him seriously?

  • Pedro (SoCal)

    An Albino Negro, well at least we’ll be able to clearly see his Tattoos..!

  • Mike Gollenbusch

    If this clown had a women in handcuffs, then why isn’t he in prison for kidnapping or at least false imprisonment?

  • Tonya Parnell


  • 375Holland&Holland

    Haha a white albino jigaboo.
    The last one I ever saw was in the sixties in Albany Georgia

  • Nigel Gates

    Were these black lives really being taken by police officers or by BLM terrorists? A question that needs to be asked every a black person is killed by someone in a police uniform now.

  • Wes Kruse

    Why isn’t this faggot in prison getting hammered in the ass by bubba? It’s a felony to impersonate a police officer and this dicklicker was armed

  • Trooper77

    The “Racist” BLM movement is funded by the Marxist George Soros…..they are a fake phony organization that Hate America and White people…..BTW, if they love their own so much, where were they in LA when the flood hit? Not one of the blm idiots should up to help their own people…..they have zero legitimacy…Period!!!

  • Trooper77

    Chitfor brains blm sounds more like a bowel movement. Looks like one too.

  • David Kalmanir

    Looks like he could have impersonated a “white” po po!

  • Carol Meyer Russo

    Lock him up and throw away the ????

  • Alan Manisco

    I thought this was a felony charge? Hasn’t he ever been charged and convicted??? The story didn’t say anything about that. He should be in prison. Pretend being a cop in there…HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ian355

    Why do I have to be African American? Our culture is super retarded and it’s no one’s fault except for the African Americans who let themselves be defined by a bunch of idiotic people and their Democratic celebrity enablers.

  • Corey Susin

    This guy was never a leader of anything. He is a con artist who lied his way into a meeting with the mayor of Atlanta. The same day they held a press conference he was exposed as a fraud. He appeared out of nowhere and represented himself as a leader in a leaderless movement.

  • shawn

    Apparently Sir Maejor has been arrested multiple times for impersonating a police officer. Really??? was that the actual truth? You don’t let someone just walk out of court for that type of offense. Not once, not twice but three times?. I don’t believe what is being reported. It’s the typical trumped up charge that is usually given to strong willed minorities who speak out against corruption.

  • rikperry

    according to Alicia Garza, a co-creator of the national Black Lives Matter network, “We do not have presidents of chapters. We do not have CEOs of chapters. That is not our ethos.”

    This has not stopped Page from stating that he is the president of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta

  • Jokn Debreux

    A “wannabe cop” is a warning sign of a seriously disturbed mind. Many white serial killers have this history and the FBI sees this as a huge red flag on any suspect.

  • Sandra Pecorino

    They need to keep his sorry ass in jail

  • Shelley McKay

    Malcom X wannabee

  • Sebine


    Kek, funny ugly animal