IN PROGRESS: Police Under Attack At Silent Sam Monument In Chapel Hill

Officers came under attack at the Silent Sam protest in Chapel Hill.

Officers came under attack at the Silent Sam protest in Chapel Hill.

Silent Sam Protest Turns Violent

Chapel Hill, NC – Hundreds of people showed up to the Silent Sam Confederate memorial at the University of North Carolina for an event which promised to tear the statue down at 7 PM Tuesday night. Law enforcement got word of the protest Tuesday morning and began to make preparations for the crowd.

Unconfirmed reports are that hundreds of protesters were driven to the event in U-Haul vehicles and started chanting “Black Lives Matter” as they massed.

At one point, officers arrested somebody wearing a mask and the crowd responded by showing the police and trying to free the arrested man.

The group stood in front of the arrest van and linked arms to prevent the van from moving out with the suspect.

As the officers used control holds to remove people, the crowd responded by shoving the police officers. The officers, who are not wearing any crowd control gear, and the crowd were shoving back and forth until the vehicle was able to get moving.

The crowd ran in front of the van with officers running behind clearing the people out of the road but not making any additional arrests.

You can see video of officers trying to clear the protesters below:

The van was able to escape but the crowd of hundreds and growing is at the statue and angry and taunting the police.

The officers are badly outnumbered, but at this moment, the group is staying behind metal barricades that officers erected Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: Protesters are now sitting and saying that they are going to wait the police out. No new violence.

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