Shots Fired at Houston Police Officers

Shots fired at Houston Police

Shots fired at Houston Police

There have been shots fired at Houston police officers. Houston Police Department officers were attacked when they responded to a disturbance call. When officers arrived at the disturbance, they contacted a man who then barricaded himself inside of his home. The man began firing shots at Houston Police out of a window. No bullets struck any officers, however one officer was struck with shrapnel; he suffered non-life threatening injuries. SWAT has been called in to arrest the suspect. This situation is still developing as of this time.

CLICK 2 HOUSTON reports:

The Houston Police Department responded Saturday night to a disturbance that resulted in SWAT officers being called to the west part of town.

Investigators said officers were acting on a warrant at a townhome in the 12800 block of Kingsbridge Lane when a resident started throwing items at police. Officials said man later went inside his home, and started firing through the window.

According to police, one officer was hit with shrapnel but was treated and will be OK.

Police said officers were at the house Friday night, and had been dealing with the resident for the past few days.

This is a developing story. We will report more information when it becomes available.

Tensions are high within our community right now. Between the tragic events in Dallas, the shootings that have followed, and the division spread by our political leaders, the law enforcement stress level is at an all-time high. It is time for America to step up to the plate, right their wrongs, and honor their fallen heroes.

The unequivocally justified shooting of Alton Sterling has generated a level of outage which is an embarrassment to our entire country. Investigators have yet to release any details on the shooting of Philando Castile, yet people have already made up their mind that the shooting was racially motivated. That is exactly what happened when Officer Darren Wilson was forced to defend his life from an aggravated assault launched by the violent criminal, Michael Brown. Even after the DOJ report was released which completely vindicated Officer Wilson, people have still decided to hold on to the false beliefs which they had held for so long.

Perhaps part of this devotion to the false narrative of racially biased shootings stems from people’s inability to admit that they have devoted themselves to a myth.

  • We wrestle with the evil forces that control this earth. I pray for our brothers and sisters in blue who have dedicated their lives into protecting we the people aginst evil in our nation. Let us all pray for our brothers and sisters in blue and our nation.