Shoot Straight Gun Store Gives New Gun To Man Who Saved Florida Deputy

The Shoot Straight gun store gave a gun to the man who saved an officer from being killed. PIcutres, the assailant beating Deputy Dean Bardes

The Shoot Straight gun store gave a gun to the man who saved an officer from being killed. PIcutres, the assailant beating Deputy Dean Bardes

Shoot Straight Gun Store Gives New Gun To Man Who Saved Florida Deputy

Estero, Florida – The Fort Meyers Shoot Straight gun store is giving a new gun to the man who saved an officer’s life in Florida earlier this week.

On Monday in Estero, Florida, Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, a 12 year veteran of the Lee County Sheriff’s office was working a wreck on I-75 when a vehicle drove past him at very high speeds, nearly striking him. Deputy Bardes pursued the vehicle for several miles until it finally stopped.

As soon as Deputy Bardes exited his patrol car, 53-year-old Edward Strother rushed the deputy and slammed him on the ground. Strother then mounted Deputy Bardes and started pummeling him.

Good thing a brave bystander with a concealed carry permit just happened to be passing by. A citizen hero, who wishes to stay anonymous, approached Strother and told him several times to get off of Deputy Bardes. When the assailant refused and continued beating Bardes, the bystander shot 3 three times, killing Strother.

Officer Bardes was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

By law, the bystander’s weapon had to be taken as evidence during the investigation of the shooting.

One gun store wasn’t about to let this police officer-saving hero walk around unarmed though.

Mark Williams, the manager at Shoot Straight Gun Store, gave the sheriff’s department a call and set up a visit for the bystander to come by and pick out a new gun free of charge. Shoot Straight gun store ended up giving the hero a Springfield XDS.

Check out Shoot Straight’s website here.

Sheriff Mike Scott of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department released this statement about the incident

The multiple egregious acts of aggression toward law enforcement officers across this country over the recent past have taken us all by surprise. Just this last weekend four (4) law enforcement officers lost their lives to deadly attacks.

Deputy Dean Bardes faced a similar set of circumstances on the morning of November 14, 2016. After a short vehicle pursuit Dean found himself in the fight of his life as he served to preserve the peace and dignity of this fine community. At the end of the pursuit Dean was viciously attacked by the motorist he just stopped.

During this brutal confrontation Dean sustained physical injuries which he will recover from. I appreciate Dean’s courage, and I pray for his full recovery.

I want to thank the many motorists who offered themselves as eyewitnesses. My deepest and sincere appreciation goes to the citizen who engaged the crazed assailant and stopped the imminent threat of great bodily harm or death to our Deputy.

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  • Doug Packer


  • ladywriter24

    in a heartbeat. Many thanks to the citizen that came to the officer’s aid in his time of need and prayers to the officer for a speedy recovery. thank you both.

  • tim

    Unbelieveable to think a person will take the time to take the photo instead of helping the cop.

    • Ken morris

      Could be dash cam , I have one running every time I drive, be Proactive, not reactive.

    • Jennifer Lynne Salins

      Maybe the person had their kids in the car. Maybe they were elderly. Or disabled. Or physically weak. Whatever caused this man to get out of the car and charge an officer is clearly not in their right mind and certainly not someone I’d want to mess with, especially if I myself were not armed at the time.

      • tim

        MAYBE you should think about this……what if that cop was your father or brother…..I’m helping this guy one way or another.

        • Jennifer Lynne Salins

          Maybe YOU should think. Number one, I live where this happened. This ramp off I-75 is five miles from my house and the ramp my husband uses to go to work every day. Number two, you see that Chevy dealership in the background? I work near that at the local mall. Number three, I KNOW the officer who was attacked. So no, he’s not my father or brother, he’s a friend. His wife is a friend. They are the nicest, funniest people and ones I’d do anything for. As far as having to think about Dean being like my father or brother, I don’t have to because I have family in law enforcement and military and this is a reality I have dealt with every day of my life. But since we are speaking of reality, the reality is that there are people in this world who are physically or mentally unable for whatever reason to step in and help. You may not be that kind of person, and I send you kudos on your bravery if that is the case. I am not that kind of person, either. I would be the one running into the building that is on fire even at the cost of my own life. But I recognize that not everyone is like that. Some are cowards. And others are just not able. As far as filming it, I think it’s terrible. However, I recognize the fact that the ample footage of what happened has helped keep my local streets peaceful and empty of violent protesters. That footage is proof that Dean was 100% innocent, and there’s not an air of corruption that can cause a stink around here. And for that, I choose to look at the good that came out of the filming. Not everybody is a move star badass and physically capable of stepping in to help.

  • tammie

    I love this man! Yes I would help the officer! In a heartbeat!

  • Wayne Henson

    I would be honored the help and defend ANY Law Enforcement Officer against the thugs. I have many close friends in Law Enforcement.
    I would not think twice about it. Natural human reaction is to be GOOD and helpful against evil. Whoever can video this vs help the Officer is equally guilty of crime!

  • bobby_gilbert

    I would help in a heart beat!

  • blancojoe

    Good for that citizen and good for that store!!

  • Bob

    In a heartbeat! I hope I never have too, but I will always have law enforcement’s back.

  • Charlie

    So fast your head would spin.

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Absolutely! I CCW basically for my & my families protection, but would not hesitate to help an Officer in trouble. As a Firefighter I took basically the same oath as a LEO & I do not take that oath lightly.

  • AliciA

    Absolutely, without hesitation. I could not stand by and let someone get beat on or possibly die bc I didn’t help.

  • Dave Speicher
  • PMNOrlando

    Although Ihave a concealed carry permit at 6’2 260lbs I’m afraid I would have chosen to knock the attacker out first. I don’t trust our legal system enough to protect someone with good intentions. Keep in mind the Hero could also face a civil suit for wrongful death and if not charged criminally could be wiped out financally. Sad world we live in when a hero is demonized and has to risk losing Everything to save a fellow human being.

    • Lance Price

      The nice thing about GA. Law.
      If there are no Criminal Charges brought against someone in an incident such as this, there can NOT be any Civil Suit.

  • I tote and i promise if i see a thug beating a officer or aiming a gun at a officer the thug will die.No better side arm as the glock 20 in 10mm 17 rounds in one clip or my old 7.62×25 dead as dead can get so thugs watch out before you think to harm a officer in front of me. Blue lives matter more than thugs every day.

  • tim

    What if…what if..the world is full of what if’s. What if that officer was your father or your brother …what if nobody did anything and the officer was killed because people stood around and did nothing but video the death of a police officer. Could you live with yourself….yeah you probably could.