Island County Sheriff Mark Brown Was Unarmed At Mass Mall Shooting

Sheriff Mark Brown was unarmed inside the Cascade Mall's Macy's department store during the mass shooting in which 5 people were killed.

Sheriff Mark Brown was unarmed inside the Cascade Mall’s Macy’s department store during the mass shooting in which 5 people were killed.

Island County Sheriff Mark Brown Was Unarmed At Mass Mall Shooting

Coupeville, WA – Island County Sheriff Mark Brown was inside Burlington’s Cascade Mall when a gunman opened fire, killing five people. Sheriff Brown was unable to confront the shooter because he had left his gun at home.

According to an interview with KOMO News, Sheriff Mark Brown was playing a game on his phone while his wife was shopping in Macy’s. Sheriff Brown heard a series of pops, and observed a clerk run by telling people to leave the store.

“When I realized the clerk was moving through, I reached for my hip and realized the situation I was in,” said Sheriff Brown referring to the the fact that he was without a gun. “The expectation people have on police officers in these situations is that they’re going to immediately solve the situation and not having the ability to do that is certainly frustrating,” said Sheriff Mark Brown.

The situation for which Sheriff Mark Brown was referring would ultimately end with five people dead as a result of a mass shooting in Cascade Mall’s Macy’s department store. Arcan Cetin was arrested and charged with five counts of murder of victims ranging in age from 16 to 95.

Although Sheriff Mark Brown was unarmed, he managed to locate his wife inside the Macy’s and they were able to run out to the parking lot. “Find Kathi get her out. Get as many people out as we could, try to identify people as they come out of the store as either witnesses or possible suspects,” said Sheriff Brown referring to his actions after realizing he was unarmed in a mass shooting incident. According to Sheriff Brown, the police arrived on the scene within minutes and he began directing them inside before he and his wife were allowed to leave.

Now that Sheriff Brown has had some time to reflect on his actions, he admitted feeling embarrassed for not having a gun with him at the time of the shooting, but he later stood by his decision not to carry a gun while he was off duty outside of Island County.

While Sheriff Mark Brown is in no way to blame for being unarmed, we see this as an example of what can happen if you don’t carry off-duty. Law enforcement officers work hard to ensure that people can live in an environment where they don’t need to carry weapons when they leave their homes, and the odds of needing a weapon are low. However, every time an officer doesn’t carry their weapon, they run the risk of not having it in the off-chance that they actually need it.

The most important thing you can do to win a gunfight is to actually bring a gun to the fight.

Do you think that it’s important for people to carry their weapons with them in public? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

  • Dead Ngr Storage

    I never leave home without my tool, especially if I’m in a high black populated area.

    • Honu425

      Neither do I and I’m not LE, Island County is rural but does have a drug production problem (or did). Not sure how much that has changed. Population is mostly white and Native American.

    • Harrison7973

      Really man? I am a cop and I understand your thought process, but the way you meant it and with your title, leave your racist shit on a different site. I fucking hate the BLM movement because it’s stupid but your title and comment makes you as stupid as they are. This is a site to shed light on what law enforcement deals with, not for for your white power bullshit. Your thoughts are not welcome here.

  • Proud to Serve

    The Sheriff made a conscious decision to walk out of his home and be just one of “The Sheep” . In the times that we are living in, I am truly amazed. We, whether on-duty, off-duty, or retired (like myself) may be the only chance someone has between life and death. And that someone may be your spouse, or child. If the sheriff does not have that mind set any longer, it is time to hang it up and punch out. This is not the example to set for his men and women. It certainly wasn’t for me.

  • Honu425

    Do not take this as a snarky comment, but I think this incident was probably the last time the sheriff leaves home unarmed. You guys have lives “after work” I get that, but you always seem to be on duty, 24×7. It’s unfortunate, but it seems to be what’s needed, wanted by the public, and accepted by you. Sheriff Brown won’t ever forget that day and I hope he doesn’t assign himself to much responsibility for the outcome.

  • Jon Jerome

    Lessons learned.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    The way this country has gone I never am more than an arm’s reach away from protection.

  • Richard Corey

    As long as there are people willing to use force, armed or otherwise, against law-abiding citizens, it is incumbent for all responsible adult citizens to own, train and “be prepared” to oppose criminals with force, and a firearm is the best choice. It requires commitment, and I don’t believe commitments are part-time things.

    Sheriff Brown can be forgiven for his failings, but it should never be forgotten that when he was in a position to oppose the force of evil, he failed through lack of commitment and was, therefore, not prepared. It was a choice, not a lapse.

    I would not want to be that guy, nor would I want my Sheriff to have such a lack of commitment.