Sheriff Clarke Meets With Trump, Tells Him What Its Like In The Trenches

Sheriff Clarke Meets With Trump, Tells Him What Its Like In The Trenches

Milwaukee, WI – In his ever-increasing show of support for the police, Donald Trump met with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Clarke, who is famous for his outspoken support of the police and hard line against crime, said the two discussed safer schools and safer neighborhoods. The information came out during an interview between Griff Jenkins of Fox’s “On the Record” and Sheriff Clarke. The video of Clarke’s comments is below:

Clarke said that Trump understands the importance of public safety. He went on to say, “I’m at street-level. I’m meeting and dealing with people who are looking for safer neighborhoods, safer schools on a daily basis, so I’m in touch with them. I know what their needs are, what their wants or desires are.”

They discussed the catalysts for the violent protests occurring all over the country. Sheriff Clarke said that the police interactions are not the cause of the riots but rather, an ideology that has been hijacked for political purposes. He noted that these activities occur in challenged, ghetto, and high crime areas where more police are already needed. He admits that there are no meaningful jobs available in these economically depressed areas and he even referred to the Milwaukee School System as, “horrible.”

Trump has been a vocal supporter of law enforcement since he started his run for the White House. Sheriff Clarke has been one of the most outspoken law enforcement leaders in the country since the onset of riots and the media started spreading the recent false narrative of Black Lives Matter. It was really only a matter of time until these two had some type of correspondence. As Sheriff Clarke mentions in the video though, they have spoken before. It’s looking likely that there may be a spot for Sheriff Clarke in Washington if Donald Trump is elected.


  • Brylar Foustark

    Sheriff Clarke has made many comments undermining his ability to be in law enforcement. When he makes accusations by calling everyone in BLM “liars” he has proven basic trust between his office and the public has washed. He has used his badge to spend more time sharing his personal negative views and making false claims such as [whites] are killed at a rate of 2-1 compared to [blacks.] The first problem is the director of FBI has already it made it clear nobody has enough data to reach any statistical conclusion. The second problem is that is not what BLM has based on their platform. After all this time he still does not know BLM has been denouncing the needless beatings and killings of unarmed civilians. Currently BLM has not earned a place to be supported because their prideful arrogance, like Sheriff Clarke’s, is impeding progress because their actions have not matched their claims and that is why they have not protested when unarmed Caucasians have been beaten or killed.

    It is more than a little disturbing Sheriff Clarke has used any iota of information to justify people being killed.

    • Scott Harris

      That’s the longest, most bullshit filled comment I’ve ever read.

      • lifestilled

        Couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Harris.

        • Brylar Foustark

          Like Harris, you complain yet have nothing to offer.

          • Jack Reilly

            U R A Moron…’s that?

          • Brylar Foustark

            Yet none of you disagreeing can show any factual errors. The smarter side of your political friends chose to appreciate why we have the phrase “Silence is Golden.”

          • Brylar Foustark

            It really is hilarious you all made so many assumptions but what is sad is your absolute refusal to admit you didnt read the whole post and you didnt know I am not supporting of Black Lives Matters.

            Do you realize by saying my whole post is BS by definition you are supporting Black Lives Matters?

      • Brylar Foustark

        Thank you. I love it when people whine yet have nothing of substance to offer in return.

      • Brylar Foustark

        Like carolinacries and a few others, you didnt read the whole post, made your judgment, then refused to admit your mistakes.

  • CarolinaCries

    Sheriff Clarke has seen the best and worst in people in his job. He also knows the false narrative of BLM. Now it’s an excuse to trash cities and hurt innocent people. It’s funded by George Soros who is looking to make the New World Order. Look him up, read his bio, George Soros is a dangerous hateful man. He also is paying BLM to “protest” and create havoc. He is a racist and he’s using blacks for his own agenda. To blame Sheriff Clarke for the unrest is ridiculous! Just because Sheriff Clarke doesn’t bow to BLM makes him hated by the black community. He calls it as he sees it. There is no racial war without George Soros and BLM. The stats show many more whites are killed by police than blacks, but that doesn’t fit the narrative. Open your eyes people. Hillary could care less if you ever get out of the ghetto. As long as you are there, she controls you with welfare and food stamps. Just enough to get by, but not enough to get ahead. The war on police has gotten out of hand and there will be many more bodies if people don’t wise up. Brylar Foustark if BLM really matters, ditch the no snitch attitude and get the thugs and gangs out of your neighborhoods. They kill 10 times more blacks than any police. Even children get killed just playing in their own yards. It’s hard to take BLM seriously when you don’t seem to mind blacks killing blacks, only police killing a criminal.

    • Brylar Foustark

      I guess you are incapable of reading a full post because I clearly stated I do not support BLM.

      What is your evidence for this claim:

      “It’s funded by George Soros who is looking to make the New World Order.”

      Typically people like you will sidestep any request for information and evidence and try to do it while making even more false accusations. What you fail to comprehend is asking for evidence of your claim is another way to prove you are not a credible commentator.

      I dont know of anyone who blamed Clarke for the unrest and that looks like a strawman distraction. Whether or not one disagrees with BLM that does not give a free pass to demonize.