Sheriff Clarke Announces Why He Resigned As Sheriff

Former Sheriff David Clarke has announced his new job.

Former Sheriff David Clarke has announced his new job.

Sheriff Clarke Taking New Job

Milwaukee, WI – Sheriff David Clarke surprised everybody when he submitted his resignation on Thursday without explanation. Now, he has announced the reason for his resignation and where he’s going from here.

On Tuesday, former Sheriff David Clarke announced that he would be joining the super PAC America First Action as a senior adviser and spokesman, according to Fox News.

“It’s truly an honor to join the America First Action team, most importantly because we share the same values that most hard-working, law-abiding Americans do,” Clarke said in a statement Tuesday.

“It gives me the chance to do what I love most—promote President Trump’s agenda, including his fierce support for the American law enforcement officer, and ensure the will of the American people who got President Trump elected is not derailed by the left or the self-serving Washington establishment.”

The America First Action super PAC is devoted to electing candidates who support the Trump-Pence administration.

“David Clarke is an American patriot, and we are very proud to welcome him to America First,” America First Action President Brian O. Walsh said. “Having spent a lifetime in law enforcement –protecting and serving his community and fighting for justice and the Second Amendment –Sheriff Clarke doesn’t just believe in making America safe again; he’s devoted his life to it.”

The revelation about his position with America First Action puts to rest the rumors that he would be joining the Trump administration.

In May, Clarke had announced that he had accepted a job with the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, but in June he announced that he withdrew his name, citing delays.

Richard Schmidt is acting sheriff since Clarke’s resignation. Upon becoming acting sheriff, he immediately contacted National Institute of Corrections to send a technician to review jail operations, and froze every account in the sheriff’s office.

“I want to get spending back under control and do whatever we can to attempt to get the budget out of red ink,” he said. “As I stated when I took over the House of Correction in 2009, I reversed a $6 million deficit. In fact it was in excess of $6 million in a four-month period. I’ve got four months, if I’m here, if the governor wants me to stay here, to attempt to fix that as well.”