Shelby Officer Tim Brackeen’s Killer Arrested

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Shelby Officer Tim Brackeen’s Killer Arrested

Coventry, RI – 5 people, including Irving Fenner, have been arrested for the murder of K9 officer Tim Brackeen.

Officer Tim Brackeen was shot in the chest and killed earlier this week while attempting to serve an arrest warrant on a known criminal. We are still waiting for the official report to be released on the shooting. What we do know is that Shelby, NC K9 officer was shot and killed by a suspect believed to be 23 year old Irving Fenner.

Yesterday, two females were arrested in connection to the killing of officer Brackeen. Irving Fenner’s half sister Ashley Hamrick was arrested for aiding Fenner because she was aware he had a warrant and was letting him stay at her house to evade capture. Another woman by the name of Dietra Morris was also arrested as an accessory to the officers death.

Fenner’s half sister Ashley Hamrick stated earlier this week

Irving Fenner, if you’re watching this, you better turn yourself in because it’s not gonna end pretty. I’m behind Team Brackeen all the way – whether I’ve known you for years or not. Tim Brackeen was my family and I hope they nail you. I hope they throw you under a jail cell. I hope Bubba gets a real good taste of what you’re like.

Hamrick’s wishes came true when Fenner was caught last night in Providence, Rhode Island, news agencies report.

FBI, Federal Marshals, and local Rhode Island agencies were on the search for Fenner last night in Providence Rhode Island. Police were tipped off that he might be at his half sister’s house. A search warrant was obtained and executed on the house but Irving Fenner was not there. Instead two other people were arrested, Casey Fenner and Jolisa Peeler, for accessory to first degree murder.

Irving Fenner was eventually arrested in the town of Coventry, RI. Coventry is a small town about 20 miles from Providence, where police were originally searching for Fenner. Police said Fenner was taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound after he peacefully surrendered. Great job officers.

A total of 5 people, including Irving Fenner, have been arrested for the murder of Tim Brackeen. Brackeen leaves behind a daughter and a wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and agency.

Officer Tim Brackeen, your life mattered.

  • BCD

    great to hear about this arrest(s)!

  • Lynn B

    They all should get the DEATH PENALTY !! Stop cuddling these damn Thugs ~ Rest in Peace Officer !