Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King Uses Livestreamed Torture To Blame Police

Shaun King uses an attack on a special needs man to attack police.

Shaun King uses an attack on a special needs man to attack police.

Shaun King Attacks Police For Chicago Torture Incident, Because Black Lives Matter

via the New York Daily News –   Shaun King, noted Black Lives Matter supporter, said Thursday that he would not speak out on the injustice involving the videotaped assault on the white, special needs male victim in Chicago.  From all appearances, he seems to be more about attacking police and protecting Black Lives Matter than what happened in that violent, hate-filled video.

Shaun King was right about one thing in his article. He is under no obligation to address this story at all. However, he then went on to address this story by attacking police.

King mentions in today’s post that he was brutally assaulted 20 years ago by a “racist mob of young white men.” King’s statement leaves out that he is white himself. His assault does not in any way compare to what was done to that victim, who contrary to what you believe, was targeted because he was special needs (autistic) and white.  Last time we checked, you aren’t autistic or special needs.

In his post, King claimed to hate violence but his actions speak louder.  He actively supports a movement whose rhetoric is full of hate and violence, a movement that has declared war on police officers, especially those who are white.  Peaceful protest against perceived social injustice is one thing but looting, rioting, and the mentality that criminals are victims, which Black Lives Matter endorses, is a totally different mindset.

Shaun King also said that this country is sick.  It may be, but Black Lives Matter is not promoting peace and is further dividing this country.  He might want to check the statistics on crime before he says that black folk are held accountable for more of this and that.  The statistics say otherwise.  King also mentioned some court cases involving police officers or some type of law enforcement officer that were very much on social media in the past.  Just as an example, two of those officers were tried by a jury and acquitted.  According to the long-established criminal justice system in this country, there is a system of checks and balances in place to decide these types of matters.  There are a lot of court decisions that we may not agree upon but they were decided by a jury.

In his post, Shaun King also mentioned the Rolesville, North Carolina Officer who was videotaped slamming a 15-year-old girl during school being on paid leave. Paid leave is standard policy.  Not racist,  just policy and procedure. If an officer was put on unpaid leave every time they had to use force against somebody in their jobs, they would have to find another job in order to pay their bills, and there wouldn’t be any police officers left in this country. We aren’t saying that the officer in this situation was right or wrong (we don’t know the circumstances,) but officers need to get paid unless an investigation determines that the force was unjustified.

But all of what King mentioned in today’s post was to turn attention away from Black Lives Matter and yesterday’s horrific incident.  King said “What we are witnessing here is that fact that when particular African-Americans commit a crime, many whites use the crime to cast aspersions and stereotype all black folk. It’s a ridiculous double standard rooted in racism and oppression.”  What does Black Lives Matter do, and King as well?  He uses any excuse to cry racism and stereotype white people.  We echo the last quote:  “It’s a ridiculous double standard rooted in racism and oppression.”

The war on police in 2016 ended with a 56% increase in officer line of duty deaths.  Many died because of the racist diatribe and hate- and violence-filled rhetoric of Black Lives Matter.  These Officers’ lives mattered, too.  So does the life of that white, autistic young man who was terrorized and victimized.

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  • brenpd

    You’re wrong Cowgirl, Shaun King is retarded.

  • george orwell

    Shaun King may not be autistic or “special needs,” but this fake black guy is most certainly what I would call “especially needy.” One thing he most definitely is NOT is BLACK. What a sad, pathetic and pitiful excuse of a human being. He needs psychological help. Shaun King just needs to go away now and never be heard from ever again.

  • Patriot Baker

    King claims “he was brutally assaulted 20 years ago by a “racist mob of young white men.”

    This is a lie. I have actually seen copies of the police reports from Versailles, KY dated March 1, 1995. According to the report, and multiple witness statements, King was assaulting a girl (pushing her against a wall and threatening to break her neck over $8 that she “owed” him for breaking a CD that belonged to King), and the girl’s ex-boyfriend stepped in to protect her, hitting him several times. It was one-on-one. No gang of white people, no racial reasons. The police report also lists King as ‘White’. The officer noted that King’s injuries appeared minor, but admitted that he had not seen X-rays.

    He profits off his lies, and no one calls him out.

  • Richard Edward John Baranowski

    In many other countries you can be put to death for talking shit about the police. Check your privilege!

  • hardresetamericadotcom

    I see Talcum X is trying desperately to be relevant.

  • Nick Fury II

    No different than conservatives blaming BLM for this attack.

    • BooBooBaby

      What are you talking about!?

  • Grannie Pie

    OKAY he’s had his 15 min. of fame. Now crawl back under that rock and stay there. what a dirt bag. May he NEVER need the men in blue to assist him in any way….