Police Criticized For Arresting Student Who Tackled Anti Trump Protester

Shane Stanton tackling an annoying social justice warrior.

Shane Stanton tackling an annoying social justice warrior.

Police Criticized For Arresting Student, Shane Stanton, Who Tackled Anti-Trump Protester

Columbus, Ohio – Police witnessed an obvious unprovoked assault on an anti-Trump protester and they immediately moved to arrest the assailant, Shane Stanton. Now the victim is criticizing police to arresting his attacker.

This Trump fueled viral video has been making it’s way through the internet. It is packed with violence, social justice warriors, and silly hats that say “America Was Never Great.” Earlier this week, a video was made public purporting to show a violent hate-filled Trump supporter tackling a shemagh wearing socialist student at Ohio State University. The mainstream media, primarily CNN,  jumped all over it with headlines like “Trump Supporter Attacks Anti-Trump Protester.” This was the proof that they had been looking for that Trump causes violent crimes.

Except it wasn’t a Trump supporter, it was a student with Asperger’s, which is a mild form of autism. People with Asperger’s syndrome can have inappropriate social interaction, an inability to understand social issues, and awkward behavior.

The social justice warrior speaker, Tim Adams, told NBC that he’s scared things like this will continue to happen if Donald Trump is the President and that you can’t separate Trump voters from this kind of violence. Friends of the tackler say that he is actually a Hillary supporter.

Tim Adams - Crybaby

Tim Adams

Adams later said the he hopes the charges are dropped and that the assault charge and arrest by the police was not necessary.

The assailant was later identified as Shane Stanton. Directly after police witnessed Stanton tackle Adams, they arrested him and he was charged with misdemeanor assault. University police said that they had little choice to arrest Stanton.

It was a well handled situation by the University Police. I only wish they would have seen the idiot in the Guy Fawkes mask punching Stanton in the face right after he pushed Adam’s down the stairs.

To top off this whole incident, students chant “shame” as police escort Stanton out of the building. Seriously?

Just to sum it up:

Autistic man pushes man wearing a hat that says “America was never great” down some stairs. Then a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask punches the man in the face several times. Police see the initial assault and arrest the assailant while liberal college students stand around and chant “shame.”

Sometimes I’m glad my Korean War veteran grandfather with 30 years as a police officer isn’t around to see this.

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