Violent Sexual Predator, Randy Layton, Escapes ‘Treatment’ Facility, Likely To Commit More Sexual Assaults

Randy Layton escaped a treatment facility for violent sexual predators.

Randy Layton escaped a treatment facility for violent sexual predators.

Sexually Violent Predator, Randy Layton, Escapes

Phoenix, Arizona – A violent sex offender, Randy Layton, has escaped from a “treatment facility” in Phoenix where they were trying to teach him to not rape.

The escape happened on Saturday night at around 6:30 PM. Randy Layton evaded Arizona State Hospital staff and cut off his GPS monitor.

Authorities were slow to announce Randy Layton’s escape, and were even slower to identify him. They have still not released his criminal history or provided any further details on why he was incarcerated. A search of court records shows that a Randy Layton was convicted of raping a child, although it hasn’t been confirmed that this is the same Randy Layton who escaped.

Layton was at Arizona State Hospital as part of court-ordered program for sexually violent persons who have completed their prison sentence and need treatment before being reintroduced to society.

According to ABC15, officials don’t have much confidence that the treatment facility will have had any effect on Layton, as they have labeled him at a moderate risk to re-offend.

Layton may also go by “ICE,” Randy Fulkerson, or Randy Valdez. He is is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 211 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

He has a cross, three dots, “KM” and “Tina” tattooed on his left hand, “ICE,” a cross and “Tina” on his left arm, “love” on his right hand and “420” on his left forearm.

He was last seen wearing a black long-sleeve shirt and black shorts.

Phoenix Police have said that they are working with the hospital to investigate.

At this time there are no reported confirmed sightings of Randy Layton since his escape almost 24 hours ago, and at this time he could be anywhere. Anybody who sees him or has any information about his whereabouts should contact police immediately.