Congressional Candidate Stopped In Reported Stolen Car; Resists Arrest Then Claims Racial Bias

Congressional Candidate Stopped In Reported Stolen Car; Resists Arrest Then Claims Racial Bias

Jesse Wineberry is a candidate for Congress in Washington State’s 9th District. He was stopped by Seattle PD on July 20th while driving a vehicle which had been reported stolen.

The stolen vehicle report was apparently the result of a payment mix-up with the rental car agency. When the rental agency didn’t receive payment, they reported the car stolen. That issue has been resolved, but Jesse Wineberry claims that the stop was a result of racial bias and that officers used excessive force.

Seattle PD released the dash cam video which shows that Jesse Wineberry refused officer’s orders, he resisted arrest, and the officer still treated him with respect.

Jesse Wineberry is claiming that he followed all of the officer’s commands and that they falsely accused him of grabbed in the gun belt of one of the officers. However, the video shows that Wineberry, started to drive away, refused to comply with officer’s commands to show his hands, and they had to order him five times to throw his keys out of the car window as he instead argued with officers.

Once Wineberry was out of the vehicle he threatened officers’ jobs and argued with them rather than complying with their commands. Officers repeatedly tried to reason with him and explain that he was being taken into custody and Wineberry told them that we would not be taken into custody and started using profanity with officers. He also called a black officer a UT (Uncle Tom.)

The Seattle PD report also details how Wineberry did grab the gun belt of one of the officers, and that he tensed his muscles to resist being handcuffed.

It would not have been possible for any officers to be more respectful than the Seattle Officers were to Wineberry. Just like most claims of police racial bias, the problem in this situation was not the police officers, it was the suspect, Jesse Wineberry.

Please share this incident so that this man never gets elected to public office.

  • Syd

    Damn shame …and this fool could still win? Scary shit happening …stay safe officers..

  • Ball Buster®

    Obviously the video was doctored.

  • donhughes93307

    Disgusting nigger will file a lawsuit these animals are destroying everything. Let him file a lawsuit and then rrmove the bastard I’m pretty sure he isn’t worth keeping.

    • dsvstheworld1 .

      You know you are what the problem is on the other side of the spectrum. Yes there are some people who are idiots and dont respect the police. But you sir are worse than them. Yes, I am a police officer and your language tells me that you are an uneducated imbicile and are just as guilty of ruining our society as the cop haters.

      • Ohio Land Man

        Not so…there are many terms for assholes who create problems… any of the top 100 are fine ..when applicable…

      • donhughes93307

        You may go fuck yourself or eat a bullet which would be much better for society. Assholes like you with blinders are quickly destroying my country.

  • jensopine

    Just have to argue – that’s their signature… just argue and resist and make lawful conduct impossible. Geez Louise – any compliance would have made this situation a lot different. Peaceful? Nope….

  • richardstarr

    I wish we had body cams showing the interaction.

  • Me Jane

    Looks like a pathetic police force for standing around debating with someone who was behind the wheel of a vehicle that had been reported stolen

  • pissedoffAmerican

    If the car was reported stolen and apparently it was, then he should be pissed at the rental company… But just because he’s a candidate or not, does not give him the right to be so combative.. The problem is, he thinks hes above the law like every other politican. In the background you hear another black man yelling “hes gonna get paid!” All they look is to sue sue sue!!

    • crewchief68

      Resisting a lawful order given by a law enforcement officer is where most incidents like this begin to ratchet up into something much more violent. If only people would obey a lawful order.

    • wot90s

      I apologize to Forrest Gump, for using his name in vain. Forrest has higher knowledge compared to these fools.. Do as cop says, and all will be okay. Take video if you want, but just video all, not just parts of what goes down.

  • Susan Cadwell

    Did you hear people yelling something like, “go for the money” — that’s the end goal when anyone screams racism when it involves the police.. they think the city will just pay out some $$ to make it go away. Sadly TOO many cities do this very thing and it must stop. If he had just cooperated with the officers, he could have driven away from that within 10 minutes and would never have been arrested. Get a clue people- just comply with the police!

  • usmc650736

    I appreciate what the officer said at the 2:35 mark.

  • Rupert Bauer

    “How not to get your ass kicked by the Police”, by Chris Rock. It’s not a joke, it’s a guideline. I’m not joking. I keep reading stats, stories, etc, and I have been thinking, maybe it all has to do with something that can’t be measured by numbers. I grew up with a lot of conflict. People in my life would talk bout how their run in with the police was always different than mine. Comparing apples to apples (we were all white). Their situations always ended up bad, because they provoked it. On several occasions these situations were the same events. I got set home with a warning, where as the man standing next to me got arrested and charged, all based on how we treated the officers.

    • Stevie Masen

      Precisely Rupert; it’s mind-boggling how many people just do NOT get that. I had more than a few run-ins with officers as a kid, mostly for loitering, and frequently getting questioned by police because they KNEW my friends & I got caught loitering in a lot of places. But outside of being noisy, we weren’t trouble-makers. We were ALWAYS polite to them, we moved on when they told us to, and if we saw/knew anything, we helped out. The one time I got mouthy with a cop (drunk college party the cops broke up), I got yanked off my feet, zip-tied and plunked down on the curb before I could blink. And I earned it.

  • Ipmc Moose

    Cuff and stuff,next order of business.

  • This incident will mean NOTHING to the idiots that vote for him. They’ll watch this video and STILL feel this guy was somehow wronged.

  • Wayne Basso

    Another person that just doesn’t get it. Just follow the directions of the police and you won’t get hurt. This one should know better.

  • Jack Reilly

    STOLEN VEHICLE, great stop…..the guy in the car is a total Blackc idiot….period.

  • David Falstad

    He is probably running in a ghetto district (a district racially rigged to make sure only a black candidate wins), where candidates who normally could not get elected to anything still have a real chance. His constituents might take his side.

    • Ohio Land Man

      Might? U mean.. Probably… Cause they won’t read about it for themselves…will b story told amongst the wowos of the non educated

  • Scotty Phillips

    How easy is it to just do what the hell the officers say???? My God what idiots!

  • Scotty Phillips

    “After complying with orders to get out of the minivan?” Really?

  • gregorianchant

    The big “N.”

  • MAX

    Nice candidate Seattle. That’s the trash you have running for public office? and here I thought the presidential race had some losers in it.

  • gator37

    Obviously a DemoRat. Officers were extremely professional, polite and respectful to someone deserving no respect.

  • Sunny

    Another trash “wannabe” politician thinking he is above the law. Now a proven liar!!

  • if i was the officer i would have not had any talk with this guy. cuff and in the back. sort it out at the station. this area is fuxated with apes. the “he’s gonna get paid” idiot says it all. blacks have no respect for law and order or the police and this video shows the morons in the area making comments, yelling and getting too close to the officers and interfering with the situation… very dangerous for the police. if it gets much worse we’re gonna end up with a race or civil war… black folks don’t get it. they’re gonna lose if they push it too far and all this fool had to do was comply and follow the orders of the officers. simple. we are watching a lawlessness time bomb brewing folks… blue lives matter. all lives matter.

  • Mark

    We as Officers need to stop acting for the cameras and take care of business. This guy should have been pepper sprayed and will hopefully be PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law…

  • Kathleen

    This man is not doing what the officers say and is driving a stolen vehicle so he deserves being arrested . Thinks he’s above the law . Scum !

  • Varian Wrynn

    As soon as I saw this “He also called a black officer a UT (Uncle Tom.)” I knew he was a democrat.

  • Jenna Pickles

    all those NAPAs do is lie cry and act the fool.

  • ConservativeNJGirl✔Trump Train

    What a jerk! Do as the police say and it will go much easier! The police are just doing their jobs… it’s up to the courts to decide the merits of a case… it doesn’t happen in the street! As a candidate for Congress, he should know that… He should be more respectful to police!

  • Carol Marie

    i am going to go out on a limb here, and assume that the “candidate” is a democrat 🙂

  • the_npp

    Shared. Hopefully a LOT of people will see what officers are facing!
    Oddly, this may boost his standing in some communities. INCLUDING the lying!

  • Stevie Masen

    I did notice one thing here–when Mr Wineberry is walking backwards and they tell him he’s being taken into custody, at that point I think I’m hearing 4 voices; 3 officers, plus Wineberry. And EVERYBODY’S talking. That’s a good way to get things to escalate quickly.

    I’m not saying the officers did anything wrong! But if you’re trying to explain something to someone, and they’re talking OVER you, and one of them is saying, “Comply. Comply. COMPLY,” while two others are also talking at you, two things happen. One, you can’t figure out what anyone’s saying, because three cops are shouting at you; Two, nobody’s listening to your (in your mind) perfectly sound explanation; therefore you think, “I’m not being listened to, I”m being invalidated.” That is a normal psychological response. And anger goes with that. So you get louder, which will make the three police talk louder–still all at once, usually–so you get MORE angry. And that combined with adrenaline, can easily make things escalate.

    If there are multiple officers on scene, it might be a good idea to have ONE do the talking if at all possible.

    • neil leibrock

      black’s think they don’t have to obey, stevie don’t make excuses for idiot’s.

  • neil leibrock

    resisting arrest should be a 1st degree felony and if convicted a 5year prison term. these black’s think their above the law, because of Obama. taze them and lock them up for a long time.

  • IronmanDC

    He was arrested for possession of stolen property, not stealing property! Officers did their job!

  • Black, White, or whatever. Resisting is never a good idea. those officer showed great restraint! When you pull someone over for driving a stolen vehicle your adrenaline is going to be running really high never knowing who is in the car and what may happen. He is lucky he wasn’t hurt or killed. No matter who you are, in that situation you are an unknown threat to those officers until you are cuffed and searched and any combative actions are going to escalate an already dangerous situation very rapidly. Resist and you are going to be hurt. Each felony stop is a potential life threatening situation for the officers and arguing could get you killed. Only a fool will argue when he is staring down the barrel of a gun in a nervous person’s hands hyped on adrenaline.

  • Gobby

    If I was stopped by Seattle cops I would be in fear of my life, remember what a Seattle peace officer did to John Williams.