Seattle to Destroy All Used PD Guns

Glock black market gun Seattle PD

Helpful media image of a Seattle PD black market gun.

The City of Seattle has decided they they will begin destroying all of their used Seattle PD guns, rather than selling them back to a licensed gun dealer. It’s common for police departments to cycle out firearms after set periods of time, even though the old guns are still in great condition.

Generally, departments will sell their old guns back to the dealer whom they buy their new guns from; this significantly offsets the cost of the new guns. Seattle PD generally gets around $30,000 a year from selling back their old guns.

Now, the Seattle city council has voted to pass a resolution that all guns from the police department are to be melted down. Originally, the resolution was set to only sell the guns to other law enforcement agencies, but Councilmember Tim Burgess amended the resolution at the last minute:

“This makes the disposition of firearms that the police department has purchased consistent with how we deal with firearms that have been surrendered to the police department or seized by police as evidence of crimes,” Burgess said.

The vote passed 7-0.

Nobody bothered to question that the policy of destroying surrendered firearms is also nonsensical. When asked for their reasoning in destroying valuable pieces of equipment, the mayor and councilmembers advised that this law would keep the guns off of the “black market.”

This just shows that the leaders in the City of Seattle believe that all guns are bad and must be destroyed. If the licensed federal firearms dealer who sells guns to the police department cannot be trusted to sell the guns in a manner that will keep them off of the “black market,” then no firearm dealer can be trusted. Presumably, the logic here is that any gun purchasers can re-sell the guns illegally, so fewer guns in existence would mean fewer illegal transfers.

What the Seattle city council is ignoring here is that guns are still being actively manufactured and sold. Destroying old guns doesn’t reduce the number of guns on the streets, it just increases the number of newly manufactured guns being purchased. The NRA is unlikely to oppose such a knuckle-headed policy, because destroying old firearms increases the profits of gun manufacturers. Gun manufacturers only make money on the first time that a firearm is sold. All used gun sales are potentially a lost sale to a gun manufacturer. If other police departments follow suit in destroying their used firearms, then you might want to look into purchasing stock in gun manufacturing companies.

The Seattle PD union also has an issue with this new law because it violates their union contract. Under contract, retiring officers are allowed to purchase their service weapons from the city. This won’t be possible under the new law.

  • I heard about this. Such a waste of tax payer money in so many ways.Sell them to us up North!

  • If they are still in good shape, why get rid of them at all? Or simply change out the barrels and other parts that are meant to be changed out?

    Seems awfully wasteful to destroy them, if they can’t even trust their own retiring members, what does that say? A FFL dealer would only sell them to people passing background checks – that too would be a perfectly valid option.

  • Deborah

    I hope the salaries and benefits of the mayor and council members are reduced by the $30,000 and that money is given to the police department to offset their loss due to this stupidity.

  • Surf City

    There are liberals in action for you…