Watch: Seattle Black Lives Matter Preschool Teacher, ‘We Need To Start Killing People’

A Seattle preschool teacher representing Black Lives Matter called for a terrorist overthrow of the U.S. government.

A Seattle preschool teacher representing Black Lives Matter called for a terrorist overthrow of the U.S. government.

Black Lives Matter Seattle Preschool Teacher Speech Calls For Violent Overthrow Of Government

Seattle, WA – A preschool teacher from Seattle was recorded on Saturday giving a speech over a megaphone which is sure to land her on a terrorist watchlist (video below.)

During the video, the self-identified preschool teacher demanded that all white people turn over their houses and all of their property to black people. The crowd, full of white people, cheered her on.

The unidentified speaker ended those demands with the positive message that it would mean that their lives would then be devoted to social change.

“And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The fucking White House, your fucking president.”

This “teacher” went on. Trying to incite violence and making terrorist threats while proclaiming that you are radicalized is not free speech. It would be the responsibility of the federal government to take action on this person for trying to incite terrorism.

Black Lives Matter activists have been especially agitated lately as they are upset that so many people are protesting for other causes. A new burst of extremism appears to be coming from the group as speeches like this are taking place around the country.

Please be sure to spread the word that these are the type of people in our cities who are being promoted by celebrities and the media. And please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

WARNING: Strong language ahead.

You can see the video here:

“White people give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it, fuck it, all. We need to reparate black and indigenous people right now. Pay the fuck up, pay the fuck up.”

  • duder1897

    And African American people wonder why they get no respect.

    • Roger C

      It’s not all of them. Every black person I know is hard working and some working two jobs. They can’t stand these people using race as a crutch.

      • spin43


      • Tom Sawyer

        Then, like the so-called “moderate” Muslims, they need to SPEAK UP.

        • Susan Mays

          Amen. I don’t hear any of them criticizing this garbage.

        • Old Chicago

          To be Islamic is to be Muslim, to be Muslim you follow the Quran, to follow the Quran you must convert or kill non believers. There is no difference from a Radical or Moderate Muslim. The Radical wants to kill you and the Moderate wants the Radical to kill you.

      • Surf Monkey

        So TRUE!!! SHE is not a proper representative the the people. She is a low class, piece of trash hate monger. We have a lot of those in Seattle.

        • Joann Shepherd

          Don’t you people realize they radicals are paid by the likes of Soros, Hillary Clinton, Sharpton and Rosie O’Donnell. They want a government overthrow for their own personal agenda.Rosie has promised on her twitter to pay for these people’s legal expenses. She got all her radical American hating celebs behind her with their pocket books. That American born anarchist Jane Fonda is behind her.

          • Mark Hunter

            Stfu with that garbage. That’s been debunked forever. Grow up

          • dang

            Rosie will pay legal bills? Hmmm, I can make some documents and send them to here with the bill. Think she will pay? Sorry, dumb question.

          • William Svoboda

            Talk is cheap with Rosie if the cost goes up I bet Rosie backs away.

      • Lawman49

        Agreed. I wish more of the hard working Blacks would stand against these wanna be terrorists…

      • Sunny

        Why aren’t they speaking out against this trash? This is domestic terrorism. She needs to be stopped ASAP!!

        • OscarTheCat

          If you can’t yell “fire” in a theater, surely you cannot yell kill the White House?!?

          • Sunny

            This trash was yelling “Kill White people; Kill the President”.

          • OscarTheCat

            i know!

    • 1grayrebel

      Quit calling them Afro American that’s what they want to be singled out. They’re either one or the other. Can’t be both.

      • duder1897

        I never called anyone Afro American. I said “African American”.

        • danimal09752

          And unless they were born in Africa and relocated here, Africa does not belong in their name.

          • duder1897

            Need a hug with that pc bullshit?

          • CF

            i need a hug…lol

          • duder1897


          • EarthaB

            here that from a lot of black people. Not every black person is from Africa. If you were born on US soil then you are an American. Stop with the identity politics and special group identities.

          • Spac3Monk3y

            Danimal is correct, no PC about it. If you were born in America you are American. To state otherwise would be PC. Personally I believe these kind of identity politics are the cause of the devisions that our country is facing.

          • duder1897

            So in your opinion it should be All Lives Matter and not Black Lives Matter? You think African Americans would go for that? LOL Search around on YouTube. You will see what black people think about that idea.

          • Spac3Monk3y

            I don’t think it should be anything, the statistics do not back blm’s claim that they are singled out by the police or any other institutions. All they really seem to be doing is trying to get a leg up by demonizing white people as racists instead of working hard to elevate their economic and social status.

          • Lorey

            Actually you need to be born to a citizen to be a citizen automatically, but that is being overlooked, and has been for years.

        • Tom Sawyer

          How about kneegars.

          That’s what they are.

  • Karen Reno

    This woman does NOT need to be a preschool teacher! She needs to be relieved of her teaching position!

    • Sunny

      She needs to be in jail.

  • CraxyD

    This evil witch is unemployed now, right?

    • itsonlywords

      It’s Seattle, so it’s possible that the parents of her preschool students were in the crowd cheering.

    • fight4liberty

      It’s Seattle so she probably just got a promotion.
      It’s Seattle so she may have brought her pre-school kids out there with her.
      It’s Seattle so she may have just been named by the Mayor to a lucrative position.
      It’s Seattle so she may be dining with the governor.

    • John Smith

      Lets hope so ,,,,,, would you want her teaching your child. Quite frankly it appears her english comprehension is at the pre-school level as well

      • wag_dog_69

        And her understanding of economics is even worse.

      • Susan Mays

        I don’t believe she can speak one sentence without saying the f word at least once. It is almost the entirety of her vocabulary.

    • Sunny

      Seattle has become a cesspool of Liberal, criminal politics and people.

    • Mike Klarman

      I doubt very, very much that she is a “preschool teacher”. More likely babysitting kids in her home. She clearly belongs locked up. I really can’t understand how people get away with this. It’s not free speech it’s disgusting, vulgar, terroristic B.S.

  • Anytime u say fukk 500x my ears turn off.

  • Just a person

    Molon Labe.
    Si vis pacem, parabellum.

  • Bob

    Well, if there has to be some killing, I have a suggestion on where the it should start. Students don’t need teachers like her.

  • Royal Stanley

    Does this so-called intelligent person know any other word other than fuck? I really hope the white trash there supporting her will give her their homes, money, everything they own. What is disturbing is there were children in the crowd having to listen to this trash.

    • opelske

      Do they have or own anything to give? Probably not.

  • michael wilson

    We are White Supremacist because we decided not to be trash. LOL

    • Roger C

      We are definitely supreme over this crap

  • Joe Anthony Rogalski

    These Black people that are demanding to be paid by White for Slavery are barking up the wrong tree, they need to go after their own people who captured them and enslave them.. Yes their own Black people.. … A teacher? Hope shes fired and unemployed and NOT collecting Capitalist Money!!

  • Darrell Davidovich

    That bitch should be locked up, She’s a friggin mental case.Just come and try to take my White house off of me and see what happens asshole!

  • Mary Daggett-Sarmiento

    Wow!! That’s disgusting!!!

  • rightislight

    Oh! I’m so sorry you’re working 40 fucking hours a week. Guess what. Everyone is… at least those of us that work you evil shrew.

    • Roger C

      I worked 7 12 hour days for 27 years to pay these people to do this crap. Glad I am retired now. Bad part is, I have to live on $1000 a month and still pay these taxes. So sad

      • Dale Bulmer

        Same here and 500 goes to rent where is this white privilege they keep yelling about!

    • dmsday

      She musta ment to say ONLY 40 hours.

    • Don Davis

      Try 168 hrs a week in Baghdad and then call me.

    • Susan Mays

      I know, right. When I retired as a “white” upper/middle school librarian, I realized I had all this time on my hands and went back and thought about it. I was really working 80 hours a week since I worked Saturdays and Sundays and from 7 to 7 from Monday through Friday. Guess you have to be from their community to understand how hard 40 hours can really be though.

  • disqus_DVanKJM9vq

    When white people get feed up with this bullshit, Africa’s not coming to save you. Fuck America?..Fuck the white House ? …And you wan’t my money ? You can have it after a put a slug in one or more of you ! I was never racist, but these scumbags are making real easy now.

  • Roger C

    I’m disabled and living on $1000 a month. I only own a house because my daughter bought a new one and gave me her 37 year old mobile home. After I pay my lot rent I have $128 to buy groceries for the month. How do I owe you anything? My ancestors never owned slaves. Mine helped those in need when they could by giving them fruits of our labors as they could. They didn’t care what color you were. If you needed anything my grandpa would let you go to the fields and pick your own to feed your family. Get over yourself woman! White people owe you nothing!

    One question though. How many white people were involved in getting you your teaching degree?

    • Nancy Lester Fontenot

      She’s probably just a teacher’s aide!

      • Mike Klarman

        And even that’s a stretch.

  • Bert Mc

    I don’t hear anything but all ‘motherfucker, motherfucking’ what the hell is this stupid being here?! She wants to get everything! Just send this shit back in hell!

  • spin43

    Come and get it bitch. I dare you.

  • Jacogrl

    Can someone find out her name and where she works? If there are any white children in the preschool she works at, most likely they are in danger.

  • spin43

    She must be put on the terrorist watch list. Would you really want her on a plane with you?
    Unfortunately, Sanctuary City Seattle law enforcement just turn the other cheek, and walk away. Sad.

  • itsonlywords

    She seems to lack the personal character we have a right to expect from teachers at all grade levels.

    • Mike Klarman

      She’s no teacher. I’ll guarantee it.

  • richard mcenroe

    If I found her NEAR children I would sue that school district bowlegged.

  • Richard Johnson

    Buy her sorry ass a one-way ticket on the next Greyhound to the killing fields in downtown Chicago. Those boys will show her what reparation is about.

  • Brent Norman Jr

    This person needs to go to Guantanamo like any other terrorist.

  • patriotmom54

    Her mother must be so proud. Wow, wouldn’t you love to have your preschoolers in her class….maybe she should have her mouth washed out with soap. Note to white liberal/progressives…it doesn’t matter to her or those cheering her that you are sympathetic or trying to help….you are white and therefore you are evil. Period. Imagine if someone had gotten up at a Tea Party and talked like this (minus the foul language, because I never heard language this bad at any Tea Party event).


    i would have had to cheer on the fool for my entertainment.

  • poptart


  • Rosemary Martin

    She needs to be identified an fired, she should not be near any children. Who is she ?

  • Summer Willey

    I want her name and the schools name

    • Brandi Hill Allen

      me too

  • Proud Patriot

    Why are they not locking people like her up? Its a felony to do what she is doing!!!!!!!

  • John Smith

    OMG ,,,,,,, If ignorance is your platform you are right on track ,,,,,,,, The only thing I got from her is her absolute lack of any common sense or decency ,,,,, Vocabulary is certainly not her strong suit as the only word I heard over and over was F*CK and it was used out of context and incorrectly as well. There are black and browns as you stated but you young lady are an IDIOT

  • Hard Corps

    When key information is missing in these type “reports”, like for instance her name. The “teacher” narrative is probably a hoax…

  • usaok59

    The only good thing in her rant was the fact that she used the F word so much she didn’t have room to use any other four letter words. What a charming individual.

  • fancyschmancy58

    Did I miss it? What’s her fecking name and what school does she teach at? Give us that information.

  • David Michael

    18 US Code ss2385 Advocating the Overthrow of the Government. Punishable by not more than 20 years of imprisonment. Go get her, FBI.

    • Mike Klarman

      Yup. But somehow NOTHING is being done about this. If these racist imbeciles started having everything (. Bank accounts, etc) “locked down” or their government welfare checks put on hold while being investigated and then criminally charged and dragged through our legal system this crap would stop.

  • heart broken

    Omg those babies are in danger she’s an evil big mouth

  • dmsday

    fuck you.

  • martin

    This is what passes for a teacher these days? I don’t want her teaching my children!

    • Mike Klarman

      Guarantee she’s no teacher. More likely babysitting children in her apartment. No true teacher would put themselves out there talking like this. They would know that they wouldn’t have a job when they were done.

  • 1VoiceintheWilderness2

    Gimme, gimme, gimme! Gimme’s dead and stinkin’!
    I worked really hard for what I have, why don’t you try doing the same thing? It’s not as easy as snatching and stealing from other people that which doesn’t belong to you, but it’s a really good feeling when you’ve earned it yourself. It gives you a sense of pride. Plus when you stand before God one day, he might just say good work, instead of telling you
    to go to hell. Try it, you might like it.

  • wag_dog_69

    She’s not only a racist, she’s also ignorant. Another high school drop out trying to convince other idiots that she understands economics. But thanks to our woefully inadequate public education system, they don’t seem to know any better. Or perhaps they were just too embarrassed to stand up and oppose her idiocy in a crowd of rabid leftists. Why didn’t the crowd just tell her to shut up once she started spouting such hateful nonsense?

  • Joseph O’Connor

    Soon as she opened her mouth lost any kind of respect.

  • Ron Rouse


  • Surf Monkey

    She’s so brave. Why can’t we know her name? This piece of trash needs to be fired and have her food stamps revoked.

  • Carol DeLis

    You bet: says at one point, “I am a pre-school teacher who is going to f**king radicalize mother-f**king four year olds and five year olds.” This brings a huge cheer from the crowd.

    • Sunny

      Terrorist teaching hate and racism.

  • tripp0427 .


  • whitecat31

    Poor little Republican Snowflakes are scared of a woman telling you truths. You need more lies for a safe place?

    • Crapper

      I aint scared of this black bitch.,I will shit downher fucking throat.

    • PatriotDave

      First-off you dumbass troll, you are the snowflakes. And I didnt hear any truths coming from her foul mouth. And second, WE aren’t the crybabies screaming for safe spaces. So grow the hell up and get a life. This witch, and apparently you also, know nothing about how this world works.

  • Mary Kathleen Donovan Springow

    Working 40 hours? Say it isn’t so! I work 40+ hours per week! It’s called a work week!

  • Lisa Steinmetz

    They are not owed anything! You want a house and money then get a damn job. Better yourselves instead of living off of welfare while expecting everyone to cater to you. No living person is a slave in the USA so grow up and deal with it. You create your life no one else does it for you. Trash like this give the honest and hard working African American’s a bad rap.

  • Robert W Butler

    the government is coming it’s going to get you when you least expect it

  • Lawman49

    This foul mouthed slug is a preschool teacher? Must be on the West coast somewhere. As for the even more ignorant White Trash applauding her diatribe…. How stupid can you be? She is talking to you!

    • Ms Hacker


  • James Cline

    They don’t care what you call it reparations or what ever you want to call it!! Just give them free money so they don’t have to get a job…that way they can sit on their ass and complain that they can’t find a job!!

  • James Cline

    She said that Black and Brown people are the ones that do all the work and the White people get all the money and the houses and all of the properties!! If the Black and Brown people are doing all of the work, then why are they complaining that they can’t find a job!! You better believe if I had a child in her school, my child would not be there anymore, until I could find a way to get her fired. She is an embarrassment as a teacher!!

  • Sunny

    This Bitch is a domestic terrorist. BLM trash is owed nothing, but prison time. Secret Service needs to visit this B quickly. Threatening to kill the President and Whites. IF she is a teacher, I pity the mind set of the children she is in charge of. Do parents even pay attention to what their kids are being taught? This is racist, instigating threats at it’s worst.

  • Mike Smith

    Come and take it.

  • Edgeofacrimony

    Sounds like we need to be firing people…

  • Lorraine Lola Paolone

    Capitalism is Racism??????????
    OMG …….. a pre-school teacher?????????
    Poor kids 🙁

  • ehcop

    It appears college-educated Sheniqua only communicates using the “F word.” I “gots” news for you, perveyor of all that is stereotypical, you “aints gots no” reparations “comin’ yo way!!”

  • Nancy Lester Fontenot

    Where is the FBI and secret service. She is inciting violence with terroristic threats! The American people want her arrested and stopped!

  • P.K. Ash

    What a disgusting, pathetic, vile, excuse of a human being! Too bad she doesn’t have a f&^%$ vocabulary & it sure says an awful lot her, her education, and those around her. Really really sad…….. Would never let anyone in my family go to any institution that employed her………..

  • Joann Shepherd

    She works in a preschool which probably means someone’s basement. Preschools and daycares are the biggest govenment scam to these lowlifes, especially in ghettos. They either work out of their filthy homes or some abandon store. Officials don’t check them out because they are scared to go into the neighborhood. If they do go, they are threatened or beat up. This has been a major scam among these people since the 70’s. I know of so many of these in my county. These people don’t have any qualifications to run a preschool or daycare. Look at that fat loud mouth hateful bitch. Would you want her around your three year old?

  • judy

    its people like this that keep us divided.

  • DaveNKy

    I doubt that this evil fucking bitch realizes it, but she is a text book example of being a racist. Then again, she probably wouldn’t care as long as she gets to spew her venom. Hopefully, she’ll soon be ran over by a bus, or Mack truck.

  • WstCstRightie

    This is a preschool teacher, let that sink in.

  • Caren

    Any white person in that crowed with half a brain will never be there again. That ghetto pos and the ones who think like her want them gone. They better understand this before it’s too late.

  • Grayowl

    As several people have suggested, many
    of these agitators are paid “professionals.” However, some are unbalanced racists whom actually believe in committing the hate crimes they proclaim are necessary.

    These people inspire other mentally ill persons to commit heinous crimes like the mosque shooting in Canada and others. People who hear this do-do get angry and act out.

  • pjsolarz

    We have given our money, more than $20 trillion spent on the war of poverty since 1965. You can’t help people that refuse to help themselves. It is better to them to protest in the streets trying to steal more money from the working people than it is to get a job and support yourself.

  • Gary

    Black Africans were enslaved by other black Africans and Middle Easterners, over a thousand years before the white man arrived.
    The white traders arrived (in trading ships) and bought the enslaved Africans from their black owners, for a fair and agreed price. What are the bets that the African owners called the slaves “sub-Human” or under-evolved?

    White people then freed black people (using blood, sweat and tears). The African blacks and Middle easterners ignored the slavery ban and continued enslaving black people.

    White people then gave the freed black people, a free education. African blacks and Middle easterners didn’t – they kept their slaves in bondage and ignorant.

    So why should whites feel guilty?

  • jaye VBellis

    Can someone please do the research and tell us who exactly this evil terrorist woman is? What’s her name? Where does she work? Live?

    Let’s get her fired.

    Our side needs to get better at doxing.

  • Mark Hunter

    Nobody pays protesters, you fuckin idiot. If anyone did, it’s certainly not George Soros or Hillary Clinton. Get your head out of your ass.

    • Stephen Maxfield

      wait what “funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations, as well as grant-making from the Center for American Progress.” direct quote from the Washington times August 16, 2016

      • Mark Hunter

        You’re acting as if it’s a personal check with “protesting fees” written in the memo line. He gives all sorts of philanthropic money. He can’t always control what’s done with it. Furthermore, it costs almost nothing to protest. That money is likely going to education and housing funds. He’s not paying people to protest. People who think Soros is trying to overthrow their world are right wing wackos who haven’t bothered to learn anything about the man.

        • Stephen Maxfield

          Sorry are you really saying the “$33,000,000.00” part of the “$100,000,000.00” goal for funding BLM alone was for incidental housing/edu expenses? his organisation “Open Society Foundations,, More” are not primarily noted for their educational benefits… but taking advantage of chaos and funding the groups behind it causing damage to cities in their way to push their cause “is” well noted.

        • walt

          it takes money to bus and transport protesters,food for sustenance,bail money and more. if you think the Jewish Soros does not know what his money goes too and cannot control what happens on that end then you lost all credibility here

          • Cynthiackc

            First of all Walt, Soros is not Jewish…he was born a Jew, but this is as far as his being a Jew went.

          • walt

            so he was Born a Jew then quit being a jew? when? I noticed you didn’t leave a remark about Soros not knowing where his money goes and not having any control over it.

        • Bruce Greenhalge

          You are not too bright Mark. But thank God the Liberal garbage in this country is coming to an end.

        • tammie

          Kinda like his happiest time in his life was helping send jews to the death camp, Said in his own words. Yes such a wonderful man! Such a wonderful person because he donate to causes. Yep, right. Also would not be the first time he tried and succeeded at fing with a country. But glad you are sooo informed on that asshole!

      • Mark Hunter

        Secondly, Rosie Odonnel doesn’t have as much money as you think she has

    • Cowens

      I guess you missed seeing the video of Scott Foval and other paid operatives of the DNC and Clinton campaign coaching James O’Keefe acting as a willing participant to create violence at the Trump rallies. Scott Foval visited the Whitehouse 342 times while Obama was President. You might have missed it if you were watching the “mainstream” media since they didn’t give it much play. They are interested only if it bashes a Republican.

      • Mark Hunter

        As soon as you said “mainstream media” I stopped reading. You people are clowns and thank God most of you are old

        • dang

          And what is your thinking? That all these are fake, untrue, made up?

          • Mark Hunter

            That they’re partial truths and therefor easily taken out of context. For example, this article is written by “officer blue”. If it’s credible, why not just list their name? Soros gives money to causes. He doesn’t advocate “chaos” the way your breitbart readers think he does. Btw, I’m not advocating any of the behavior spoken about in the article. My comment originally is in regard to a lot of these responses are an equal and opposing ideology and further exacerbates the situation along with jeopardizing the credibility of those who support the police

        • LEO

          Yes, I’m thankful I am in the later stages of life so I don’t have to witness the end of this country thanks to younger idiots like you. The current generation of entitlement seekers will surely destroy everything the greatest generation created.

    • Candy Bergauer

      Reaĺly, ever think about how much money it costs to send one refugee to Europe. Who do you think paid for all these people to get their. it’s about 7000.dollers per person to travel on a boat. These boats are not free.figer that out first.You then might rethink a few things.just something to think about. Then your head might come out of your well you know.

  • Neal Gaylor


  • Neal Gaylor


  • righttosayagain

    This video needs to be reported to th the Police, FBI, homeland security…….

  • Dale Bulmer

    She is complaining about a 40 hr work week wow hate to tell you that normal and in more its a 44 hr work week! With the mouth on you, you’re lucky to have a job you should not be around kids at all i hope i see her fired very soon and that new favorite word of blacks everywhere ( reparate) I just have no words for you.

  • Jon Swearingen

    Whites need to arm themselves….

  • Cowens

    A white person making those types of statements against black people in a liberal state like Washington might be quite elderly before they ever saw a parole board. It Washington to a bunch of idiot white liberals think that they deserve the threats. Did any of those liberals empty their bank account and turn over the deed to their house to some deadbeat black with the Black Lives Matter bowel movement?

  • sue garrity

    Guess nobody told them you reap what you sow.

  • Mike Aycock

    I have black co workers and I get along with them, sometimes better than I get along with my own family. We work as a team and have a lot of respect for each other. The one’s making a scene, like this woman in the video are just afraid that we finally got someone up there who is not going to be a puppet on a string. He is not afraid to take action, regardless of consequences. People are not used to having someone take control like he is doing. It’s been a long time coming since Teddy Roosevelt.

  • right is right

    This is beyond ignorant and she’s a teacher! Brightest and best. LOL

  • Mark Hunter

    Post your name, mother fucker instead of hiding behind a pseudonym and you’ll get your chance

  • Diana Starr Daniels

    Smart. She cant talk without using the F word. And she’s a teacher, and not a very bright one either.

  • pogo_patti


  • Douche Bama


  • DavidMacko

    Doesn’t this foul-mouthed she-nigger understand that if she and her fellow communist vermin succeed in starting a race war she is likely to be among the first to get what she deserves?

  • bargeman

    When is Trump going to start putting them in prison. This is against the la, this is treason so try her and hang her.

  • Mary Kathleen Donovan Springow

    She needs to be identified. Put her name out there. If she really believes in what she’s saying, she should have no problem with that. She should be willing to stand behind what she says and accept all that comes with it.

  • Robert Zraick

    What a nut case. Crude, rude and racist. Disgusting. She should be arrested.

  • tammie

    Pay you? FO!! Bitch go away. You are nothing but a hateful good for nothing piece of shit! You think anyone owes you anything, Nope. No one gave me what I have. Work did that. You have got to go. You are just a racist, bigot, uneducated, hatemongering bitch. Do not fight for the right things, only the give me shit, you owe because mentality. There are no free rides to get through life. But nice try. Name calling and screaming crap in the streets only serve to make you look dumb. I will never defend,excuse,or feel bad for being born a different race than you. I have no shame or guilt that you try to heap on me. The only thing holding anyone back is their own choices not mine!

  • LEO

    LOL Why am I not surprised. A BLM militant demanding stuff from an audience of white people that don’t have anything. Priceless!

  • David Brown

    Everyone needs to call the Seattle school district and demand that the racist teacher be fired. We don’t need racist teaching are kids.

  • Beltshazzar

    Poor thing had to work 40 hours, Pathetic.

  • Dionne Wilson

    “I’m a pre-school teacher…” Not for long, you crazy bitch lololololololo….