Anarchists Plan Combat Training To Fight Police, Charge Outrageous Training Fee

Seattle Antifa announced their plans for combat training their supporters.

Seattle Antifa announced their plans for combat training their supporters.

Seattle Antifa Announces Krav Maga Training

Seattle, WA – Seattle Antifa (anarchists) announced that they will be providing combat training for anarchists, and specifically noted that their tactics could be used for fighting police.

This latest event announcement appears more legitimate than many others which you may have heard of.

We frequently get messages from people pointing out anarchist conspiracies exposed via Reddit posts. Basically, what happens is that somebody from the alt-right makes a post on an anarchist message board while claiming to be an anarchist. They throw out some right-wing talking points, which “proves” suspicions about the anarchists, and then right-wing blogs pick up on this proof of an anarchist conspiracy.

We’ve been getting a lot of messages lately about Reddit posts where anarchists admit that they are a bunch of cowardly pansies, and that they are planning to organize to learn how to fight. We had been unable to verify any of those sources as coming from an actual anarchist, until now.

This latest post is on the Seattle Antifa’s Facebook page, and could only have come from the group’s administrators, but because it’s the internet, it’s not confirmed that any anarchists are actually associated with the page. In their Facebook post, they announced:

Attention Comrades-

Seattle AntiFa and Emerald City AntiFa will be having a free Krav Maga / Black Bloc seminar at OxBow Park in Georgetown, Seattle. 3pm on Saturday, May 13th.

We will be going over Hand to hand combat, how to confront-&-shut down nazis/statists/bikers/conservatives/White supremacists effectively and Improvised Weapons-&-Armor

We have to many great speakers planned!

Comrade Jay Casey, famous for punching nazi and paleoconservative Richard Spencer, will teach Northeast AntiFa-style “loaded forearm”.

The “Loaded Forearm” is a east coast AntiFa tactic where your tape a wrench to your forearm to protect from police baton strikes and can be used to punch nazis and White supremacist.

People of Color: Free entry, White people: must pay $5 dollars in reparations to the nearest African-American for entry.

For those of you who are not familiar with Krav Maga, it’s a military martial art that is based on the idea your attacker is trying to kill you and you are in a fight for your life. Many of the associated moves are lethal or will cause permanent damage to the victims.

It’s also troubling that the group is training specifically to counter police officers.

The good news is that our black Seattle police officers look like they can make a lot of money if they hover around white attendees.