City Of San Francisco Stops Cooperation With Federal Terrorism Task Force

San Francisco Chief Bill Scott was only chief for a week when the decision was made to stop working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

San Francisco Chief Bill Scott was only chief for a week when the decision was made to stop working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

San Francisco Withdraws From FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco’s new police chief and mayor have decided to no longer take part in the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF.) The decision came after demands from local activist groups that claim Arabs and Muslims are wrongly targeted by the FBI.

According to Fox News, the withdrawal was also because of fear that the two groups will be even more targeted under President Trump’s administration.

San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott had only been chief for for a week before the decision was made.

The city’s withdrawal from the JTTF could have devastating consequences and is placing many innocent lives at risk.  The JTTF was created after 9/11 and is credited with stopping 93 attacks since then.  That includes 12 this year alone, and there are 1,000 ongoing investigations nationwide.

A former ICE Investigator said that “there is less chance of uncovering networks, plots, missing pieces of a puzzle, without cities participating in the JTTF.”  The decision is based only on politics, not what is in the best interest of the citizens of San Francisco and this country.

According to Mark Rossini, retired FBI agent and founder of the National Counterterrorism Center, “In my opinion, the decision by the mayor and the police chief to withdraw the San Francisco Police Department from the JTTF is really narrow-minded.”  He also said “Politics aside, and the mayor and leaders of San Francisco have their right to their opinion, political opinion and beliefs. But when you’re working in law enforcement, law enforcement should know no politics.”

The San Francisco Police Department has dozens of undercover agents and contacts in immigrant communities that are invaluable to federal investigations.  Two SFPD Officers are federally deputized for the JTTF, and as a result have access to classified intelligence.

Information has to flow both ways, and if the decision remains, a vital local link is lost.  The safety of Americans throughout the nation could be affected.  In almost every terrorism incident that was prevented, local law enforcement was the first interaction or link.

The City of San Francisco wants nothing to do with the federal government, and anything contrary to its politics.  Unfortunately, politics does not prevent terrorist attacks. Put your politics aside, realize that the problem is ongoing and still exists, and let’s do the right thing. Spread the word that Americans won’t stand for this, and the city needs to protect their citizens.

Do you think that the City of San Francisco is needlessly putting lives at risk? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know below.