Cop-Killer Richard Kachkar Released To Taxpayer Funded Apartment After 4 Years, Nobody Told Fallen Hero’s Wife

Sergeant Ryan Russell with his wife, Christine Russell. Russell Kachkar murdered Sgt. Russell in 2011.

Sergeant Ryan Russell with his wife, Christine Russell. Richard Kachkar murdered Sgt. Russell in 2011.

Release Of Richard Kachkar A Demonstration On A System That Ignores Victims

Toronto, Ont. – Richard Kachkar, the murderer of Toronto Police Sergeant Ryan Russell, has been living in a mental health-supervised apartment since April, and no one bothered to tell his widow Christine Russell.

It is the latest in a series of outright insults to this fallen hero’s wife, according to The Toronto Sun.

Christine Russell’s response when she found out that Richard Kachkar was living in an apartment supervised by Canadian Mental Health, instead of still being hospitalized?  She said, “I’m speechless.”

“What if I’m in Tim Hortons with my son? I could come face to face with him. I just think it’s appalling. He moved out in April and I’m only finding out about it now? Am I not part of this process?”

Sergeant Russell was murdered in 2011 when Richard Kachkar left a homeless shelter in his bare feet, stole an idling snow plow, and went on a ‘violent joyride’ through ‘mid-town’ Toronto.  During that joyride, Kachkar ran over Sergeant Russell.  According to the Ottawa Sun, “his last breaths were in the caring arms of a fellow officer who begged him to live.”

He was too injured to survive. Sergeant Sarah Andrews was that other officer, and she said, “There was blood everywhere. I put my right hand underneath his head and I could feel a hole under the back of his head and there was a lot of blood pouring into my hand.”

Richard Kachkar was charged with first-degree murder, but was found mentally ill in a 2013 trial. He was sent to the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, where he was gradually granted more and more freedoms.  In 2015, he was moved to minimum security.  In 2016, he was given unsupervised passes into the community.

His conviction included a clause that would allow him to eventually live in Durham in approved housing.  But Christine Russell didn’t think it would be this soon. Or that there wouldn’t be a hearing first, or some type of notification.

She just found out recently from her victim witness worker that her husband’s murderer had been living in the apartment since mid-April, and that conditions include Kachkar being visited by a Canadian mental health worker twice a day during the week, and once daily on weekends.

It is expected that he will be given ‘indirectly supervised community passes within 150 km of Ontario Shores so he can visit his daughter.’  Christine Russell said that she has no doubt that the passes will be approved.  She said, “He wants to travel to spend time with his daughter. My son can’t travel anywhere, ever, to spend time with his dad.  It doesn’t feel like justice.”

She is outraged that no one in the legal system is taking her seriously, and said that she feels “defeated.”

Christine Russell said, “I’m just overlooked completely. Everything I’ve done and said has no bearing. It’s hard to go every year but I try my best to honor my husband who can’t fight for himself and so that my son will know that I’ve done everything that I could. I didn’t just sit back and let this happen.”

She is planning on going to Richard Kachkar’s annual review at Ontario Shores, and she will see Kachkar there again. He is reported to sit without expression as the discussion about him goes on.  He never looks at Christine Russell, and he has never apologized to her.

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