Campus Officer Shoots Knife-Wielding Student in Reno

Reno Officer saves students from knife-wielding attacker.

Reno Officer saves students from knife-wielding attacker.

Reno Student Shot After Attempted Attack

Reno, NV – A campus police officer in Reno Nevada stopped a knife-wielding student Wednesday.  The 14-year old was brandishing a knife and ignoring verbal commands to drop his weapon when he was shot by Washoe County School Police.

The incident began Wednesday around lunch time at Hug High School in Reno, Nevada.  Student eyewitnesses report seeing two males fighting outside of the lunchroom.  As the crowd gathered, students began filming and Justin Clark, a 14-year old student pulled out a knife and began swinging it at other students.  “The other kid tried to avoid it,” one eyewitness said.  A WCSP officer came upon the scene and ordered Clark to drop his weapon.  After Clark ignored verbal commands, the officer discharged his service weapon.  Clark was reportedly struck in the shoulder area then given medical treatment by the officer.  Clark was transported to Renown Regional Medical Center and is listed in critical condition.

Multiple videos were taken during the incident and uploaded within hours to social media.  The school was immediately placed on lockdown and remained so until all students were accounted for.  “There’s multiple videos out there,” said Reno Police Spokesman Officer Tim Broadway.  “There’s some very disturbing video out there.  But there are other events that led up to this incident, so please don’t react to those.”

Chief Soto also addressed the media today and explained, “The officer gave verbal commands for the student to drop the knife, ultimately firing his service weapon, stopping the threat.”

According to friends of Clark, he had been the target of relentless bullying.  “He’s my son’s best friend,” said one dad.  He went on to say that Clark had been “bullied for days.”  “The kids take bullying in to their own hands and he was shot for it.”  Many other parents expressed their outrage that an officer would fire his service weapon in such a populated situation.  The Clark family has retained attorney David Houston.

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