Reno Police Officer Shot, Armed Suspect, Eric Bernal, Escaped

A Reno PD officer was shot and suspect Eric Bernal escaped.

A Reno PD officer was shot and suspect Eric Bernal escaped.

Suspect Eric Bernal Escapes Gunfight With Reno PD Officer Shot

Reno, NV – A Reno Police Officer was shot on Thursday night on a traffic stop, and an armed suspect was able to escape.

Late Thursday night, the Regional gang Unit stopped a car containing two known gang members. During the traffic stop, a gunfight broke out between officers and the occupants of the car.

One Reno officer was shot during the gunfight. He was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition after surgery.

One of the suspect was also shot. he was transported to a hospital where he later died of acute lead poisoning.

The second armed suspect in the vehicle, Eric Bernal, fled on foot, and was able to evade officers. A massive manhunt has since been underway for Bernal, who was described as armed and injured. Bernal’s injuries were’t detailed and it’s not clear if he was shot in the gunfight.

Eric Bernal goes by the name “Smokey” and is a known gang member.

Keep your eyes open, and let’s hunt this dirtbag down.

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