Raymond Lindsey Offered Plea Bargain With No Jail, He Says ‘No’, Gets 40 Years

Raymond Lindsey was sentenced to 40 years when he turned down his plea deal to walk free.

Raymond Lindsey was sentenced to 40 years when he turned down his plea deal to walk free.

Raymond Lindsey Offered Plea Bargain With No Jail, He Says No, Gets 40 Years

Houston, Texas – Raymond Lindsey Jr. was facing charges for assaulting and threatening to kill police officers. He was offered a plea bargain where he would have received no more jail in exchange for a guilty plea, but he declined. Instead, he went to trial and lost and has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

On January 5, 2015, Houston Police Department responded to an apartment for a domestic disturbance. Officers were met by Raymond Lindsey, who was extremely agitated and aggressive. The officers were going to escort Lindsey’s frightened girlfriend from the apartment, and he became enraged. Lindsey pointed at each officer one-by-one and individually threatened to kill them.

Raymond Lindsey then started to destroy the apartment, smashing the TV, coffee table, entertainment center, and a bird’s cage with a live bird inside.

Once officers had escorted Lindsey’s girlfriend from the apartment, additional officers arrived to deal with Lindsey. In the midst of his hulk-rage, Lindsey threatened to kill another one of the police officers. The officers then attempted to arrest him, and Lindsey repeatedly slammed an officer’s arm in a door.

After his arrest, Raymond Lindsey waived his right to a speedy trial, and spent 19 months in jail. Finally, prosecutors offered him a plea deal. If he had agreed to plea guilty, he would have been released with “time served,” which means that he already served his full sentence pre-trial. Due to Lindsey’s extensive criminal history, the punishment for the charges against him ranged from 25 years to life in prison. Rather than walk, Lindsey decided that the charges were all part of a big conspiracy against him, and he refused to plea guilty. He was later convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Now Raymond Lindsey had 40 years to think about his mistakes.

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    If the judge was inclined to dish out this much prison time, the judge probably would have rejected the plea agreement. Plea agreements are between prosecutor and defendant, and while judges usually rubber stamp the deal, they are under no obligation to accept them.

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    He’s not too worried.. Obama will let him out early.