Randy Sutton’s Statement On PA Governor Tom Wolf’s Veto Of Police Protection Bill

Retired Lt. Randy Sutton gives his take on Governor Wolf's veto of a bill to protest officers.

Retired Lt. Randy Sutton gives his take on Governor Wolf’s veto of a bill to protest officers.

Randy Sutton Speaks Out About PA Governor Tom Wolf’s Veto Of Police Protection Bill

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf has just demonstrated his political cowardice and willingness to endanger his state’s Law Enforcement Officers by vetoing HB1538, which shielded identifying Police Officers involved in shootings until the investigation is completed.

Both houses of law makers passed this bill but because the ACLU and other groups have pressured him, he caved and used his power to veto the bill. It is unconscionable that as the blood of Law Enforcement Officers runs in the streets, as unprovoked attacks and targeted assassinations rise at an unprecedented level and militant organizations threaten more attacks, that an elected official would act so callously towards those who serve their communities.

Allow me to shed light on another factor that is in and of itself, an injustice taking place in Pennsylvania. Last year a Police Officer in a rural area, who had no back-up, responded to a “Domestic Dispute” and was murdered as he approached the home.  The Officer left behind a family who will forever mourn his loss, a family that has been changed forever. I discovered through a co-worker of his that at the time of his death, he was being paid $12.00 an hour.  Can you imagine that Police Officers in Pennsylvania are being asked to risk their lives for $12.00 an hour?

There are many more incidents of murders and out right assassinations of police officers occurring all across the country. Most notably, in San Antonio Detective Benjamin Marconi was ambushed and assassinated by a coward who shot him in the head while he was sitting in his police car issuing a citation right outside the San Antonio Police Headquarters. In another recent incident in Detroit, Michigan a Wayne State University Police Officer was shot in the head while talking to a man on a bicycle who pulled a gun and fired striking he officer leaving him in critical condition. The list goes on and on. Click on this Blue Lives Matter link if you want to read about many more recent attacks on law enforcement officers across this nation.

Governor Wolf is apparently more concerned with pandering to his political allies than he is with the lives and safety of the men and women who serve behind the badge. His actions are disgrace and his values are pathetic.

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