Proof That The News Media Is Inciting A Race War

new media inciting a race war

The news media is inciting people to view other people as the enemy because of their skin color.

Proof That The News Media Is Inciting A Race War

6 men were killed by police on Sept 20th, 2016. Would you like to guess how many of those are black?

A week later, here is what we know about the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott:

  • It has been confirmed that Keith Lamont Scott’s family flat out lied to the media. The media spun it to make him the “disabled black man” victim, which caused the Charlotte Riots.
  • It has been confirmed by the Chief of Police, witness testimony, 5 officers on scene, video, photo, and DNA evidence that Keith Scott had a gun.
  • It has been confirmed that he was a felon in possession of a firearm.
  • It has been confirmed that the officer’s didn’t even care that Scott was rolling a joint. They didn’t approach Scott until they saw him brandishing a weapon.
  • It has been confirmed that the gun Keith Scott had was stolen.
  • It has been confirmed that Keith Scott did hard time for trying to kill 2 people before.
  • It has been confirmed that Scott’s wife filed a restraining order against him for beating up her 8 year old child and threatening to kill them. He even told his wife “You know I’m a killer”.

Before I ask the million dollar question with the obvious answer, I wanted to point something out to everyone who’s going to scream racism after reading this article. Blue Lives Matter is not a white organization, it’s not a black organization, it’s not an organization based on one skin color. We are a pro police and criminal justice organization, regardless of your skin color.

We’re not here to divide races. We’ve never said black lives don’t matter. There are obviously many black officers. We’re also not here to put our hands over our ears and say “lalalala” when there is an unjustified shooting. They happen, we know this.

Why did the media swarm all over the armed, violent, child beating, woman abusing, guy in Charlotte? Why did the media make him out to be the victim, but barely said anything about the other 5 people killed by police on Sept. 20th? Most of us already know the answer, Keith Scott was black. The other 5 criminals killed by police were white.

22 year old Joshua Scott was killed after barricading inside of his house with a gun and shooting at SWAT.

35 year old Charles Dove, suspected of committing 2 robberies, was killed by police “during an altercation” and a gun was found on him after the shooting.

23 year old Michael Goodale was killed while police were serving an arrest warrant. Police fired one shot and he fell 4 stories to his death.

49 year old Thomas Tucker Jr. was shot by police after brandishing a gun at them.

43 year old Sandy Joe Duke was killed by police after pulling out a gun.

Since Ferguson, the news media, combined with the Black Lives Matter organizations, have been dividing police and the public. They have been dividing white and black people. We have heard black activists say that the Black Lives Matter Movement is detrimental to black people and they couldn’t be more correct.

Dallas cop Demetrick Pennie is suing Black Lives Matter and billionaire George Soros for inciting a race war because George Soros has contributed $48 million to funding media organizations and $33 million to Black Lives Matter.

That seems a little odd. Why is an ultra rich white guy donating so much money to a group filled with people who don’t like whites?

Christopher Chantrill over at the American Thinker thinks he knows why::

So that is why George Sauron and all the top-tier foundations are funding groups like Black Lives Matter. That is why the globalists are all in favor of unlimited immigration. The more that the people in America think of themselves as black or white or Hispanic or gay or Muslim rather than American, the easier it is for the global elite to “pierce the shell of state sovereignty” while we are all busy fighting each other.

Simply put, when a population is divided, it is easier to control and profit from.

I agree that some departments need better training. I agree that there are some people who have no business being a police officer. But police officers aren’t going around hunting young black males to shoot. It’s not nearly as bad as news media makes it out to be.

People need to start working with the police and trying to understand them more than condemning them. Honestly, we all need to start working together before it’s too late.


  • There’s more to the issue than Scott being black; NC is an election battleground state and the liberals who direct #BLM are trying to gain votes by instigating violence. Another black man was shot and killed by police yesterday in California, a non-battleground state. Let’s pay close attention to the lack of MSM attention there.

    • The Butterfly

      Yup, no riots in Oklahoma either. These things aren’t spontaneous. They are political tools of the Left.

      • Artsy Mom/MeBeNoMore

        No riots because the police immediately released the videotape, and took actions within days, not months. Duh. If you treat your citizens like they are part of the community, and not the enemy, this is the result you get. It’s not complicated, Oklahoma gets it and is doing everything right.

        • Lance Sheldon

          They released the tapes in charlotte in less that 5 days… Not months.

          • Artsy Mom/MeBeNoMore

            They released them only after the wife released her facebook live video feed, and it make them look really bad. Charlotte did everything wrong, they could learn from Oklahoma. I tweeted the day I read Charlotte’s statement that they will not release the tape–I tweeted that will they spend millions more on curfew enforcement and all that overtime, and then release the tape. They always do.

          • ny2223jv

            Guess you wouldn’t want a FAIR TRIAL? Just let the media hold session. It should be you who gets tried by the media . Look what is happening to Trump. Fool .

        • gthomson13

          According to a CNN report, more than 60% of the rioters, er… “protesters” arrested in Charlotte were from out of state. I wonder who paid their expenses for getting there. These rioters, er… “protesters” were acting out in support of a man who beat his 8 year old child, who was convicted of armed assault, who had served 7 years in prison for that act and who was armed with a 9 mm pistol at the time of the altercation. The police knew of his history of armed assault when they confronted Scott and that no doubt put them on edge (it would me). He did not comply with officers orders. Now, if this is the guy with whom the community of Charlotte wishes to take its stand by rioting and destroying innocent businesses of their community the result they get is chaos and destruction. But, as I noted earlier, I don’t believe the riot, er…”protest” was driven by the community of Charlotte. Oh I suspect Charlotte had some of its local bad actors involved in the riots, er…, “protests” but apparently many of them were more interested in looting for new Nikes than they were concerned about a, in this particular case, faux social issue.

  • iDareYou

    70% of the rioters in Charlotte were out of state. Soros buses them in as soon as they catch wind of a police involved shooting, and in turn they get free shit via looting.

    • Grace

      How right you are!

    • ny2223jv

      I wonder why (NOT) Loretta doesn’t charge the out of state demonstrators (not) with the federal crime , It is a federal crime to cross borders to riot. But the media and Obozo give them a pass.

      • Lisa

        They only get a pass if they’re black

  • Blade

    I have taken stock of our predicament and hate to say it, but it’s already too late. The right price will never read this article…the ones who could quash the stupidity. They have been indoctrinated and will never see the truth. Rome is burning…

  • All lives matter!

    Also, you guys are doing a great job.

  • Roy Watts

    I wish some high flutin’ attorney would start a class action lawsuit for the people of NC and sue the crap out of every news media outlet that reported on this which incited riots. Their lack of journalistic investigating and piss poor reporting is what is causing this shit storm and they ought to have their licenses taken away from them. Hit them where it hurts folks. Call them on the carpet and demand to know why they are not reporting all the information?

    • D. Scia

      Sadly they are only doing what they are told to by the people who Financially support the the company they are writing for, people need to get a moral compass back and do whats right…

    • standingintime

      The journalists not only lie, they cheat! It’s like none of the liberal media know how to tell the truth anymore!! The American people are so gun-shy with info they do say, we have to go research to see if it is the truth! I only listen to OAN anymore!

  • doright

    I’m afraid this will somehow backfire on the blacks and they themselves will be the recipients of of police dissatisfaction. Blacks are only making it harder on themselves. I saw one protester at a BLM rally get right in the face of a officer and spit on his face shield ! You don’t think the police will forget about that do ya ?

    • JiminyCricket

      Oh, please! Cops have done far worse to black people than spit on them. Are you telling me that a cop is so thin skinned that he can’t handle a little payback?

      • Sam197859

        payback? What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Grace

        What blacks are doing to each other is the unconscionable thing that Black America does not seem to want to discuss. I would suggest that you shadow a police officer in your town (in the worst part of town) in a ride-along and then come back and talk to us. It’s so easy to pin all the blame on cops, but the facts don’t lie – officers kill more whites than blacks, and more blacks are killed by other blacks. Advice for our citizenry: be as good a person as you can be, make this world a better place, make something of yourself, despite your upbringing or external circumstances. We are all children of God and as a result, there is power in each of us to be outstanding human beings. Stop the blame game. I have 6 relatives who are officers in a major American city – they are professionals – they are spat at, thrown bricks at, bags of urine… and they stand there and take it because that is their job. And then are told by the media and phony social justice warriors that they are the problem. Not to say officers don’t ever make mistakes – they do. But before you start condoning payback to the police, why don’t you go out there and make something of yourself. Victim consciousness is a dead end life. Empower yourself, and know that spitting in someone else’s face adds nothing to the conversation. The spitter is acting out big time and doesn’t have the cojones to be a better person. All he can do is spit like a little spoiled baby cobra.

      • ny2223jv

        M O R O N ….

        • JiminyCricket

          B O O T L I C K E R ….

          • Kristen Loomis

            T R O L L
            And yes, cops have done some pretty shitty things in history to black people. Black people have done some pretty shitty things to cops. It’s like a merry go round… it’s time to start jumping off.

      • Lisa

        Are u dumb?

        • JiminyCricket

          Are u a boot licker?

  • mslady269

    Someone showed the CNN video in slow motion and a cop dropped a gun onto the ground after he was shot. The gun came from the cop’s pocket. Not all police are bad, but let’s be honest and start dealing with the ones who are making it hard on the good men and women in uniform who actually want to serve and protect.

    • Ben

      It cannot be overlooked that CNN has been demonstrated multiple times to outright fabricate audio and video clips. I’m not advocating any media here, as money trails make all the major outfits suspect, but in the case of material deception, CNN has a comanding lead.

      • Timothy Walters

        You mean it was on the Clinton News Network? It must be true

        • Ben

          Essentially, yes

      • Grace

        to hell with CNN

    • CoolTolerance

      There is another witness of which few spoke about, a female.
      CNN is the least trustworthy network, they have their agenda and stick to it regardless of the truth or new facts/evidence.
      CNN will milk a story to death for ratings and when they are incorrect in their reporting and know it, they hush it up. Recent example would be the ex-Miss Universe Machado gal pimping for Hillary. Story of her past (hard core porn, drug cartel mistress, threatening to kill a judge…) is ignored by CNN.
      CNN is definitely into race baiting and Hillary promoting.. CNN also receives government subsidies (think Democrats) in the millions of dollars.

    • eberle

      The cop dropped his gloves so he could assist with handcuffs and apply pressure to the wounds. He didn’t drop a gun.

      • Grace

        Wait a minute, that’s a fact ! People don’t want facts, the sheeple want lies, distortions, myths, deception.

    • Timothy Walters

      You mean it was on the Clinton News Network? It must be truer

    • Devildog

      That is a damnable lie

    • walt kaiser

      that was a glove he dropped, explain how the gun recovered at the scene had Keith’s prints, blood and DNA on it if the officer dropped it at the scene…. oh … wait.. the crime lab lied too..yeah, right

    • Erik Black

      Talking to MOST blacks is like talking to a wall. They are not interested in facts or evidence, usually they make their decisions based on skin color and conspiracy theories!

      • mslady269

        I see you’ve met every black person in the world. Thanks for your observation and such original thoughts.

  • eberle

    If Soros can get a race war going then obama can declare martial law and stay in office if Trump wins. Obama has been looking into this loophole for a while and even said it on national tv.

    • acb550

      really? Then pleas post the video

  • Michele McAlum

    What about the mentally ill people who are not carrying a weapon that are killed by police??? Hmmm???

    • Resist-M1

      They are Liberals. No loss there.

      • Summer

        Mentally ill are liberals? Really?

        • jabbermule

          You have to be mentally ill to be a liberal in the first place, so chances are good they are.

          • LisaB

            If that’s what you think jabbermule, then you are the one who is mentally ill.

          • Summer

            That is a VERY illogical conclusion. Let’s try your logic using a different scenario: one has to be human to be a child, therefore, all humans must be children.

    • Erica Sophia

      What kind of comment is that? ANY one can be killed by a cop, just as a cop can be killed by anyone. What does mentally challenged have to do with anything.

    • Summer

      Michele you are correct to bring this up. Yours was not a popular comment but it needed to be said. I recently noticed a publication online that provides statistics of people killed by police state by state in 2015. The mentally ill are listed in a numerical breakdown as well as genders. Someone needs to speak up for these people who have no real voice of their own. I do not know the solution but I do know it is a problem, worthy of mention.

    • Devildog

      If a mentally ill individual is posing a threat to an officer or others then deadly force is an appropriate step. Is that somehow controversial? And tell me how an officer would be aware of a person mental health staus anyway?

    • JDW

      Mental illness is a HUGE part of why people don’t choose to follow directions given by police or people in positions of authority (“put the gun down”, “hands behind your back” etc) – I do not know the statistics but I am willing to bet money that a very large percentage of those who are gunned down by police are or should have been diagnosed at some point with a mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t have a color and most often has no visible signs, how is a police officer to determine mental well being when there is imminent danger?

      I teach at a school for youth at risk, 95% of them diagnosed with a mental illness of some sort. Because they are students we offer understanding and programming that allows multiple opportunities to follow directions and do what is right but truthfully the real world cannot afford to be as forgiving as our educational system is forced to be. Mental health NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED at the root… police are NOT at the root of where the mental health system is failing – unfortunately they are tasked with protecting themselves and others when the mental health system fails.

    • ny2223jv

      Thank The Lib T ards for not keeping them in a institution where they can get the meds and help they need. They do NOT belong out in Society if they can’t control, themselves. Maybe you should invite them into your home for a long stay.

  • Pamelita243

    There are plenty of hard-working, educated blacks who don’t want to be grouped or identified with thugs. They are caught in the middle. We should be asking why the media wants a race war and who will profit from one…that’s the enemy, not blacks or whites…it’s the rich guys pulling the strings and manipulating all of us.

    • Grace

      Thank you for speaking truth. That is an apt summation of the situation in front of us. I wish communities of color would shout this from the roof tops, but I suppose if they do, they will be ignored by MSM.

    • ny2223jv

      But they never speak out, just like the Muslims. So they are a big part of the problem . They know who the troublemakers are.

    • Lisa

      Aka Soros

  • Lisa Dearinger-Benabides

    Finally someone with common sense! Thank you for writing this, and if you’re white well guess how much more bs you’ll hear! I’m so sick of people tearing us apart over something that’s not even facts it’s no more then a media fueled fire turned into racist act’s.

  • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

    I agreed with this right until they said BLM doesn’t like white people. Way to ruin a very well written article.
    If you’d said BLM doesn’t like police it would have sat better with me. But to say they don’t like white people is doing exactly what the “other” media is doing.

    • Nicki

      Maybe the “organization” doesn’t hate white people, but a lot of the people out protesting and rioting seem to. You can’t overlook the assaults on white people that have taken place during these riots…white people who just happen to be in the area. They weren’t cops, just white people, beaten, stripped and injured. That sounds an awful lot like hatred to me, way beyond dislike. Not to mention all the posts on social media about killing all whites! I understand what the point of your comment is, but sadly, the actions of some of the blm protestors has indicated that this isn’t a “blacks vs the cops” thing. It’s a “blacks vs whites” thing, in most cases. Just like anything else, the majority of the protestors are staying true to blm vs cops. However, the few going rogue and attacking civilians have taken it to a whole new level. This is why some feel that the blm hate white people.

      • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

        But you understand that by making a blanket statement about an organization it discredits the author? It’s the same as saying all police are bad. There are a few rogue officers just like there are a few rogue protesters. If that one line would have been left out the article would have had much more validity. The author brought personal feelings in and should just stick to facts to prove the point.

        • ny2223jv

          BLM IS SAYING Pigs in a blanket so they ARE inditing ALL police as well as condoning the assaults on white people. If BLM would not condone or would speak out against the condemnation of ALL police and attacks on white you might be able to defend your position they however do NOT. Where is BLM when hundreds of children and young adults are gunned down in Detroit, Baltimore and othwer large cities? Crickets. BLM Jumps to conclusions and starts rioting. Obama has set this county’s race relations back to levels before the 1960s

          • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

            Agree to disagree?

    • Devildog

      Have you seen the video of roving black thugs searching for white people to beat? Its true they many…not all..but many have a rage and hate for white people.

      • mslady269

        Have you hear about the four white guys who went looking for a BLm rally so they could shoot black people? They only got charged with assault instead of attempted murder and the media swept it under the rug.

        • Kristen Loomis

          I hadn’t heard about that. Where was it?

          • mslady269

            I saw a video on a post when this first happened and the four guys were recording themselves while in a car talking about how they were going to find some black people to go shoot. Sadly, the media has basically buried this story.

          • Kristen Loomis

            I didn’t see a video link in that but that was a good article. I can’t say I’m surprised that the second shooting happened. These gatherings for peaceful protest present a perfect opportunity for some sick bastard(s) to take advantage of the situation. Hopefully it won’t turn out like that.

      • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

        I disagree with the many statement. Its to broad. How many “roving black thugs” were in this video? I think the hardest thing for people to do is truly quantify a situation and lay blame where it belongs. I’m sure the video had a handful of hateful people who don’t represent any organization.

        • Lance Sheldon

          You say a handful but each video had several dozen people in it.

        • ny2223jv

          Never heard of the knock out game(?) you should be a participant. (95% Black on white)

          • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

            Geez! My post simply stated that the article would have been better received if not for one line. Your reaction is that I should be hurt!? Let that sink in… what kind of person are you? That is a very extreme response to an option of an article.

          • ny2223jv

            Sometimes in order for something to be seen, one must be a precipitant . Since the Knockout game is 99% Black on White it is obvious you cannot see that . So in order to open your eyes perhaps, it should strike closer to home, before you wake up to reality. Only then will you see what is going on. Or just keep your head in the sand and play make believe.

          • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

            Saying that i should be attacked doesn’t open my eyes or hit closer to home though. Nothing in my comments should warrant a violent response nor imply that my head is in the sand. Did i use bad punctuation that caused you all to read my post as angry or as a dismissal of the issues? Sometimes things are read wrong by a misplaced comma…

          • disqus_3EyDErBAAS

            Ok, I went back through and read all my comments and I still don’t see where I need to be taught a lesson by being physically assaulted. So I guess that is one thing my head is in the sand on, eyes wide shut to. If we were to stay on topic instead of trying to make people see things our way (which only shows your true colors) a lot of this kind of back and forth could be avoided. I thought posting on this board would illicit insightful and meaning conversation. I thought this was where the adults had gone to talk.

    • Lance Sheldon

      Bro, they were literally running through charlotte screaming “get the white guy” and “were beating all the motherfuckers out here”. BLMs leadership might not but a lot of there supporters are outright racist.

  • JiminyCricket

    Racist cops have been waging war on Black people for decades. It’s only been recently that Blacks have started fighting back. Racist cops started the race war, not the liberal media. Dallas and Baton Rouge are just the tip of the iceberg of what ex-military Black men have in store for white cops. If you are a white cop who values his or her life, I suggest you find another job.

    • Grace

      Your statement is filled with hate for cops. Look into your soul and ask yourself what you can do to be a better person. The facts don’t bear out your false statements. Please mention the war of blacks on blacks – therein lies the true war aided and abetted by liberals and George Soros who want to keep you down. Get your act together . Writing that cops are raging war on the blacks and that they started it is a bold faced lie. God is watching you and God is watching you lie and be a miserable victim. Is that what you want for your life?

      • JiminyCricket

        Well, Grace, if you want to drink the Kool-Aid and believe the load of crap you’re spouting, be my guest. As for God, you can take your God and shove him/her where the sun don’t shine.

  • T Mann

    Two things can be true at the same time.
    The Police can act to reinforce this nation’s racism AND still be shitty at their jobs.

  • Zzyzx

    BLM is little more than a propaganda outlet to appeal to the sheeple’s emotions as a means to deflect that the overwhelming majority of black lives falling victim to homicide are at the hands of fellow blacks and essentially don’t matter. It’s genocidal suicide. Police criminality against blacks is the equivalent of a skin cancer vs the fast-growing malignant brain cancer of 90% incidence of black on black homicide including more persons of color being killed in Chicago since 01 than the number of US military fatalities in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

    It’s all deflection! No “leaders” want to take responsibility or cast blame for this wholesale disregard for human lives; it’s easier to play “victim” by vilifying law enforcement who have a thankless and unappreciated job of trying to enforce Law and Order for everyone’s protection in communities where chaos runs rampant .

  • JBrown

    George Soros for sure funds “BLM,” but every day it seems more and more like he is probably funding the “Thin Blue Line” movement as well. Cops don’t see it because they are as clueless as the BLM crowd.

  • Frank Wright

    The fact George Sorros is backing the movement tells you all you need to know. Divide & rule 1.0. So long as we are fighting the police we cannot work together to root out the real criminals.

  • SM

    George Soros has been inciting destruction of the United States for years, he is the spawn of evil. Why are we so ignorant (ALL Americans regardless of color, sex, religion or history) allowing the media, the billionaires, and politicians to control and steal our lives for their profit and power. Phuck people… just stand up and be good citizens, work hard, play hard and be there for your family and friends.

  • ed

    I know only this: My truck will not go to Charlotte. It’s too dangerous. I carry groceries/produce, if you starve you starve.

    • Summer

      The innocents starve too then but I do understand your concern; I would not want to go there either, except maybe in a full set of armor.

  • ny2223jv

    Lock up George Soros as an accomplice in inciting to riot.That Idiot is destroying the country that made him what he is.

  • Lisa

    The stupid biased media is to stupid to realize that when they leave their safe little studio jobs, they’re wide open, like the rest of us, to getting caught up in the blm terrorist that rule the streets now. And with all the cop shit they love to point out they may be hard pressed to find a cop willing to help. And God help the media reporters if they are white when they run into their beloved blm because their asses are unknown to these terrorists bc the terrorists are out running the streets not watching t.v. the lives they know now will be no more, calm and comfortable, they will be traumatized by being beat for being white. I’d like to see how they report the news then

  • DIY

    100% correct brother. Stay safe out there.

  • David Rose

    As a black American I must note that the media is playing BOTH races against each other. Growing up in Los Angeles (south central i.e. Watts) I have NEVER been stopped or harassed by any police officer!!!! What is sad is that most folks think we blacks are anti-police and it is simply untrue, nor are we “victims.”
    I am a black Muslim who voted for Trump and what concerns me now is that my white brothers who previously had no voice are now so pissed off that they too are now doing what minorities have been doing…playing the victim card, right as planned. Now whites seem to be falling for the same game that blacks and Latino’s fell for: ‘Let the “little” people fight among themselves as WE control them’…..

    Please do not fall for the same game…..

    In truth, who wishes to see this black Americans perspective???? I am calling out BOTH sides, the least pleasant side to take as my challenge falls to ALL People….

  • Mamadou Sene

    What you guys accuse others is what you do and even in a worst manner!

  • Mamadou Sene

    71% of cops killed are by white males! Deal with that!

  • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

    It’s because the media are communist, what we’re seeing is push towards their goal, a world wide communist state. Joe McCarthy was right and was demonized by the same communist now look at what has happened. The law and military need to go after these communist, after all they swore an other to protect and defend the constitution. I think now would be a good time to start rounding up these communist trouble makers, starting with the media, both news and Hollywood.