Man Starts Movement to Support Police by Using Painter’s Tape

Andy Audette started Project Blue Stripe to show support for police officers by using painter's tape

Andy Audette started Project Blue Stripe to show support for police officers by using painter’s tape

Man Starts Project Blue Stripe to Support Police by Using Painter’s Tape

Maple Valley, WA – Andy Audette decided that he wanted to show his appreciation for law enforcement, so he took a roll of blue painter’s tape and put a strip across the back of his Dodge truck. He shared the idea on his local Facebook page, and the idea quickly took off, prompting hundreds of people in the area to add blue tape to their cars. Project Blue Stripe now has a dedicated Facebook page where people can share their support for their local law enforcement officers.

Q13 Fox reports:

“When Baton Rouge shootings happened, I said we have to do something immediately,” said Audette.

It’s an act he shared on the community of Maple Valley Facebook page.

“So I thought what could people do immediately that isn’t going to cost anything and isn’t going to take up much time, and just as I was thinking through that, I was in the garage, and I found a roll of blue tape,” said Audette.

But what happened from there isn’t what he expected.

“I thought it would be cool to see a few blue stripes around Maple Valley; I had no idea that it would get all the way to Australia, Arizona, Hawaii- I had no idea,” said Audette.

Now volunteers are striping cars at Pocket Park, near Maple Valley’s QFC. They estimated they striped more than 150 before a planned event even kicked off.

And the movement isn’t just limited to cars, the blue stripes can be seen on storefronts, too, like Johnson’s Home and Garden in Maple Valley, which is offering a 25 percent discount on blue painter’s tape for anyone who wants to participate.

“We just had to beef up our order and we’re going to get a lot more coming in but with the feedback, I think we’ll need lots more,” said Jim Nadig, the store manager.

While Audette didn’t expect for this movement to spread the way it did, he says it only affirms just how many people stand by police.

If you want to be a part of Project Blue Stripe, all you need is a roll of blue painter’s tape. We suggest using 2″ painter’s tape or 3″ painter’s tape.

We appreciate people like Andy Audette who take their time to show support for law enforcement. Law enforcement been under attack recently, and it’s good to see that people still support their local police officers.

  • Visit×70-blank/ for digitally printed ones. 100% of the proceeds go to law enforcement programs and charities.

  • Mark Sands

    I’ll be hosting an event in Bremerton, WA this Saturday and Sunday at a locale tbd. I will have the specifics tomorrow. We will be supplying blue tape to affix on rear windows to show our support for our law enforcement. #projectbluetape


    getting my roll of 3″ blue tape today… it’s going on both cars … great idea… (from Orange City, Florida)

  • Youdidntstartanything

    I’ve had mind on my jeep for around a year! True me you didn’t start anything people have been doing this a while now. Why use painters tape, go to a printer and get it done.

  • Cody

    Yes mine has been on my truck for over a year and its in reflective blue vinyl so it can be seen day or night

  • Bradley Beall

    He would like to think he started this movement however I’ve had mine on my back window for almost a year already. That blue tape comes in handy

  • Deb Tucker

    We did our black mailbox a couple of years ago and have stickers on our cars we got from the FOP. Not new, but it’s good to let them know we will always care.

  • Eaglesees

    I put some duct tape on my car a year ago, and added a bumper strip to explain its meaning.

  • I hope that tape fucks up his windows.

    • Petrol88

      I hope some ends up on your filthy disrespectful mouth, little girl.

    • Slimm_out_the_H

      me 2

    • warrior41882

      You!! My dear are going to be travelling “Down a long hard road” .
      I hope one day you remember I said that and come to your senses before that prison cell with your # on it is occupied by “You” There is already a cell and a # with your name on it and it is waiting for you.

      One day (I promise) you will need that Man in Blue. When he comes you will be grateful he was there, Promise you that.

  • warrior41882

    Going to stripe both mine and the wife’s vehicles now, I do have one concern though……
    What is this saying to the “Thug’s, gangs and other warriors” against the police when I drive by or they see my parked vehicles?