Rally For President Trump Turns Violent When Anarchists Launch Attack

President Trump supporters were attacked by anarchists.

President Trump supporters were attacked by anarchists. (REUTERS/Stephen lam)

Pro-Trump Rally Met With Violence From Anarchists

Berkeley, CA –  What started as a peaceful rally in support of President Trump on Saturday turned violent when anti-Trump protesters showed up.  It was one of many mostly peaceful “Spirit of America” pro-Trump rallies held across the country.

The “March 4 Trump” rally in a city known for its liberalism, Berkeley, began at about 2 PM at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.  Supporters of President Trump marched for several blocks before being met by anti-Trump protesters, where they were attacked.

According to Breitbart, 10 people were arrested during the clash.  Five of the arrests were for battery, four were for assault with a deadly weapon, and one was for resisting arrest.  Police seized multiple weapons from those who were arrested, including metal pipes, bats, 2 x 4’s, and pieces of wood.  One group was carrying bricks, and the bricks were seized as well.

One social media post said that “fighting had spread to the streets, and that it wasn’t a Trump rally anymore, it was the anarchists’.” The clash began when anti-Trump protesters threw things at the Trump supporters.

Berkeley Police Officers in riot gear were present and occasionally walked into the crowd but for the most part observed the Trump protesters.  Several Trump supporters complained about the lack of police intervention. Several people were pepper-sprayed including an elderly man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat who fell down and was kicked while he was down.

At least two of the uninvited protesters were seen trying to set fire to an American flag.  A picture on social media showed one Trump supporter with a bloodied face.  Seven people were reported to have been injured, according to Reuters.

In Minnesota, fights were started by anti-Trump protesters who showed up at a pro-Trump rally held at the state capitol rotunda in St. Paul.  Six anti-Trump protesters were arrested.

In Olympia, Washington, anti-trump protesters attacked police and several were arrested.

These anarchists are trying to create a situation where supporting President Trump means fearing getting attacked. Their violence and threats of violence are acts of domestic terrorism. The people in charge of the incident management in Berkeley should be ashamed of themselves. The moment people show up in masks or carrying weapons, it’s time for their group to leave or be arrested.

Do you think that the anarchists should be treated as terrorists? We’d like to know what you think. Please let us know below.