Preston Brown, High School Coach, Teaches His Students To Disrespect The Flag

Coach Preston Brown

Coach Preston Brown

Woodrow Wilson High School Coach Preston Brown Teaches His Students To Disrespect The Flag

Camden, New Jersey – There’s a new outrage in the wake of NFL players and other celebrities protesting the American flag, the national anthem, and the heroes who defend it. Preston Brown, the head coach of the Woodrow Wilson Tigers football team, followed suit and took a knee during the national anthem.

He advised his players of his plan before their season opener this Sunday, 9/11/16. His team is made up of primarily young black students from a primarily young black student body. Unfortunately for them, they have a leader who not only believes the false narrative of Black Lives Matter, but he’s bringing the national anthem into it.

“I still love America. I still love our military, but this was our way of saying that things have to change in our country. There’s oppression, there’s social injustice, and these kids live it,” Coach Preston Brown said.

The “social injustice” that Coach Brown is referencing is the misinformation created by the Black Lives Matter movement, which began with the death of Travon Martin. This false narrative is  nothing more than a sensationalist twisting of facts and misrepresentation of statistics. This isn’t the first time a school district has fallen into supporting Black Lives Matter. A Seattle elementary school is demonstrating support directly for the political group.

Thankfully, two students on the team had enough fortitude to stand up for what they believe in and did not cave to their coach’s example. One of the students who was brave enough to avoid the peer pressure stated: “I’ve always stood for the national anthem and I wasn’t going to let a little incident in the NFL change that.”

Members of the opposing team, Highland High School, vented their disappointment in their opponents actions. Highland’s senior running back, who is black, honored the heroes who defend our great country with his comment. “There are people out there every day risking their lives for us.”

The school district issued the following statement on the incident:

“The District supports standing for the flag, but this is a personal issue, and we strongly respect our students’ experiences and their exercising our country’s First Amendment rights. Whether our students choose to stand, kneel, or otherwise, we’re proud of their engagement with what is more broadly a very important social justice issue.”

Malcolm ofMalcolm Out Loud Talk”  put it best with his theory of ‘The Beyonce Factor’. “We’re at the point now where singers, athletes, entertainers, YouTube stars, and so forth have hijacked the minds of millennials everywhere.”

  • tvonthebrain

    This is just getting beyond insane.
    First, you have this ‘movement’ claiming the world is out to get blacks
    Now, you’ve got these ‘celebrities’ making the same claim
    They’re all relying on misinformation, lies, but they’re not going to tell you that, no way!

    • bws001

      Repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth…

      • Defiance65

        Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Adolf Hitler

  • Doug Packer

    What a putz!

  • tim

    Hats off too the two students who reject this poison being told to these youngsters.

  • Richard Seay

    Only question I have is how and why this butt wipe still has a job?

    • Laurence Heller

      Because the school district administrators are too pussy to stand up to this moron.

    • Defiance65

      Shhhhhhhh. Because he is not white.

  • Faith White

    Fire the coach!!!! As Americans we should be honored to salute our American flag while the National Anthem is being played!!!! These people who are disrespecting our Flag needs to be fined, fired, or, better yet, leave America for their disrespect of our great country!!!! Hats off to those who are determined to take a stand against these disrespectful people and stand respectfully honoring our Flag!!!! I was taught, and I proudly teach my children, that when our National Anthem is being played, we are to stand at attention with our right hand over our heart and salute the Flag of the United States of America!!!!! Anything other than this (exception military persons who stand at complete attention) is nothing more than disrespect for our Flag, the USA, and those who fought and lost their lives for our freedoms!!!!

    • Jack Reilly

      Disrespecting the Flag, and ALL the service members who gave their live for these morons….fire this sucker, and I mean right away.

    • Pinecroft Watch Assn

      Veterans fought for our freedoms and free education. This coach, who draws his salary from public taxes, should be fired for his actions. Ever hear of the teacher who had the desks removed from her class and asked the students who paid for their education? Then, one by one, uniformed veterans brought back into the classroom chairs and desks for each student and stood at ease against one wall. The teacher said “look to those veterans, they paid for your education with their service and sacrifices. Thank them.”

      This inner city coach disrespects every veteran who, regardkess of race, served our country. Wonder how this coach would like teaching in Venezuela? God Bless Veterans!


    So coaches that have held a pray meeting in the middle of the field after the game is over are fired and told they cannot do that, but this coach gets away with disrespecting our country using a false narrative as his ignorant excuse. Okay America, see what is happening? Vote HRC if you want this to continue, vote TRUMP/PENCE if you are tired of being embarrassed by our govt.

    • Defiance65

      You know why these coaches were fired? Because it wasn’t an Islamic prayer. If it was they would never be fired. If they tried they would be sued.

      • Jaha

        What an idiotic comment!

    • Gmoney723

      Both coaches should be reprimanded but neither should be fired in my opinion. A coach is a role
      model and should not try to influence their players religiously or politically. They should stick to coaching
      and leave their political, social and/or religious views and practices at home.

      • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        The big difference here is the one coach did it during a game when the National Anthem was playing and the other did it after the game when everyone else was going home. One was a public display of disrespect with paid fans in attendance, the other was done with only those who wished to attend.

        • Gmoney723

          While I can appreciate where you are coming from I still feel that both were out of place with their actions. Having team prayer is inconsiderate to the players who do not share the same faith and even though they can choose not to participate it puts peer pressure on them to go along. Just as the coach in this articles public stance did.

          • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            We are talking about apples and oranges here. They are worlds apart. However, I do understand what you are saying and frankly it is probably a good idea to never allow religious or political issues on public school grounds.

          • Dennis

            Having team prayer is never inconsiderate to anyone. Since when has anyone been cursed in any way by being prayed for by students who do believe in the one and only God? Prayer does nothing but good. The students who do not believe in God don’t pray anyway so it shouldn’t matter to them. Anyone who denies Christ will also be denied by Christ!

          • Gmoney723

            I am sure the Muslim, Hindus, Agnostics, Atheist, Buddhist, etc. all feel that their way of religion is the right way also. So why not have each coach force their team to pray their way too. This way the kids who join their teams are also agreeing to their religious views. That makes sense Dennis, thanks for clearing that up. Football is a great way for a coach to force their religious practices and philosophies on their team and if that is the case this coach did a great thing by motivating his team to take a new for his protest.

          • Dennis

            Jesus was not and is not religious but the one and only way to Heaven. Everything else is a religion or a cult. Disrespecting our National Anthem is spitting on our military and all the men who died holding up the flag during the Revolutionary War.

    • Jaha

      Which coaches might that be?

      • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        There have been several incidents around the country concerning coaches having pray circles after the game. I do not believe those should be allowed as well. Keeping all religious and political issues off of public school property is a good idea.

        • Dennis

          I disagree. God should be in every aspect of life no matter what it is. He created every living being and his law trumps every pathetic law made against him. Man’s law means nothing compared to his. People who hate God will face him one day and will be denied by him. Just remember that.

          • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            You are certainly within your rights to have that opinion. However, I believe that no political or religious displays should take place on public school grounds.

          • Dennis

            I totally understand where you are coming from and I appreciate you being civil with your comment but people miss the real point with God. God is not religion or religious. Jesus was not religious and does not stand for religion. God is the reason we exist and he owns everything so having him in every part of your life is what he wants and we should unconditionally show that respect and love for him. As far as political displays I agree with you on that. I am also with you on voting for Trump.

  • Debbie

    That school and the community should be embarrassed! I hope students are smart enough to ignore the ignorant.

    • VOTE TRUMP 2016 ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      According to the article only 2 players on the team had the good sense to do what was right. If adults want to do stuff like this, so be it. But, do not drag innocent kids into your web of lies and BS.

    • Michel Jean McCorkle

      Its Camden nothing else needs to be said.

    • Band-wagon

      It’s Camden NJ! The whole city is a huge dump full of thugs and those willing to raise thier children around them.

      • Debbie

        I think your right. I asked the principal in my email if he was comfortable having this man teach his child? He answered the question by NOT answering the question.

  • Tacticalterry

    I bet they lost

    • nana

      they did

      • Tacticalterry


  • Jack Reilly

    Hummm, Coach, players are all black….figures don’t it?????? Maybe they should rename the school..BLaMers High.

    • VOTE TRUMP 2016 ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Just frigging awesome!!!! BLaMers High….LOL!!!!

  • Jack Reilly

    If I had been the opposing coach, I would have told my players/team to let these MORONs score on the first play of every set of downs, then fumble the ball on each of the first plays of our set of downs…..until the score was 200 to 0….then I would have had a press conference to tell the world that the game meant nothing…and walked away proud, but ONKY after I saluted the flag that so many have died for……..period.

  • Jack Reilly

    The TWO PROUD AMERICAN students will be sitting on the bench for the rest of the season…..and you can bet your ass, black or white, on that….this coach should be fired and right now today.

  • chancecody

    Damn you all. Get out of this country and go where you think you will be better off. You can be heard without disrespecting the flag and the people who died for it and for you and the cops who fight to protect you. Shame on the coach. The harm that will come to these kids for this kind of behavior will last a lifetime. Actions have consequences. The coach should be fired

  • Jennifer Rahn

    Fire him!!! Enough is enough!!!

  • Gatekepper

    Can we now have a serious conversation about black privilege?

  • NINA

    This Black asshole needs fired an put on a plane an leave the USA as of right now……what a piece of black shit he is

    • David Medina

      The ignorance that you exhibit is the reason us people of color feel the way we feel about the systemic racism and classism in this country. We weren’t asked to brought here Europeans hijacked our lands and stole all of our resources and commited mass genocide on my indigenous people. So thanks for showing your true colors.

      • Todd Gilmore

        U need a history lesson. Your own race sold you out!!! Stop blaming whites. You are the one showing your true colors!!!!

      • workingstiffdad

        African, often islamist or other pagans, tribal conquerers got rich going around capturing your ancestors to sell them! Look into the history of Liberia. Slavery has existed in Egyptian culture, Roman and Greek culture, and all over the Middle East, China, and many Communist experiments. America and free markets offer you SOCIAL MOBILITY. You can work your way up. I did. You have to learn and speak American English properly. You have to obey the law. You have to give up bad habits and replace them with working (at whatever your skill level gets you!), studying the hard stuff (math, stats, sciences, etc.), learning to live frugally so you can save and invest a little, and don’t waste energy with envy and coveting and jealousy of what other people have already earned. Focus on where YOU want to be….

        • Lynn Whalen

          I agree whole heartedly!!! I work my tail of but I am usually positive and focused on my customers. I wish more people felt this way and expressed it! Good job workingstiffdad from a workingstiffmom. 🙂

        • leslie silk

          This right here is EXACTLY what they need to hear but they will not listen. Victimhood is in their DNA it seems. It truly takes wisdom to see the enormous value in what you just offered in your comment here. This is where true freedom is found. Not in chasing wealth like they seem to lust after.

      • Bryan


      • Debbie

        No one and I mean NO one is kreping you here! Im sure you have many relatives where ever you were kidnapped from. Oh, thats right you were born here. So let me pay for your passport and ship your sorry pathetic life back. To where ever you think your from.

      • leslie silk

        We weren’t asked to be brought here? Are you over 250 years old? Live YOUR life as YOU. Not some fictional character from the distant passed.

      • David Vosteen

        Your a freaking idiot. Study history douchebag instead of listening to the liberal media. You were sold by black people. Your a special kind of stupid. Not to mention there has not been a slave in years.

  • Janet P Todaro-Schultz

    Here’s the schools Facebook page. Send them a message.

  • Lynn B

    ANOTHER Piece of shit !! Why don’t you LEAVE the United States if you don’t respect or like it Ahole !!! And why is this piece of shit being paid to teach the kids this ?? Tax payer money for this !

  • John Baker

    Yes. I shouted because it is so damn obvious to the law abiding citizenry.

    • RayScott

      WHITES think they can do whatever they want without facing consequences. Hence this moron congressional candidate from Georgia named Mike Crane. Whites HATE law enforcement.

      • LL

        Time for you to go take your medication for your delusions and paranoia. Whitey is not to blame for all the black communities major issues with violence and crime. They dug that hole all by them selves with the ignorant choice to drop out of school before reaching Jr. High and running the streets with gangs and selling and using drugs and running the streets with weapons. It is not whiteys fault that they do not have any respect for human life and no respect for themselves either. The days of the professional victimhood and blaming whitey for all of their bad judgement and making choices to not get an education are over. It is their choice to run the streets before reaching their teen years . It is their choice to run around with illegal weapons and shooting people like it is a video game and completely ruin their community they live in and slaughter their neighbors on a daily basis ect ect ect. If the black community is looking for someone to blame they can go look in the mirror and tell the fool looking back at them.

        • RayScott

          When have I blamed whitey for ANYTHING. I just said that WHITES have ZERO respect for authority. You can take that “blame game” shit somewhere else, scum.

    • Gmoney723

      There are members of all races that think they are above the law and they are all wrong. I am an African American law abiding citizen by the way. No one is above the law including officers that abuse their powers as they give the good cops a bad name and terrorize the communities they are sworn to protect.

  • MAX


  • Americanpatriot2014

    Now HERE IS A REAL COACH teaching his players the meaning of good citizenship- this “coach” should take a lesson from one without a racist agenda

    • Gmoney723

      Black Lives Matters is not a racist agenda and there are many members of the white race and many other races that are in support of this movement. It has nothing to do with black versus white but unfortunately many members of the movement are labeling all cops as bad which is horrible in my opinion.

  • Americanpatriot2014

    Also I can’t find this coach’s name on the staff list at this high school..,

  • Themuppetpoo

    There’s a difference in young adults forming their own beliefs and opinions, then displaying them. Then there’s when an adult persuades these kids to do something they may not have had time to comprehend on their own. Not his place. Not his job. Clearly stepping over his boundaries.

  • Mary Rae

    If it’s really that bad here, there are many other countries he can choose from to live in.

    • Gmoney723

      If everyone who chose to protest against something they felt was wrong were forced to leave the country how many women from the womens right movement might we have lost? This coach was wrong in my opinion but that is no reason to label every protester as someone who should be forced to relocate to another country.

  • Linda

    Welcome to the People’s Republic of New Jersey. Look up the stats on Camden. Not the garden spot of the world.I’m not one bit surprised. If the situation were reversed and it was white football players, it would have already have been stopped.

    • Gmoney723

      Why does everyone keep labeling the black lives matters movement as a black versus white movement? It has nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to do with white versus black which is why so many members of the white race are protesting along with African Americans. Has anyone even read what the protest is really about or is it just another opportunity to make racially insensitive comments? This article is about one coach choosing what I feel was an inappropriate time to make his stance known.

  • Jon Clifton

    They can’t fire him; He’s black. Don’t you know that’s against the law?

  • David Medina

    First things first Preston Brown is a beacon of light in a dim and dark city of Camden, NJ. If you have never lived in a city were social injustice is prevalent and have been discriminated against because of the color of your skin you, this is something you will never understand. The gall of some of you people to call this man a “putz” is appalling. These student s live in a city that is the most dangerous and poorest city in the USA. The unemployment rate is well over 12%. 42% of the population lives under the poverty line. This is a place where there is no hope. You aren’t given a chance to make it, all odds are against you. The American Dream is that only a dream. The reality that this kids live is different than your suburban cookie cutter homes. Yes we have the right to protest especially when Francis Scott Key wrote a song that wasn’t made for us. We were the salves that were to be murdered. This is clearly penned in the Star Spangled Banner. Here it is so eloquently spoken. 3rd verse of the star spangled banner. No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    Now try to understand our plight. This “Freedom” wasn’t meant for us.

    • RER

      Camden NJ has been run by Democrats since the 1950s. It is a Socialist Utopia. They have strong Communist ties. 3 different Democrat mayors have been indicted for fraud and corruption in the last 20 years. Cambden’s poverty and unemployment are a direct result of years of unchecked liberalism.

    • J F Miller

      David, per Wikipedia- According to the historian Robin Blackburn, the words “the hireling and slave” allude to the fact that the British attackers had many ex-slaves in their ranks, who had been promised liberty and demanded to be placed in the battle line “where they might expect to meet their former masters.”

      Robin Blackburn (born 1940) is a British historian, a former editor of New Left Review (1981-99), an author of essays on the collapse of Soviet Communism, on the “credit crunch” of 2008, and of books on the history of slavery and on social policy. His most celebrated works, American Crucible: Slavery, Emancipation and Human Rights (2011), The Making of New World Slavery: from the Baroque to the Modern, 1492-1800 (1997) and The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery, 1776-1848 (1988), offer an account of the rise and fall of colonial slavery in the Americas, contributing to the emerging field of “Atlantic history”. He has also published histories of Social Security, and critiques of the “financialisation of everyday life” and of the privatization of pension provision.

      Concerning your comments “This is a place where there is no hope. You aren’t given a chance to make it, all odds are against you. The American Dream is that only a dream. The reality that this kids live is different than your suburban cookie cutter homes.” I guess these people (,_New_Jersey) don’t count in your book. Now I realize many of these folks lived long before the Camden we know today. But to say there is no hope… you aren’t given a chance…, I’ll disagree. Life is what you make it. While kids from Camden may have a tougher path to go down, it can be done.

    • Harrison7973

      Sorry to tell you, but when slave is used in the full version of the song, it isn’t referring to blacks. It was a metaphor for the colonists treatment by the British and part of the reason for the revolution. Learn your history.

      • Harrison7973

        Or refer to jf miller’s post because I think I stand corrected, but again it is not endorsing slavery

    • Bryan

      All the depressing stats you state can be traced back to JUST ONE thing: Democrats in office over decades. Every failing black-majority city has that in common. It’s nobody’s fault but your own that you just will not learn. As Johnson said: “give em a bit of hope and a lot of lies, and we’ll have these niggers voting democrat for 200 years” Don’t blame Whitey for your community’s failures.

    • Debbie

      Im literally going to puke from your crap! No one is holding anyone in Camden from progressing from the pity party you commented on to a productive, law abiding person. That story is older than Moses. The real issue is that the parents need to wake up, stop using the race card and move if they are going to use the Im so poor I can’t move excuse. Camden offers alot to inner city kids. Scholarships to blacks only. I call BS on you.

    • leslie silk

      And the last time you picked cotton was? I have a suspicion your kind doesn’t actually want to be free. Then you’d have to actually take responsibility and accountability for your lot in life. Nope, no more slave masters forcing you to actually toil along with the rest of society. It’s all on you now. Sky is the limit. Prosper on.

  • VOTE TRUMP 2016 ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    “The District supports standing for the flag, but this is a personal
    issue, and we strongly respect our students’ experiences and their
    exercising our country’s First Amendment rights. Whether our students
    choose to stand, kneel, or otherwise, we’re proud of their engagement
    with what is more broadly a very important social justice issue.”

    I was with the district’s statement until those last 4 words.

    • Gmoney723

      I agree with the Districts statement that the black lives matter movement is a very important social justice issue (you would probably have to be African American or have empathy for those that are to understand) but I disagree with the district commending the protesting stance or kneeling if you will. It seems to me that it is a matter that should be discouraged from taking place on school grounds or at school events as it only leads to unnecessary controversy and potential confrontations.

      • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        There is a simple reason why I do not respect or agree with anything BLM stands for or those who follow them, THEY ARE USING A FALSE NARRATIVE AS THEIR EXCUSE!!! This false narrative has lead to several murdered police officers across the country. Have you read their list of demands? It is absolute nonsense.

        I have great empathy for citizen’s of this country that are being taken for a ride and used by the liberals. All that poor inner city families mean to liberals is votes. They never offer them a hand up, it is always a hand out.

        As for any public displays of a political or religious nature, I agree they have no business on public school grounds. That goes for the teachers that continually indoctrinate their students instead of teaching them the subjects they need to know.

        • Gmoney723

          What is the false narrative you are referring to?

  • Jenna

    Why not go back to Africa then? This is our flag. There is no oppression. We don’t put hyphen’s in front of America. We are ALL Americans.ALL lives matter. Including all us deplorable white folk voting for Trump. Look who’s in the white house? He should be fired and frog marched from the school campus. This is not his right to teach these kids his PC bull. This taking the knee stuff has to stop or sports will be de funded and no one will go to their games. Boycott the NFL. Maybe when Trump gets in the White House he will put a stop to this nonsense.When will they stop playing the victim card?

    • Michel Jean McCorkle

      Look the out going President has caused this divide. He has done more to turn back race relations than anyone.

      • David Vosteen

        He has set back race relations 100 years and the idiots in America not only voted for him once, but TWICE!!!! obuma is an asswipe just like killary and all the dumbocrats.

  • Defiance65

    So let’s teach these young people to focus on being defiant instead of positive. All you are doing is generating hate. Against who? The white man. And don’t tell me this is not molding their minds in this way. And there is no way this coach will be fired. Not even a chance. Now if he was white and was leading his team in prayer, unless it was an Islamic prayer, he would be fired and they would be offering counseling to the kids

    • Gmoney723

      I am not sure why so many are twisting the black lives matters into a black versus white thing but coaches encouraging their teams to protest during games or join in on prayers after games seem inappropriate. Those who do not share the same faith should not be pressured to either join in on a group prayer or look like a pariah if their faith is different. And coaches who are in support of the Black Lives Matters movement should not be pushing that agenda on their players.

  • Muraco

    Start building more prisons now, America. Anyone who thinks raising children with this kind of hate and contempt for others ( especially white people ), and for their country will work out well for them in the end has got a lot to learn. Our president and officials have given these people a pass to commit crimes while blaming others for their ” misfortune ” . Unfortunately, it is already a fact that most black children are born out of wedlock , to mothers that have children from several other men… Isn’t life already challenging enough for them? They will have an even greater imprisoned rate then they do now , and that is just sad and unfortunate.

    When that happens ( in 10 or so years ) just remember that it was YOU…the black communities and officials like this coach here that were part of the cause.

  • Jerome Padin

    That individual is neither a coach nor a teacher, that mutt is a domestic terrorist tied to the democrats. That football program should be completely shut down permanently and every student flunked from school immediately.

    • Gmoney723

      The program and/or the school did not approve of this coaches stance. He and perhaps his coaching staff deserves the blame alone not the program, school or kids.

  • Mike Korach

    He coach your paid to teach them to play football an extra curricular activity. I didn’t know it also covered political view points. For the school district I wonder if a school team and it’s football coach decided to have a thin blue line decals placed on their helmets would you support their right to support the families of those officer killed in the line of duty or those injured.

  • teresa smith

    I say the school should not be supported by government funding, donations etc. Coach should be deported to africa and all students who followed his example of disrespect to the GREAT AMERICAN ANTHEM. When Trump gets in I hope he fires all teachers, coaches and shut down schools that disrespects our beautiful U.S.

  • Michel Jean McCorkle

    Well what you expect from the school district. Out in California they tell the kids that parents can’t discipline them. The coach is teaching his kids exactly what not to do. He probably tells them not to obey cops. The injustice really? Why is there never outrage over the black on black crime. The fact they attack cops. Their actions are what result in clashes with the cops. Tired of all these disrespectful people including whites. BLM is a hate group just like the KKK. Yell white pride you are a racist.

  • tiredofbulliesblamingothers
  • Michelle Cary

    I’m so proud of Highland’s boys for standing up and doing the right thing. A good portion of Highland’s team is African American and the area that feeds this school has quite a few low-income apartments and housing. Yet they didn’t play the victim card. They stood like an honorable team should. Nice work Highland!

    • leslie silk

      Are the students from Africa?

  • Shane361

    You mean the Flag that abolished slavery, enabled equal voting rights, sworn in the first black President, draped the coffin of countless AWESOME black men and woman who died protecting this country? No reason to be proud of all that I guess from your stance. Well I guess this WHITE guy will be VERY proud of all the achievements black men and woman have made for this country FOR you.

  • ken


  • Jax


  • Band-wagon

    Nothing like people blaming a problem thier problems on others. Oppressed and social injustice rather than poor behavior and parenting.


  • Lynn Whalen

    Disrespecting the flag and those that have died to defend our nation should be criminal if you are an American citizen. PERIOD!

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      I served so people like this can stand or sit during the National Anthem. Making this a criminal offense would suggest that myself and millions of others served for no reason concerning this issue.

      However, I think they are a bunch of fools who are falling for the false narrative promoted by the BLM and the MSM. They fact they are using their employer’s time to protest is also something they should not be doing. Even if I disagree with your protest and you are doing it the right way, meaning if you are doing it on your time and the protest is about a truthful subject, I will fight for you right to protest.

      For Kaepernick, his biggest mistake was opening his mouth and stating that police officers are paid murderers and do not get as much training as a cosmetologist. His ignorance showed immediately, there was absolutely no doubt he has no idea what he is talking about. All of the BLM mantra, agenda and demands are ridiculous. If they really cared they would all go into the inner cities where violence is common place and make real change. All these people spouting off have lots of money. If they really cared they would donate their time and money to institute real, lasting changes in these communities. But, they would rather sit during the National Anthem and hide behind a false narrative instead of actually doing something about the issue. If they would put their time and money into this issue that they claimed to care so much about, then and only then would they deserve respect. That is the kind of change that would garner you respect from everyone.

  • JpRAustin

    Indoctrination. Here’s an idea. How about being more concerned with the education this kids are or aren’t receiving in the Camden School District. This coach is a fool & a tool and he’s leading these kids down a road to lifelong victimhood…..and the school district officials aren’t doing them any favors either. Pathetic situation all around – except for the two individuals who are just that – individuals!!

  • Matthew Sharon

    I call BS, he doesn’t love America, he obviously has no respect for America or the Military and the folks who died for his rights.

    • Gmoney723

      Colin Kaepernik and this coach are using the national anthem as an opportunity to gain attention to the injustices they are protesting against. It is not done for the purpose of disrespecting the country, the flag or the countries anthem. I personally do not feel that this is the best time to make such a protests. As an African American I cannot say that I agree with their using this time of patriotism for such a protest. That is just my two cents on the matter.

      • Matthew Sharon

        yes it is done to disrespect the nation and the anthem that and to get attention for himself. he if really cared about the injustices he was supposedly protesting about he would go and actually make an attempt to do something about them.

        • Gmoney723

          Well the protesting is an attempt to do something about them but there is a time and place for everything and this was a poor choice in where to do it (this put the players under duress to go along whether they approved or not). Colin on the other hand is an NFL player and is using that venue as a place to draw a lot of attention to his protest which I think is not a bad thing. I feel more professional sports players should use their celebrity status to bring awareness to things that they are protesting. That is the freedom that is spoken about in the constitution and the same types of protests are what have worked to promote other causes.

          • Matthew Sharon

            Funny most business won’t let you do things like that on the clock. he is on the clock and doing this. I do agree we have the freedom to peaceably protest. he is definitely doing that. that said he is an inspiration to millions of kids in the USA and he is setting a piss poor example.

          • Gmoney723

            In a traditional workplace this would definitely be unacceptable but Muhammad Ali, Wilt Chamberlain and several other athletes have used the television and sporting events to peaceably protest in the past. Along with tons of other white Athletes and entertainers. It is not for me to say it is right or wrong but I can respect your viewpoint and opinion.

          • Matthew Sharon

            thank you

          • Gmoney723

            You are more than welcome and thanks for sharing your viewpoint with me. Cheers!

          • Gmoney723

            I am sure many said the same thing about Frank Sinatra when he protested in support of the civil rights movement. Here is an article about it:

          • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            I worked for a company that would not even allow you to have “offensive” bumper stickers. Of course, every liberal bumper sticker was acceptable while conservative ones were not. The head of security had “CUSTER HAD IT COMING” on the side of her pink Hummer. When people complained it was deemed to be not a bumper sticker because it was painted on.

          • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            The awareness is there. Now why don’t these very wealthy athlete’s institute some real change in those communities. If there sincerely care about these communities, then HELP!!! Sitting on your ass for the National Anthem is going to create more hatred towards them and the BLM BS. They need to encourage people in these communities to become police officers. Maybe even quit their multi-million dollar jobs and become police officers themselves to help the ones they claim to care so much about.

            Rolling up their sleeves, taking the money and time into these communities is what is needed. To continually blame the police for the problems in these communities in dishonest and pure BS. The real issue is drugs, drug and alcohol addiction and violence. Stop these issues, get families together and people will respect you more than you ever thought possible.

            Heroes are not made on the field of games sitting through the National Anthem. Heroes are made from the devotion of your soul into issues you are really concerned about. Not blaming others for your failures. Those are the things people will respect you for. Spouting off about issues does nothing to help. As a matter of fact they are creating more hatred instead of compassion for these communities.

          • Gmoney723

            Here is an article about Kaepernik doing more than just sitting down during the national anthem to further his cause:

          • Gmoney723

            The San Francisco 49ers organization decided to donate a million dollars also on behalf of Colin Kaeperniks protest:

          • Gmoney723

            His protest is inspiring others in high places to do exactly what you stated, do something to make a difference aside from sitting through national anthems. This type of devotion as you mentioned is not largely publicized and has nothing to do with blaming anyone for failures or trying to gain respect from anyone. The hatred you speak of is more than likely coming from those who are either misinformed or being motivated to view the BLM as a racist movement but to date I have heard of no race riots or violent acts committed by members of the movement. Now just as there is a rogue element in law enforcement that is causing this movement to take place there is also a rogue element that is going around killing innocent cops. The difference is you can bet your last dollar that when they are found they will be either killed or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

          • Gmoney723

            Just out of curiosity what is it that you have heard about the BLM movement that causes you to term it as BS? Maybe you can shed some light on it for me.

          • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            The statistics surrounding this issue do not pan out the way the BLM would make you believe. All you have to do is read their list of demands to figure out what a bunch of BS they are. If they really cared, they would get hired as police officers and get involved. But all they are doing is whining and complaining. It is just lip service. If they were to go to neighborhood’s in Chicago and stop the violence, the drugs and the black on black crime, that would be great. That would be inspiring. That would be heroic!!! Sitting for the the National Anthem takes nothing more than a butt, which everyone has. The police officers are the scapegoats. But what is even worse than the way police officers are being treated, is the way the citizen’s have been treated by the DNC for decades. One of the only things I thought would be good about our POTUS years in office would be that he would truly make change in these communities. But he has done nothing. As a matter of fact, these communities have fallen further.

            It has to stop!!!

          • Gmoney723

            The BLM list of demands is why I am not a supporter of the movement myself, while I agree with some of the demands, the reparations and labeling a war on blacks is more of a spin off of other black organizations movements in the past. To which I also do not agree with.

            Now as for the black on black violence problem this runs deeper than most who are not members of the black community is probably willing to try and understand. That problem stems largely from three things:

            First, poor people tend to be more violent than those who are not poor regardless of color and more whites are killed by whites just as more blacks are killed by blacks. The statistics will show clear proof of that.

            Second, there have been guns being dumped into poor black communities for decades. This has been documented and common sense will tell anyone that the criminal element in any community are not obtaining their weapons by way of legal means. Someone is flooding the streets with cheap and sometimes free weapons (the private prison industry has been accused of fueling this to keep their inmate population growing). Poor folks cannot afford to buy AK47s and other expensive types of weaponry and not all poor people sell drugs.

            Third, the violence in black communities did not get out of control until the streets of black communities were flooded with crack cocaine. And you can do your own research to find out which portion of our government was responsible for that (its documented by all reputable media sources liberal and conservative). And the police were never able to get a handle on the violence and crime rate as a result. I applaud anyone who has the courage to become a police officer and I know tons of African American police officers.

            No celebrity or organization can completely shut down the black on black violence until they get these illegal guns out of the communities first. In addition, many who obtain these guns do so out of fear of being murdered if the do not have a weapon. And there of course the thugs who use the weapons to terrorize and control the drug game in streets.

            The POTUS has done no more or no less than the presidents that came before him for the black community since Lyndon B Johnson and his head start program. This problem is beyond a presidents ability to bring under control unless they are willing to involve the military which would take them away from the very profitable wars they are fighting for the wealthy.

            So many people who comment on the black on black violence have absolutely no idea as to how it began, why it has not been brought under control or why it continues to thrive.

  • David Vosteen

    That coach is a real douche…he should never be in a leadership position. Dumbass!!!!!!

  • Kathryn Pegelow

    This coach does not deserve to represent this nation or that school. This one does,……..

  • Gmoney723

    The hate that is spewing from so many of the commenters of this article
    does nothing towards getting others to get on board with the Blue Lives
    Matter movement. A movement that is disrespectful to the Black Lives Matter
    movement because of the mimicking of the name, keep the movement and call it something original (there have been plenty of white movements that did not call themselves the white civil rights movement).

    I am an African American and have nothing but the most absolute
    respect for the good members of law enforcement but there is a rogue element that
    needs to be dealt with. Because if nothing else they give the good cops a
    bad rap and reputation that they do not deserve. The moderators of this forum should not approve any hateful comments to be approved by anyone for posting as this only adds to the problem and does nothing to help us find a reasonable solution.

    • Jaha

      Gmoney723…well said!

  • Jaha

    Where in this coaches statement did it say anything about Black Lives Matter??

  • Guest

    There is no rule that people MUST stand for the flag or the national anthem. This is the country of freedom of speech. If you’re going to force people to do things such as stand for the flag or the national anthem, then you are no better than Nazi Germany.

  • extremistfred

    And Obama has achieved segregation once again.

  • Jrue Dinc Neal

    I’m saddened by these comments. I’m a black man that comes from Camden and this young man has done more for these young black men who once weren’t even considered to go to college he is giving them a voice and direction. Im not here to throw out stats yes it is Camden and we invite any of you to come walk in our shoes for a day. I’m pretty sure alot of you have nothing going on in your pathetic lives that you would throw stones during a gun fight. Know the difference idiots!

  • KlugerRD

    Teaching his students to be wimps and whiners.

    Life is not easy and they have to learn to deal with it.

    This was the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and all those who knelt are slugs and should be shown no respect.

    This coach is a disease on society.

  • Bill

    Mr Brown has more guts than those criticizing him

  • Dennis

    These idiots don’t even know what the flag stands for and how many Americans died to make sure the flag never hit the ground. I can’t even imagine the bravery of those fine men in that battle and they are being spit upon by thugs who don’t even claim this country as their own. Thanks to all our military men and women who serve this great country and keep it safe. Anyone who does not feel that way you may LEAVE TODAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!