Suspect Tries to Rob Convenience Store With Fake Gun, Clerk Responds With Real Gun

A Pour Boys convenience store clerk shot a man who threatened him with a BB gun.

A Pour Boys convenience store clerk shot a man who threatened him with a BB gun.

North Kansas City, MO – A robbery suspect who threatened a store clerk with a BB gun was shot on Saturday morning, around 2:30 AM when the clerk responded by drawing a real gun.  The suspect, Tho Van Tran, age 38, was shot in the shoulder after trying to rob the clerk and is recovering.

According to news sources, Tran walked into the Pour Boys gas station at 2601 Choteau Trafficway.   He picked up a candy bar, approached the clerk, and asked how much the candy bar cost.   Tran gave the clerk a handful of change.  As the clerk counted the change, Tran then pulled out what appeared to be a gun and said “Gimme the money!”  He continued to demand money until the clerk reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a handgun, and shot Tran once in the shoulder.  Tran then yelled that it was just a toy gun.  The “gun” that Tran had was actually a BB gun that looked like a real firearm, and it was not possible to tell the difference during the incident.

The clerk called 911 and then stood between the suspect and the door as Tran tried to crawl away.  Police arrived and arrested Tran, who was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.  He was charged with 1st degree Attempted Robbery and is under $75,000 bond.  Tran, who is from Mountainlake Terrace, Washington, has a previous criminal history including charges of Shoplifting, Burglary, Possession of Drugs, and a Parole Violation.

The Pour Boys store has been robbed numerous times in the past few weeks.  Video surveillance showed that a second suspect was in the vehicle that Tran arrived in but that suspect has not been identified yet.  The clerk’s name has not been released and the investigation is ongoing.

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