Video: Portland Protester Takes On Police Alone, Gets Disappeared

A Portland protester learned the hard way that outrage doesn't protect them against arrest.

A Portland protester learned the hard way that outrage doesn’t protect them against arrest.

Video: Portland Protester Disappears After Trying To Take On Portland PD Solo

Protesters across the country continued their juvenile-like actions as they held “Not My President’s Day” demonstrations on Monday, February 20, which coincidentally is also President’s Day.

According to Fox News, the protesters were questioning the validity of President Trump’s victory and expressing their opposition to a variety of issues including immigration and climate science.  Even though it was a holiday for some, most people had to work or just didn’t care, and they didn’t show up.

At least nine events were reported and were driven by social media.  Monday’s events followed a weekend of rallies. One rally was held in Washington, D.C., in front of the Supreme Court building.  Another protest was held in New York City.  Organizers for the protests had predicted a turnout of 14,000 but the numbers were actually only in the hundreds.  This is despite what I’m sure will be lots of fake news reports.

Other cities where rallies were held included Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and Kansas City, Missouri. All protests appeared peaceful with no reported injuries or damage except for Portland, where several protesters were arrested.  Portland Police Officers arrested the protesters for blocking the roadway on Southwest 3rd Avenue at Madison Street.

There were two different protests in Portland.  One had a valid permit and one did not.  The Portland Police Department actually tweeted which location had the valid permit.  The arrests did not occur during the permitted event. However, at the unpermitted event, three Portland Police Officers sustained minor injuries from dealing with the crybabies.

The unpermitted Portland protest was partially sponsored by Don’t Shoot PDX.   Dozens of protesters showed up, some wearing gas masks and some with their faces covered with a mask.  They were met with Portland Police Officers in riot gear.  When these protesters tried to block the street, at least one person was blasted with non-lethal projectiles and taken into custody.  Don’t Shoot PDX is a Black Lives Matter group which is clearly evident on its web site.

You can see the stupidity here:

Why is it not surprising that Black Lives Matter is involved?  If it involves anti-police, divisive rhetoric, racism, and discrimination, then they’re part of it.

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