Cop Pulled Troubled teen From Guard Rail on The Bridge, Preventing Tragic Leap

Depression kills

Depression can kill

Suicide is a tragic way to go, police deal with it every day, this Hero cop prevented such a tragedy from happening.

The Greenfield Patch reports:

Milwaukee Police officers saved a teenager’s life as he attempted to jump off the 16th Street Viaduct early Wednesday morning, according to an official report.

The officers were dispatched to the Viaduct at 16th and Clybourn just south of the Marquette University Campus around 7:30 a.m. on June 29 for a welfare check after a witness said a young man was on the bridge and about to jump.

Officer Matthew Wenzel approached the 16-year-old, who was on the guard rails, and pulled him off the bridge.

For whatever reason, groups like Black Lives Matter will never admit that incidents like this happen. People like them, media outlets looking for ratings, AL Sharpton, hell, even certain presidential ellects, will do anything in their power to demonize American Police Officers.

Potential Suicide calls are some of the most common calls for service that we run during our tours of duty. We go through extensive training, albeit, we could always use more, on how to deal with people who suffer from mental illness. We all signed up for this job to help others and this is one of the areas where we actually do make a difference. When someone is thinking of taking their own life, whether they call us or it is a friend that makes us aware of the situation, we immediately respond to help. We are not just “government revenue machines,” we certainly are not racist blood thirsty killers; but what we definitely are is compassionate human beings with a deeply ingrained altruistic nature.

The next time you hear some Black Lives Matter supporter, or your average unlettered cop hater spew any of the above mentioned slander towards police, just tell them this story, and the thousands of others like it.