Police Will Not Be Trusted To Handle Capitol Inaugural Day Protests Without Special Police To Watch Them

Michael Tobin, head of the DC Department of Police Complaints, says they'll be watching the police.

Michael Tobin, head of the DC Department of Police Complaints, says they’ll be watching the police.

Police At Inaugural Day Protests To Be Monitored For Rights Violations

Washington D.C. – Special police tasks forces will be brought in to police the planned Inaugural Day protests, but it’s not the protesters that they’ll be policing, it’s the law enforcement officers.

NBC News 4’s Mark Segraves reported that protest groups are claiming that they are concerned that police officers will infringe upon their constitutional rights. In response to these concerns, government resources are being dedicated to place teams on the ground to police the police.

Michael Tobin, the head of the DC office of police complaints, said that he will put five mobile field teams out in the crowds at the Inaugural Day Protests who are specially marked as investigators of police misconduct. The investigators will have audio/video recording devices to record any misconduct.

But five teams isn’t enough manpower for demonstrators, so teams of U.S. Marshalls who are trained by the ACLU and “other” groups will also be out in the crowds to watch the police.

It’s absurd that resources are being wasted to monitor the police who are expected to deal with protest groups. These same groups have already vowed to disrupt the inauguration and “shut it down.”

Furthermore, the protesters all have cameras with them, the media will be everywhere, and if rogue police are going around violating people’s rights, then it’s bound to be captured on camera. The administrators surely know this, and they care more about sending a message to protesters that they will have an eye on all of the shady police officers.

This also sends a clear message to police in DC: The police cannot be trusted, and there’s more concern about police officers’ conduct than there is for the protesters’ conduct.

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