New Jersey: Police Detonate Bomb, 5 Terrorist Suspects Detained

new jersey bomb

Police on scene at a New Jersey train station (Twitter)

Police Detonate New Jersey Bomb, 5 Terrorist Suspects Detained

Elizabeth, New Jersey – A bomb was detonated by police after being found in a trashcan at a New Jersey train station.

Five improvised explosive devices were found inside of a backpack at an Elizabeth, New Jersey train station. News agencies report that a police robot accidentally detonated the devices, as you can see in the pictures and video below.

Authorities stated that the loss of life “could have been enormous” if the bomb had not been found. Hours later, thousands of people would have been packed together in the train station preparing for their Monday morning commute.

According to the Mayor of Elizabeth, Chris Bollwage, two men had discovered the bombs inside of a trash can at around 9:30pm and alerted police. They picked the IEDs up thinking that they were something of value, but dropped them after seeing wires and pipe. The FBI confirmed that these IEDs are related to the explosion in New York on Saturday night.

On Saturday, an explosive device was set off the New York neighborhood of Chelsea, injuring 29 people. All 29 people have been released from the hospital since the bombing. A bomb was also prematurely detonated during a Marine Corp charity race in New Jersey earlier Saturday. Thankfully, the runners were delayed by a registration error at the starting line.

After the Chelsea explosion on Saturday night, an IED was found a few blocks away that had not been detonated. This device was made out of a pressure cooker, like the IED that the Boston Marathon bombers used to kill 3 people and injure 260 more.

Investigators have stated that the bombs in New Jersey and New York both used old style flip phones as timers to detonate the bombs. Investigators also say that the bombs were made by amateurs, but still very deadly.

Also, earlier Sunday night, the FBI stopped a vehicle on the Belt Parkway and detained five heavily armed people. The FBI has confirmed that all 5 are from New Jersey, but do not know yet if they are linked to the bombings. No one has been charged at this time.

1,000 extra officers, as well as the national guard, have beefed up security in New York.

We will release further information as it becomes available.