Why Is Police Compliance So Taboo?


Why Is Police Compliance So Taboo?

Excuse me sir? Would you mind putting that gun down?

Why Is Police Compliance So Taboo?

Police compliance – Why has it become unacceptable for police to ask someone to drop a gun?  A small dose of humility and listening to the police could have changed all that.  It’s called Police Compliance.

Since Keith Scott was shot last Tuesday it seems like the world has lost its mind.  Dozens of extremely popular news agencies started off reporting it as “Disabled Black Man Shot By Police While Reading Book In Car”.  The resulting unnecessary riots caused a state of emergency.

Yesterday, my posted video showed how easily a person holding a gun down by their side can shoot someone.  People still commented they didn’t have to shoot Keith Scott.

Anti-police websites constantly spout things like “the government wants to control you”, “police are oppressing you”, and “you don’t have to do everything that the police tell you”.  On my Twitter, people have even reasoned that Chicago violence is so bad because police are driving through the hood at night throwing out boxes of guns.

The media is making police out to be the bad guys every single chance they get.  Ferguson officer Darren Wilson shot the “gentle giant” Michael Brown, while conclusive DNA evidence showed that Brown was trying to get his gun.  It was also proven the “hands up, don’t shoot” testimonies were completely fabricated by people that hadn’t even seen the incident. Police are never popular with criminals, but since the Ferguson shooting they are hated and mistrusted by more people than any other modern time.

One thing could have prevented all the riots, animosity towards police, and people being shot:  Police compliance.

Police compliance doesn’t mean complete obedience to the government.  Police don’t sacrifice for the sake of lining government pockets. We don’t do it to bully a community.  Policing is the necessary means to make our communities safer.  For the police officer, it can be very rewarding as we love helping people.

Police compliance means taking a moment to follow a simple command.  If you aren’t sure why then we can talk about it later – when everyone is safe and available for dialogue.

If you think my command unnecessary, a citizen has the recourse to file an internal complaint or a civil lawsuit.  We understand that we are human too, and mistakes can be made.  That’s why citizens are afforded the complaint options.  But never at the expense of safety.

I tell my kids, my black police buddies tell their kids, and almost everyone that I know tell their kids: “just do what the police tell you to, if you were wronged we’ll argue it in a court room or in a lawsuit”.

What if Michael Brown just stopped and complied?  What if Alton Sterling didn’t fight the police?  What if Keith Scott just dropped the gun after they told him to 15 times?  Has it become so out of hand that a police officer asking someone to drop a gun is unacceptable?  Where has personal responsibility gone?

Most of the riot-causing landmark incidents though within the past few years could have been avoided if the person killed would have simply done what police told them to:  Police Compliance.

  • yknot46410

    Donut, thank you for all the work you do on behalf of law enforcement and law abiding citizens everywhere. This is something I have been saying for years. Follow the commands. If you feel you have been wronged, you are entitled to your day in court to plead your case. If you fight, you only hurt your case. If you resist you will have a harder time claiming brutality or profiling in a court of law, or even with the complaint process. Sure, there are officers out there who have no business being behind a badge, but for the most part they seem to be weeded out by their departments. Most officers do right. Unfortunately, they are all human, and as such, subject to human imperfections, be it racism, bullying or even just making a wrong decision. Also unfortunately, when mistakes are made by the men and women in blue, it can result in the loss of life. Most of the time though the offended party bears at least some responsibility. If you make a furtive movement you may wind up sprayed, tased, or shot. If you keep advancing on an officer after he has told you not to you may wind up on a cold, steel slab. If you try to fight while being arrested, your family may have to come and identify your body. Don’t be a dumbass. Don’t break the law. Allow yourself to be inconvenienced for a moment and live. Rant over.

  • Post Purgatory

    The lack of compliance from certain aspects of society is exactly why cops treat them different when they have an encounter with them. If every time you have an interaction, a person is combative, it sets the tone for future encounters.

  • Shiloh

    Ignoring police instructions is taught in the ‘hood
    …most ‘hood parent(s) are drug addled morons with criminal records.