Police Challenge To Colin Kaepernick

Dr. Ron Martinelli issues a challenge to Colin Kaepernick.

Dr. Ron Martinelli issues a challenge to Colin Kaepernick.

Those who lack context, lose all credibility – the Story of Colin Kaepernick

Oppression, (Noun), Def. “prolonged, unjust or cruel exercise of authority; maltreatment, subjection, repression, suppression.”

By now many who follow sports and some that don’t have heard about the latest embarrassment in NFL sports – San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand in respect during the playing of our National Anthem during preseason games.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Kaepernick, he is a former University of Nevada – Reno quarterback who the 49ers selected in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft. After playing backup during his rookie season to quarterback Alex Smith, Kaepernick assumed the primary QB mantle after Smith was sidelined during the 2012 season with a concussion. After dazzling fans with his performance, coach Jim Harbaugh named Kaepernick as his primary QB. Since that time, Kaepernick has been sidelined from time to time with injuries.

Colin Kaepernick’s newest problems surfaced after a reporter noticed that he had not stood up in respect during the playing of the National Anthem. When an NFL reporter questioned Kaepernick about his behavior, the quarterback responded that his decision to remain seated during the anthem was deliberate because he wanted to bring awareness to things in this country he believes are unjust. When asked to articulate what he meant, Kaepernick responded that he is protesting what he believes is America’s “unjust and oppressive treatment of black people and people of color.” According to Kaepernick, “what this country stands for – liberty, freedom and justice for all – in not happening for all right now.” During a recent press conference, Kaepernick refused to back away from his behavior and in fact double-downed, saying that he would remain seated during the playing of the national Anthem until he feels that our nation’s ideas are being realized for all. This is an interesting perspective from someone who knows little to nothing about the what real oppression is all about.

So who is Colin Kaepernick and what has shaped his character? Perhaps an even more focused question would be to ask him what context does he have of American society and of the so-called “oppression of blacks and people of color?”

Colin Kaepernick was born on November 3, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a white mother Heidi Russo (19) and a black father.  Unfortunately, like many black children, Colin’s father disappeared soon after discovering that Heidi was pregnant and abandoned the pair. To this day, Russo refuses to identify Colin’s biological father. Russo gave Colin up for adoption by a white couple Rick and Teresa Kaepernick soon after Colin was born. The couple had two other children and raised Colin as their own. Theresa Kaepernick told the New York Times in 2010 that she and her husband were always very open about adoption and skin colors. They were quite comfortable with having Colin as their son.

Colin recalls a difficult childhood where he and the family received curious stares. He states that classmates told him that the Kaepernick’s weren’t his real parents. Yes, kids can be cruel. However, Colin credits his white adopted father for instilling what he refers to as “strong values” in him from childhood. He states that his father told him to carry himself in a certain way and to always treat people with respect. Kaepernick states that this is something that he has carried over throughout his life and how he deals with situations. Well, for me that’s a problem and one of the reasons for this column today.

My problem with Colin Kaepernick is the same that I have with many young and high-profile people his age today. His behavior does not reconcile with what he says his values are. He tells us that he was taught to always treat people with respect. Yet, by remaining seated during our National Anthem, he is decidedly disrespectful to an entire nation of people who fought, died and were physically and psychologically maimed defending people just like him from being oppressed. Next, Kaepernick simply lacks the maturity, knowledge, and important “context” about such terms as oppression, civil rights, liberty and freedom that allows one to have the understanding and mature insight to know what real oppression, maltreatment and subjugation of people are. That’s where the heart of Colin’s problems lies.

I get it Colin; you are angry having been abandoned by your biological father. Yet, you don’t seem to find his actions as having been “oppressive” – prolonged psychological maltreatment – towards your white biological mother by denying her the comfort of a loving relationship and a parenting partner? How about your biological father’s actions in abandoning you? You don’t see any cruel exercise of parental authority visa vie his desertion of that authority which appears now to have negatively impacted your childhood? That’s not “oppressive?” And albeit you state that you are so concerned about what you refer to as “accountability,” you don’t cry out for accountability from the very man who abandoned you before you were even born? Deep, right?

Now let’s talk about real “oppression of blacks and people of color.” How about gun violence? In Chicago this month there have been 84 homicides. Of those, 74 were from gun violence. Of those 78.6% were black victims and 16.4% were Hispanic victims. Only 5% were white or other races. A person in Chicago is shot every 2:03 minutes and murdered every 11:56 minutes. You don’t think an environment where people lock themselves inside of their iron-barred up homes at night like they were enlarged jail cells isn’t “oppressive” to members of the minority community?

How about black and other minority gang bangers and dope dealers who sell cocaine, crack, meth and other hard, addictive drugs to members of the black and minority communities. You don’t think that the physical and psychological enslavement of people of color to drugs for the rest of their lives isn’t “oppressive; or prolonged, cruel treatment” of the minority community?

Colin, you don’t think that turning young children into dope dealers and young girls into prostitutes isn’t “oppressive?” Just where have you been, bro? Oh yes, I remember. You’ve been busy tossing around that football in the safe suburbs of Turlock, CA and Reno, NV. You’ve been too busy working on yourself than hanging around “the hood” to observe real oppression. Now you are a 1%er, making about $19 million a year for throwing a stupid football around and living the high life in a gated community with your MTV entourage. You amaze me with your self-centered, insulated, new found interpretation of “social justice.”

A personal challenge to you Colin Kaepernick – Are you man enough to accept it?

Here’s my challenge to you Colin. Get out into the real world and learn something about what real oppression is and just who is fighting it on your behalf. It might astound you, but it’s the police; not Black Lives Matter, my man. You need to get educated Richy-Rich. Get over to Oakland at 1 AM and walk around the Acorn Projects, Ghost Town, Cypress Village, Ice City and Bushrod Park. Then pop over the bridge to your 49er home town and visit Big Block in Hunter’s Point, and watch the boys from the Oakdale and Bay Sho Mobs selling dope to your fans. Maybe you can gather up some courage to chastise them for oppressing “The People.” I doubt it though. It’s just not you from what I can see. You are more of the overly-entitled, millionaire, limousine liberal, “social justice” celebrity type.

Here’s another helpful suggestion. Why don’t you learn something about how police are trained and what they actually do for a living before you call them murderers? How about signing up for a one-week ride-a-long with the Oakland and San Francisco Police Departments. Actually get into a squad car and watch how cops police the streets; trying to protect communities and citizens from the real oppressors of American society; the crooks. You might learn something about the lack of respect for authority and how dangerous and challenging it is for police in today’s uninformed, selfish society to de-escalate angry, volatile and drug-influenced people.

Finally, do some real studying about politics and sociology and try to determine how and why endless government entitlement programs; a broken education system; the cancellation of school voucher programs and exceedingly high high school dropout rates have oppressed the minority community by destroying the incentive to move upwards in society and out of poverty and despair.

After you have completed my challenge; report back and tell us in a press conference what you learned. From your background I see that you’ve never done anything other than being born in this great country to deserve citizenship and our freedoms and liberties. Yet you disrespect those of us who risked all so you could have that birthright. I am reminded of the last words of a mortally wounded American captain in Germany during World War II in the movie Band of Brothers; “Earn this.”

Dr. Ron Martinelli

Dr. Ron Martinelli

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist and retired police detective with the San Jose (CA) Police Department. Dr. Martinelli directs the nation’s only Forensic Death Investigations & Independent review Team and is the author of the new book, em>“The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police”. His forensic site is found at www.DrRonMartinelli.com.

  • Lesley Isaacs

    Great article! But somehow I don’t think ole Richey Rich would be brave enough to take you up on that offer.

  • ladywriter24

    great article and beautifully written but I doubt he will even bother to read it and I’d be willing to bet he’s not man enough to accept your challenge. he’s all talk and zero action.

  • Rudo Yera

    Like so many people in positions of power in this country, you failed to LISTEN to Mr. Kaepernick. Which has become somewhat of a tradition when the issues affect Black & Brown People of this nation.

    Would you expect a Jewish person to salute or pledge allegiance to the Nazi flag? Saying “NO!” to that & expecting Colin Kaepernick or any self-respecting Black or Brown American with only a minute knowledge of the atrocities that were committed to form this so-called “Great Nation” is the ultimate hypocrisy. Or, it’s arrogant ignorance. Either way… it’s yet another oppressive tactic used against People of Color, especially Blacks.

    Oppression, (Noun), Def. “prolonged, unjust or cruel exercise of authority; maltreatment, subjection, repression, suppression.”

    Since you so kindly provided the definition, let me break it down for you:
    Before the first STOLEN African stepped onto this land as cargo, they & their descendants have caught nothing but pure hell. Treated to inhumane conditions by creatures that don’t deserved to be called men or human. The ships Captains & crews were simply savages. Raping the Women AND Men. Many of the captured Africans willingly leaped to a certain death into shark infested waters, merely to escape the beasts that wished to enslave them.

    Then, even more UNJUST atrocities continued for a PROLONGED period of time, HUNDREDS of years to be exact. Conditions so horribly unbearable, Mothers would suffocate their own children, just so they wouldn’t have to grow up into bondage, servitude, rape & torture.
    Tortured or killed simply for knowing how to read. But, Massa must have had a kind streak in him to introduce lily-white Jesus to their MALTREATED slaves. Indoctrinating the image of white male superiority/authority over them & every generation that follows.

    How can we forget an additional HUNDRED YEARS of Jim Crow Laws & Black Codes the descendants of enslaved Africans were SUBJECTED to?
    Or the Black Men that served in the military only to be treated less than human when they returned to their so-called home.
    How about LAPD’s own Willie H. Parker? The Police Chief that recruited KKK members throughout the southern states to police the Black & Brown neighborhoods. It was under his regime that white gangs (Spook Hunters) literally hunted down Blacks with no fear of penalty or punishment.
    These heinous acts birthed the Community Revolution In Progress (CRIPS), who grew tired of the attacks & decided to protect themselves, their people & their neighborhoods.

    Uh-Oh… the Negroes are fighting back!!! Then someone had the grand idea of moving ALL of the factories away from Black neighborhoods & wouldn’t hire Blacks at all. Keeping them in financial servitude.
    Just as your forefathers did with the Native Americans, offering Whiskey & Guns, then blankets with Polio… Blacks were unknowingly injected with the syphilis virus from 1932 to 1972… 40 (FORTY) YEARS… 4 DECADES of infected Men. Family Men that would naturally lay down with their Wives & have children.

    I’ll fast forward another 40 years, Police are killing INNOCENT Men, Women & Children… ON VIDEO & no one is paying the price. These & MANY MORE conditions are what Colin Kaepernick is protesting.

    • Pamelita243

      You seriously need to check some of your historical facts about how selling Africans started and by whom…(spoiler alert) it was other black Africans. Yes, blacks were treated horrifically, but that’s been over for years; nowadays blacks are their own worst enemies. Instead of always bringing up what happened centuries ago, why not discuss this one? No one can change the past and, speaking for myself, I refuse to accept the blame for actions other than my own. I don’t owe the black community a thing and they don’t owe me a thing. I do not blame all blacks for the actions of those who riot and loot whenever there’s a news story they don’t like, I blame those who actually commit those crimes. So for you, or Kaepernick, to blame all whites or all cops for the actions of a few shows that you are doing exactly what you accuse others of. But if you really feel that the USA is akin to Nazi Germany…why not leave? Seriously, you shouldn’t live here if you feel so strongly that the American people (made of all races and nationalities led by a black president) are oppressing you. Just work up the courage and go somewhere else.

      • Rudo Yera

        Your info is slightly factual. Yes, African tribes that went to war with one another DID acquire their tribesmen they defeated. BUT, unlike slavery in AmeriKKKa… slavery wasn’t a lifetime sentence. They were even allowed to join and marry into the tribe. NO SUCH THING HAPPENED HERE.

        It’s amusing how white people like to say about slavery “that was soon long ago” as if we’re talking about a stain on the couch your 19 year old Son made when he was in Jr. High School.

        So the laws & institutions that were created to keep Black subservient, the majority of which are still in place & operating at full throttle, have no bearing on the conditions of many Black people in America?

        Let’s get current then, shall we? (i’ll just give you a few examples, as i have a busy day ahead of me)
        1921-Tulsa, OK; Black Wall Street, the FIRST U.S. City to be bombed by airplane. WHY? Because it was a THRIVING ALL BLACK TOWN. Destroyed by jealous whites & government officials.
        1955-Emmett Till; TORTURED & MURDERED by a white mob for allegedly WHISTLING at a white woman.(NOT GUILTY)
        1968-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Assassinated (in 1999 the U.S. Government revealed THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH)
        1969-Fred Hampton Sr.; assassinated by Chicago Police Department.
        1992-Los Angeles Gang Truce was destroyed by L.A.P.D. & L.A. County Sheriffs doing Drive-Bys while using impounded vehicles of know gang members. (i’ve witnessed this to be FACT with my very own eyes)
        2006-Sean Bell; Murdered by NYPD outside of his bachelor party (no cops in jail)
        2009-Oscar Grant; Murdered by Oakland Transit Coward On Patrol (no jail)
        2010-Aiyana Stanley-Jones; shot & killed during a raid by the Detroit Police Department (Wrong House/No Jail)
        2014-John Crawford III; Murdered by Ohio Police in Walmart after an Army Vet made a false 911/threat call.
        2014-Tamir Rice; Murdered by Ohio Police for playing in a park with a toy gun. (What kids normally do at parks)
        2015-Sandra Bland; found hung in her cell after being violated by Texas cop.
        Then there are Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Korynn Gaines, Keith Bursey & many others that have successfully SUED Police Departments, but were ALL KILLED by Police before the cases were financially settled.
        None of the police have been convicted. This is just a mere morsel of the disgusting treatment that makes songs like “Fxck The Police” become so popular. People thought NWA were liars until the entire world saw Rodney King being beaten. But… they were found not guilty as well.
        My FIRST encounter with police… my face was stomped into the pavement. For nothing more than walking home from work.

        Don’t blame your inferiority complexes on Black people, just because you’re scared of richly hued skin. Every Black Man you encounter is not a thug.

        • JohnCenaIsAGOD

          You make some valid points but you are also forgetting or just do not know some facts. More like just not wanting to discuss it. Yes slavery was horrible as hell. Never should of happened. But who faught the hardest to free the slaves? White men. White men are the ones who made it illegal in this country. The othet point you may not know about is, after the freeing of the slaves those people were given the chance to leave this country. The Government would pay for it. Some former slaves took it. Why did the others not? Maybe because unlike a lot of people (of all races) today they knew that no matter the crap they went through, they had it better here? It amazes how 200 years ago people that went through real hell had tougher skin than the entitled feeling punks of today.

          • Rudo Yera

            This is a quote from a current member of the U.S. Air Force:
            “Exactly which war was fought on behalf of the freedom of black people? At its core, the Civil War was fought over state autonomy and state vs federal authority… NOT freeing slaves. According to the 1857 Dred Scott decision, no person with African blood could become a U.S. citizen. This wasn’t even even 200 years ago, folks.”

            Would you accept a free trip to a land you don’t know? You only know that your Great Great Grandparents came from there. But, since enslaved Africans were stripped of their names, language, culture & identities, it would be like dropping off your 4 year old child in Texas & expect him to find his way to Rhode Island to find his long lost family members from 5 generations ago.

            As for having tougher skin 200 years ago, perhaps the whips, castrations, tar & feathering and rapes made them tougher. But, the fire has definitely not been extinguished.

            And who feels entitled? Is receiving proper justice an entitlement? What everyone seems to be missing here is, Colin Kaepernick has said himself that HE has not felt the great levels of oppression, but has endured some hardships & disrespect.
            Why is it so important for EVERYONE here to harp on Colin & not the actual issue of Police Misconduct & Brutality that is running rampant in this country?

            A Black Man legally carries a rifle in an Open-Carry State & 5 police cars surround him, guns drawn. A white man did the same thing, he was greeted by ONE officer possessing nothing but a smile.
            But, we’re just suppose to revert back to 1659 behavior & put our heads down & say “Yassuh Boss. No Suh Boss.” Those days are LONG GONE & shall never return.
            If the Government won’t intervene & protect it’s citizens from the hordes of rogue cops, they’re only planting seeds for another Toussaint L’Ouverture Uprising (Haiti 1791-1794) or another Nat Turner Rebellion (1831).
            It was FEAR that made many Southern & Northern Whites hop onboard with freeing the enslaved Africans descendants, not out of the kindness of their hearts.

            While you all have your altered & distorted history books to make your ancestors seem the hero, we have passed down traditions & 1st hand accounts of the atrocities, as well as the roads to victories.

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            According to you, one person says it wasn’t about slavery so yhats gold and throws away the facts. Why did South Carolina succeed again? Yeah at first for the UNION it wasn’t all about slavery but in the end it was. Nice try though dude. Don’t want to take my word for it, go talk to someone who has studied this particular time beyond what you were taught in school. I will not respond to anything else you have said or will because you clearly have no idea about history.

          • Rudo Yera

            i know about the Mystery/History they teach in these schools. I’m also well versed on the factual accounts. Not the ones that make everyone with a mint julep the kind & sweet slave masters that never existed.

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            I said I wasn’t going to reply but I have a nagging feeling to do so. If you were so versed on actual facts you never would of jumped to the conclusion about a war. I said faught for. Nothing about battles of an actual military conflict. However the American Civil war was faught because of slavery. Enough with that because you can easily google black historians talking about it. You would also know what the Republican party actually did to make sure that law passed to free slaves. Lincoln wasn’t really all that honest. And if you are so smart, do not assume my race for stating actual facts. For I am not white, nor black, nor Hispanic, nor Asian. I have a little bit of everything in me. I have ancestors that were slaves. I have ancestors that owned slaves. I have ancestors that came here illegally. But thats beyond the point at hand. Oh and BTW. I am a die hard 49ers fan that has been defending Kap against people even though I don’t like him as a player. Just when I see people not giving credit to the people who led and helped a cause become reality, I need to say something.

          • Rudo Yera

            THAT is the craziest thing to me. How the Republican Party was facilitating the emancipation. But now, the Republican Party being a friend to poor & oppressed people is a thing of the past.

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            Its crazy that any party of political affiliation would not do it. I thought the forefathers had different ideas. I also can’t believe I misspelled fought so many times. ????

          • MikeMarkCA

            Not at all, conservatives just don’t believe in pandering, conservatives are the ones who believe and treat Blacks just as they would a white person.
            Conservatives only make laws that pertain to everybody, not one skin color, that would be racist pandering, Conservatives believe Black people to be just as capable as white people. It is the liberal democrat who believes getting a photo ID is to onerous a task for people of color. So really, who is it that looks down on the Blacks as incapable of making it in today’s society without their help? You see, you have fallen for the mantra.

          • Rudo Yera

            i know you said you’re done. i appreciate the dialogue.
            That’s what needs to happen in order for any kind of resolution… dialogue. Not just one sided rhetoric & prejudging.

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            I don’t mind having discussions. I have been arguing so much with people over this lately, it’s getting tiring. You know I think everyone needs to chill. Whites shouldn’t think bad of other races and non whites need to stop thinking every white person is a racist judging them due to race. Until those things happen we are going to see this trend continue. And with social media now, it’s even worse. Me personally I judge people based on their own individual characters. Respect me, you have mine.

          • MikeMarkCA

            This will never happen until we get back to MLK’s message of striving for a colorblind society, not separating people by skin color and making different laws for different colors. This who notion of “hate crimes” is the first that should go, this notion that one’s motives matter when they assault somebody. Assault is assault no matter the skin color.

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            The words hate crime need to be thrown away for the simple fact that you usually don’t commit crimes against those you like. A color blind society would be nice but it’s not going to happen.

          • MikeMarkCA

            Not so long as we keep dividing by color…and it will happen in a few more generations, but constantly pointing a finger of blame and shame at whites is not the path.
            I have always been an outgoing advocate against racism, but even I have reached the point where I feel like we have been dragged back down to 1950.
            Life is too short for me to care about racism anymore, there is NOTHING I as a white person can do to convince a black person who I am. I used to care, but I lived through the progression of the last thirty years, only to see that progression dragged back down by the race hucksters. I haven’t the energy to care and start over again, it is useless. Until Black people go back to the messages of MLK and the latter messages of Malcolm X, they will instead be driven to hate. Charles Barkley has it right.

          • MikeMarkCA

            Think about this, it is illegal to discriminate against a black person in this country, but legal to discriminate against a white person for their white skin? Perfectly legal. The liberal idea is to replace one racism with another, THAT is completely the wrong path to be taking.

          • MikeMarkCA

            Why in the hell are we even talking about slavery in 2016?

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            The past is always relevant to the present.

          • MikeMarkCA

            Not in this case, if it were you would see no successful blacks. The Chinese were brought to America as slaves and low paid workers, has that history held down Chinese Americans? When Italians came, they were victims of racism, they picked the crops before the Mexicans did, fact is in the history of Louisiana more Italians were hanged than black people, did any of that history hold down the Italian community? There is no other community that has languished for as long as the blacks have, because blacks have been instilled with the notion they cannot make it on their own, even Malcolm X recognized this. I don’t know why Blacks are not insulted by this notion that producing a photo ID at the polls is oppressing the black vote? Isn’t the message here that Blacks are incapable of getting themselves a photo ID? Where I work in it is 50% white, 45% Mexican, and 5% Black, we all make the same wages, we all work under the same rules, and we all get along.

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            Are the Italians still veing targeted by French? (Louisiana). Are people racially profiling the Chinese and even Japanese? No, no and no. Blacks are being racially profiled. Not only by police but citizens. You would think that in 2016 that BS would not happen anymore, but it does. You use your work as an example of what? Nothing. America is a highly racist country. That racism has it’s roots from slavery. Therefore slavery is relevant to the present.

          • MikeMarkCA

            NO, name another country as diverse as America? There is NONE!!

            WHY ARE BLACKS TARGETED IN YOUR EYES? Why have the Italians moved on, the Chinese moved on, and so too the Mexicans will move on, and there will be the blacks still at the bottom of the social ladder languishing.
            I may not know what it is to be black, but blacks do not know what it is to be white. Blacks have this idea that white America hates them, ignoring the fact that when it comes to sports and entertainment white America applauds blacks, idolizes them. As far back as 1971, Reggie Jackson was my hero, many white kids had black heroes, and yet blacks still believe white America wants to see them fail. White America is frustrated at blacks for not pulling themselves up.

            You REFUSE to acknowledge that it is the black crime rate that draws attention of law enforcement, you refuse to accept the high black crime rates, you refuse to accept what role single parent households play in the high crime rate with young black males. My father would have kicked my ass up and down the street if he caught me hanging out of the street committing crime, and pedaling drugs, young black teens do not get that, who is at fault for that? Blacks need to pull their head’s out of their asses and quit buying into the victimization that the race hucksters throw their way, white America WANTS Blacks to succeed!

          • JohnCenaIsAGOD

            You are the one who refuses to see the truth. Black guy not breaking the law driving a nicer car gets pulled over. Hmmm… Why should a crime rate cause someone who is not breaking the law to get harassed by police? If thats the case why aren’t more whites being targeted? I mean the majority of methheads are white. Should YOU be harassed by police because you are white and white smoke meth? Its also not just the police. I have seen with my own two eyes on multiple occasions where a white woman holds her purse extra close to her when a black female who does not steal or break the law gets within 15 feet. You can be oblivious to the facts all day long sir. And just because a white person likes a black athlete doesn’t mean they respect them and wouldn’t be racist towards them. Here’s an idea. Go down to the South hang around some white folk there. Oh and do it parading as a black man. I guarantee you would change your opinion in a heart beat. Blacks are unjustly targeted. And not every black person plays the victim card. But the truth is the truth. And YOU can’t hide nor deflect the truth.

        • JD

          Ok, Now that we read your List why don’t you list all Black on Black Murders and see how long that list will be. Just like the article stop blaming everyone else. You think all the marching and violence is going to help? The people that can help are turning away.

          • Rudo Yera

            Sure, as soon as you provide a list of White on White Murders. As well as a logical explanation of why the descendants of enslaved Africans have YET to receive reparations from the U.S., just as the Japanese have & just as Jews have from Germany.
            Personally, I’m not into the whole Arts & Crafts (Picket Signs) and Parades (Marching). If that was a logical solution, it wouldn’t have to be repeated from the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s & still to this very day.
            The people that can, will & are helping are doing MUCH more than i care to tell any of you.

          • JD

            Same old thing, Change the subject when other people might be right. I wish you well, Your entitled to your opinion.But so much hate and racism from Black lies Matter.

          • MikeMarkCA

            What does white on white murders have to do with this, white people are not accusing the police of genocide. Likewise, Japanese decedents of those interned have not received reparations.
            You are stuck in your ways, you want to talk about things that haven’t a damned thing to do with the plight of today’s blacks. Children of interned Japanese are doing well, are they not? So why 100 years later are you still talking about slavery and blaming slavery for the failures of the Black community today? Blacks of the Jim Crow Era had more two parent homes than blacks today, so how on Earth do we blame that on slavery?

        • MikeMarkCA

          “1968-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Assassinated (in 1999 the U.S. Government revealed THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH)”

          Can you follow that up with some fact?

  • Pamelita243

    Kaepernick certainly has a right to his opinion, but he’s only making a fool of himself. He is just an over-privileged, overpaid football player with limited intelligence and a very narrow mind who is gullible enough to believe the media’s biased narrative. I seriously doubt he would take the time or have the courage to do some ride-alongs, because then he’d have to admit that he didn’t really know what he was talking about.

  • Perfectly Me…..

    Perfect! #blacklivesmatter is just an excuse, there is no rhyme or reason for it. Look in your own backyards for your issues, quit blaming everyone else. Equal rights mean you can actually go to school, get educated so you can work I’m stead of thugging therefore avoiding police confrontation. Clean up your streets, don’t blame. #BlueLivesMatter

    • Rudo Yera

      FYI: The Black Panther Party was created to eliminate gangs, prostitution & drug dealers from Black neighborhoods. The also provided FREE BREAKFAST FOR CHILDREN. Which was later became the Free/Reduced Breakfast & Lunch ALL school districts still have today.
      BUT… Crooked Cowards On Patrol didn’t appreciate the Black Panthers cutting into their illicit activities in the neighborhoods by stopping the gangs, drugs & prostitutes.

      • Perfectly Me…..

        Blaming police and white society is getting old. Equal rights started long ago. There ARE NO EXCUSES for anyone to not get an education and contribute to society, be kind, put others first. These young kids get recruited at like 10 yrs old to commit ceimes, who does that, thugs, stealing, killing robbing for money instead of doing the right thing. This issue has to start by changing ot to #ProductiveLivesMatter no white, no black, just productive
        #bluelivesmatter Quit blaming and worry about.THE REAL PROBLEM, respectively

        • Rudo Yera

          Yes, let’s worry about THE REAL PROBLEM.
          Everyone is bringing up Colin this & Colin that. The people that are doing that are guilty of cognitive dissonance.
          The ISSUE is the actual REASON he’s protesting. Does ANYONE on here remember why he refused to stand?

          Maybe if Cowards On Patrol would not only be given prison time in General Population, just like the other criminals, they’d think twice about overstepping their bounds.
          And yes, I’m in communique & on a first name basis with Councilmen & Senators, so we WILL see this punishment ON THE BALLOT. Bet On It.

          • daleh33

            We can clearly see you are so blinded by hate that you will NEVER 9had to do it since you love it so much) see clear enough that the Black Panthers were created to patrol the streets carrying guns claiming to protect blacks from hate crimes by the police. The BP never do a dam thing good for anyone but themselves and are the same today. You will NEVER get past your racist views so please shut the hell up.

          • Rudo Yera

            Since i stated nothing false nor derogatory, i’ll just chalk it up to you having an acute allergy to the facts.
            Good Day to you all.

          • Rambone

            BPP was initially created to eliminate gangs? Sure, if you say so. It was created to practice militant self-defense of minority communities against the U.S. government and to patrol African American neighborhoods to protect residents from acts of police brutality.. BUT what about now? There are tons more gangs and crime so your theory is out. Former BPP founder Bobby Seale has described the new BPP as a racist hate group.

            Colin should’ve found a better way to express himself. He’s disrespecting the heroes that have fought and died for this country to afford him to be a second-rate QB. I wish that I could see the response in San Diego live tonight but will wait until later tonight on social media.

          • Tami O.

            That is exactly the problem with what Colin did, by sitting he only brought attention to his character rather than to what he was “trying” to stand for. He is a “celebrity” who has the means to actually DO something, but all he did was sit. By protesting an entire country he in fact grouped all Americans as oppressors. Tell me what would happen if we grouped all black people as thugs? Mexicans as illegals, Muslims as terrorists or whites as white trash? Same as you grouping all cops as bad. Everyone just wants someone to blame when in actuality there are bad seeds in every form and we all need to take responsibility for our own actions. And if you believe there are injustices being done then STAND UP!! Regain our respect for authority and our neighbor. Quit putting so much value in celebrity and focus on the future of this generation, this country, this world!! Okay rant over.

          • Rudo Yera

            Precisely, there are bad apples everywhere. Unfortunately, in this country & especially by police officers Blacks are treated as thugs, Mexicans treated as illegals & Whites are apprehended after going on Killing Sprees.
            Colin has done GREAT WORK in inner-city communities. But, when his heart won’t allow him to salute a song & flag that allegedly stand for “Justice & Liberty for ALL” of it’s citizens, because only certain complexions receive full justice, he has that right.
            The media didn’t have to ask him, he was silently protesting amongst himself. There were no Social Media rants from Colin, stating that he wouldn’t stand in honor of the flag.

            It’s funny how some of the same people that refer to Muhammad Ali as “An American Hero” after he died, were treating him just like many folks are treating Kap now. Just take a gander at his Twitter & Instagram. it’s inundated with “N*gger this…” & “N*gger that…”
            But i get it, 1st amendment rights allow them to spew hate speech. But the 1st amendment doesn’t matter when Black people speak truth to the injustices in this nation.

            It could be a GREAT NATION, if all people were treated EQUALLY. Only then will All Lives Matter. Until then, we shall continue to defy a government & abusive police (not all, but abusers of power) that historically & consistently tell us we’re an afterthought. When we know, Black Lives Matter, TOO.

  • Kyn

    “Unfortunately, like many black children, Colin’s father disappeared soon
    after discovering that Heidi was pregnant and abandoned the pair.” this is very rude and not needed to make your point. i voice my opinion on your facebook and you block me? very
    unprofessional. just know i will now do everything in my power to shut
    your website down, find the names and departments of all officers
    involved in the making of this website, your facebook moderators and i
    will make sure this site and your facebook page get shut down.

    • Rambone

      Good luck with that Sunshine. He is protected by the 1st Amendment. Also, what he said was fact.

      • Kyn

        you don’t have to be black to not grow up without a father or to have a deadbeat for a father, that’s very stereotypical

      • JD

        What about the police officer who was suspended without pay for Practicing his 1st Amendment rights. That’s the Problem right there, Its not Black Lives Matter.. Its Black Lives Matter MORE (BLMM) And that’s why people have stopped Listening to what you have to say.

  • Kyn

    the fact that majority of you are acknowledging that Kaepernick grew up with white parents and is considered privileged means you understand white privilege is an actual thing …

    • MikeMarkCA

      You miss the point in its entirety. White privilege if you must call it that, is having a father in the home, unlike 70% of black kids have. Instead of being raised in a home without a father like many black kids, he was given to a white family and then had both parents in the home, and THAT was an advantage for Colin.

  • Donna Reid

    Mr. Martinelli, I respectfully disagree with you. I would like to ask you some questions. How many military people who have served our country defending our freedom were black, brown, non white? How many of those same people died or were maimed in action? Don’t you think that they took up the cause of liberty for all, which, would most definitely include their being treated with equality, even knowing as they fought for this sacred right, they were not in reality equally treated in their country, or even in their armed forces? Why is it that so many people of color in the military throughout our warring history were not officers but the dying front line foot soldiers? You criticize Mr. Kaepernick’s disrespect of our national anthem. Do you know that anthem was written about the war of 1812 when many slaves were accepted into the British army in exchange for their freedom? That if you look at the whole song, the song itself is about right of slavery and the anger of white folks whose slaves had gone to Canada so they could be free?
    Our country does not represent equality as much as we would like to believe the lie. From the school board to the Presidency, if you don’t have money you can’t buy the recognition through the media to be elected. So just think in our sordid relatively short history, how hard it’s been for people who’ve been purposefully treated as second class, to stand a chance to be elected. How amazing it was in 2008 that a black man became President and how for the past eight years, that very fact has brought out the ugliness in our citizens and the emergence of more vocal racial discord. The fact is, it’s only massive protests by all people coming together that have brought about civil rights changes for the oppressed . It wasn’t until August 6th 1965 that black people earned the right to vote along side their white brothers and sisters. That’s 100 years after emancipation of slavery! That is a long time to wait for one’s right to have a say. From the revolutionary war to present day, how many people of color died for a freedom of country they had yet to have, and how do you think those numbers compare to white lives lost?
    I have total respect for Mr. Kaepernick’s protest and the courage it took to stand up by sitting down. The reasons this incident is being discussed 24/7 by the media, are that Colin is a celebrity sport’s figure, we the people are bitterly divided when treating all people equally, and the whole damn media likes fueling the flames for drama and money. You sir, personally keep our house split by bringing up gangs, drug dealers, and criminals through your bias in associating those numbers with people of color, instead of focusing on the cause Mr. Kaepernick is speaking up about, which is an ongoing racial oppression by our Government Representatives and it’s Racist Citizens. You have also overlooked the most important part of his objective. When our country is failing to serve and protect all it’s own people equally and impartially, it is not disgraceful to choose not to honor what that country currently represents, it’s actually brave, and does the honor due for all those who have died, fighting for the dream to earn their right to be treated fairly.

  • Gene Splicer

    What do I do now? I already hate the 49ers and Giants!

  • William

    As long as police target African Americans, people will protest the police. It’s that simple.

  • MV

    BTW – a correction on movies….it was in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” , where the Captain (played by Tom Hanks) – tells Private Ryan to “…earn this” – that being the sacrifice others made to save him so that he could return home after his 3 brothers had been killed in various engagements during WWII.

  • Chet

    Pretty sure that this young man has not killed any innocent people in the course of abuse of power. Not a day passes that same same cannot be said for American law enforcement.

  • stmccrea

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me! BLM is the real oppressor, and white folks and police officers are just victims of bad PR? Sorry, but this story is dripping with racism from its opening paragraph.

  • Amy Didio

    how about you protest black lives matter on your time. I bet after the game your nowhere supporting the black lives matter movement. What a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lei

    This is just disgusting to read. People are blind not seeing what is going on today but when you hear it, you just want to ignore it. And you are cruel and ignorant using the disappearance of his father to say that is why he is actually mad. Really? Was that all you can find to use? And saying that it is rude and blah blah blah to not stand up for the national anthem, blacks didn’t even become free on Independence Day. When blacks were put in to fight in the war for those years, they were put in the front to die 1st. They were even shot by white soldiers that they were “supposedly” fighting with. Yes, there is black on black crime, but does that mean ignore how cops are killing black people? “BlackLivesMatter” doesn’t mean that ONLY black lives matter. It means ALSO. I have cop friends and family and I do not hate cops. I just don’t like the bad ones. But do I Support Kaepernick fully. If one reporter only noticed that he wasn’t standing up for the national anthem and made whole America see this in a negative way, then that is just sad. #BlackLivesMatterAlso

  • JaxksMaximus

    My God will any ever find a real to oppose this?
    It’s not disrespectful to the army and those of US that served. Yeah me so all you none service men need to stop with this excuse. I know men and women that served that do fell disrespected by it but that doesn’t make it a disrespectful thing to do. I know many others like my self that don’t.
    Unless he says “I’m sitting because fuck our military” then it’s not disrespectful to us. He’s doing it for America. The flag isn’t about us and everyone has there own way to feel about it. I didn’t do tours so we could force people to stand for the anthem because that’s un-American.

    I have a challenge for you, make a real argument. You think your smart and can trick stupid people on here by saying shit in a way so it sounds like it belongs here.
    You know nothing about how he feels about his farther, which none of those “ideas” of yours of his dad oppressing him makes any sense. It not oppression to walk out on your kid. It doesn’t have anything to do with the topic but I’m sure you would like for him to talk about then, if he does then he can’t talk about the real issue which you obviously can’t dispute.

    Great secondary defense to, bring up a bunch of crime that doesn’t matter to his issue and just gloss over it. It’s all about police brutality, unfair treatment, abuse of power, and unlawful killings.
    So what your saying is because of Chicago crime we should just let that continue throughout America? Because of black on black crime and all the black lives killed from that we should allow the unlawful killings from police?

    None of it makes sense as to why he shouldn’t speak on this. Keep bring up all the criminals too it makes perfect sense as well. With the high number of criminals in America we shouldn’t care if police kill innocent people should we? And then you go on to tell him what he should do but I highly doubt you’ve done any of it, you go walk those places. A ride along with cops? Great idea let’s go with them and watch them to see how they really act. When they know people are watching there true colors will comeout instead of when they think no one is watching… seriously?
    Police abusing power effects everyone not just blacks maybe if more of us white people understood this then they would be onborde. We need to get rid of crooked cops and any real cops should agree with that.

    How about you do a real argument to this. All you did was attack his position without really defending the other side. Instead of talking about how there isn’t a problem with police abusing power you just wanted to attack his creditability which is nothing more than weak. You win over some unintelligent readers with your misdirection but not someone that understands the issue.