Pizza Shop Employee Prints Obscene Message On Cop’s Receipt – Restaurant Gives Awesome Response

A Pieology employee left an obscene message on a cop's receipt, but the company response was excellent.

A Pieology employee left an obscene message on a cop’s receipt, but the company response was excellent.

Pieology Responds To Anti-Cop Receipt

Torrance, CA – A Torrance police officer who was disrespected because of his uniform at a Pieology restaurant doesn’t hold any hard feelings, just a question to the server about what made them hate cops so much.

Corporate management at Pieology fired the employee when they found out about the words written on the officer’s receipt, “Fuck the cops.”

The incident occurred on Monday, September 18, with a uniformed police officer at the Pieology located at 3720 Pacific Coast Highway.  The officer went inside to pick up a lunch takeout order when he was given a receipt that said “Fuck The Cops,” according to the Daily Breeze.

The police officer did not want to speak publicly and asked his department’s spokesman, Sgt. Ronald Harris, to speak on his behalf.  Sgt. Harris said, “He remembers a young lady who rings him up.  He looks at the receipt. He immediately noticed what it says.”

The officer did not talk to the server and decided not to make a scene.

Sgt. Harris said, “He wanted to say something. He wanted to go up to the young lady who actually wrote this. He wasn’t angry, but he was so pressed for time.”

The officer received a ‘uniform discount,’ on his bill which the restaurant offers for uniformed police officers.  The officer didn’t know this because it was his first time there.  He was not expecting a break on his bill, took the difference, and added it to the bill as a tip.

Sgt. Harris said that the officer “watched her very closely when they packaged his pizza because he wanted to make sure it wasn’t altered. He was empathetic. He wanted to know ‘what happened to you to make you do something like this?'”

He continued that the officer “paid his bill, grabbed his food and headed out to an assignment to relieve some other officers on a busy day.”

It appears that the person who checked him out was female, but a name on the receipt is for a male.  The woman may have been logged in as someone else.

After he left Pieology, the officer showed the receipt to other officers.  One of their outraged wives posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook, and said:

“I want to share this with everyone to show the unprovoked hatred that my husband and his partners deal with everyday.  

“This is not the type of business that I want to see in the city where I live. My husband’s partner was just trying to get a quick bite to eat in the middle of a busy shift and this is what he received. Needless to say, we will never eat at Pieology ever again. I hope you all will help support our police and share this both near and far. It is NOT ok to treat our officers like this.”

A copy of the receipt was sent to Pieology, and phone calls were directed to the corporate office.

In a statement, Pieology spokeswoman Vanessa Legutko said :

“We at Pieology are extremely disappointed in the actions of this employee, and apologize on behalf of the entire Pieology family for this upsetting situation.  The actions of this employee do not in any way reflect the thoughts of Pieology, and we are taking swift and serious action to rectify the situation, including terminating the offending employee.

We have the utmost respect and gratitude for the men and women who keep our communities safe, and have no tolerance for hateful language or actions. This location in Torrance is a heartfelt supporter of all men and women in uniform, especially the brave first responders, and shows its support with a discount for all uniformed police, firefighters and military members.”

Sgt. Harris said that the officer doesn’t have any hard feelings towards the now-former employee.  He said that the officer, “feels very sorry for this individual and wonders what bad experience she had with law enforcement to do something like that.”

It’s rare for a business to not only immediately take action against employees who hate on cops, but to publicly announce it as well. Many other companies are afraid to give the appearance of supporting law enforcement while firing their problem employees.

However, Pieology not only announced that the employee was fired, but they voiced their support for law enforcement and offer a discount to uniformed officers. What more could you ask for?

Are you happy with the company’s response? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.


  • Rick Burris

    what a great ran company


    Kudos to Pieology and the way that they handled the situation…..Kudos also to the Officer for the professional way he handled this disgusting situation…….As for the cashier who wrote the profanity on the Officers receipt, she can go suck rotten chicken eggs……!

  • Ken Harlson

    Excellent response to a worthless snowflake employee! She most likely got ticketed for breaking the law and was butthurt about it. Please get off my planet!

    • Steve Wilde

      get off my planet? seriously? the receipt was a stupid move, she may have had reason but chances are she is young and learning don’t look so young. What’s your excuse

      • Ken Harlson

        My excuse for what? For feeling that these chronically offended snowflakes need to go? Unless you are one of their sympathizers there is no need for any excuse.

        • Ken Harlson

          Where did you go Stevie? Obviously you are also a coddled, easily offended snowflake. Pack your bags and leave.

  • Remo_5_0

    I like it.

  • alaskatime

    More likely never had any contact with police just what they are programmed to do. Hate the police, until she needs that same guy or gal to save her life then they are hero of the day. POS

  • Dottora Ⓥ

    I think that by taking a swift and aggressive position, the company sent a clear and positive message. It clearly demonstrates that they do not condone nor will allow LEOs to be treated with disrespect by their employees. If a company ~ any company, allows an employee to treat someone in such an egregious manner simply because of that person’s profession, where will it stop? Will they leave vitriolic notes on receipts of someone wearing scrubs? Or a fire department shirt? We live in disturbing times and it behooves any company to stand up to discriminatory practices by an employee.

    • Jay Gordon

      Pieology, if they are sincere, will show remorse. Boycott.

      • Oaf Dawg

        Did you even bother to read the article?

      • Stephen Serafin

        Boycott? Pieology issued an apology and fired the bozo. Why would you boycott a responsible Company stepping up to do the right thing?

      • JustStop

        Did you read the article Jay Gordon. If so and this is your answer, well, you are entitled as an ignoramus.

  • Carrie Hoover

    Fantastic! THIS is how all businesses should respond to such incidents. Watch and learn Starbucks. (And any other business that hasn’t taken swift action regarding this kind of problem) This is how the professionals do it!

  • gunslinger97

    I am happy with the response. You never know when one of your employees is an asshole. The company handled it appropriately.

  • Florence Goodson Stepp

    Yes I believe the company did the right thing any one that disrespects any LEOs,Firefighters,Military should not be working with the public.No matter how they feel or want to say they should keep it to their selves.or be fired people like that young person are bad for business.

  • george orwell

    This article is written poorly and difficult to read. Plus, how did the incident occur on 9/18 when the receipt says 9/14? Glad at least that the company didn’t dance and pussyfoot around, and immediately s###canned the employee. The fact that “Many other companies are afraid to give the appearance of supporting law enforcement while firing their problem employees” just makes no sense to me on ANY level. Are they afraid of losing business to antifa f###tards? Then maybe they need to be out of business, put on all black hoodies and masks, and go break things, too.

    • Peekin-In

      The article was posted on 9/18. The receipt is 9/14.

    • Jim Trent

      If it was difficult to read maybe you need some reading lessons. Seems others had no problem reading it. As for the date I take it you never seen the wrong date or time on things before. When I did tech support we would have to walk them through resetting the dates.

  • duder1897

    People like this should be put on a list where first responders are not allowed to respond if they call for assistance. Just let them die.

  • martin e neltner

    Yes ccompany response appropriate. I agree with Alaska time. Programmed stupid people is what they are

  • Peekin-In

    It’s nice they offer a discount to uniformed police but that should probably stop. Amazing the employee took the tip……hypocrite. Nasty nasty nasty. I also think they shouldn’t be allowed to type anything on a receipt, your work ID# or name should be enough.

  • Vince Pinto

    Good corporate response, but unless they reveal the name of the POS, she can just go down the road and get a job with another fast food chain.

    • Phohuk Yu

      Sweet fascism buddy, it’s a crime that you’re allowed to own a gun.

  • Dan Topp

    If I was a police officer anywhere,I would pack my lunch.Most all the low class scum are inevitably serving your food.

  • Teri Jackson

    If I owned the restaurant, I would close one whole day to main stream business, and I would cater to any and all law enforcement. FREE OF CHARGE. She would serve every single one of them with a smile on her face. At then end of the day…… I’d fire her ass.

    • Phohuk Yu

      That’s why you work for the government or are married to someone who does, you don’t know jack about owning a business.

  • Phohuk Yu

    Giving a discount to a government employee who has better salary and benefits than most of the people privately employed in this country? Screw that.

    • jmi0112


    • Jim Trent

      Awwww…do you need the number of someone you can cry to? 1-800-922-2244 1-800-WAA-AAHH

  • pM4X

    i go by there almost everyday, and patronize at their other locations. i was gonna stop bringing my business to their chain altogether, but their actions allayed any ill feelings. they did right; kudos to them.

  • Deplorable Charles

    I truly am happy with the company’s response. Well done.

  • Deplorable Charles

    Whoever that server was is a pathetic coward.

  • Geanie Love White

    just parroting what she sees and hears. Who would she call if she was being robbed or attacked?

  • Common Non-Sense

    Boycott.. let’s all make a stand… and do not buy anything from Kellogg Co. … they contribute millions each and every year to Black lives, Clinton Foundation and George Soros whom is behind Antifa

  • Tammy O.

    Seems there could be some kind of harsher response to employees that do this. SOmebody needs to come up with a deterrent for this so that unwitting companies will no unknowingly hire them.

    • GRComments

      Wait until the snowflake has to explain to their next possible employer why they got fired. The consequences of this are pretty serious. Hopefully, getting fired will wake them up.

  • Curtis_15

    Let hope in her next job she remembers her beliefs and does not call for the Police when she’s being assaulted, raped or murdered. After all, who with her attitude would want to be saved by an organization she hates so much.