VIDEO – DEVELOPING: Rioting Outside Phoenix Trump Rally

Phoenix Police are having objects thrown at them and they are responding with gas.

Phoenix Police are having objects thrown at them and they are responding with gas.

Phoenix Riot Outside Trump Rally

Phoenix, AZ – Crowds outside of the Phoenix Trump rally began to throw rocks and bottles at police as the rally was ending on Tuesday night.

After the violence started, people started putting on dust masks and other face coverings.

President Trump is present at the rally and Phoenix police are working to clear out the violent crowd with gas and pepperballs. Some people in the crowd started throwing the gas canisters back at the police.

You can see video of the scene below:

The anti-Trump protesters are claiming that people were only throwing water bottles at the police and that the police “overreacted.”

People are continuing to throw objects at the police from behind another group of people who are chanting “peaceful protest.” They have been given a dispersal order which they are ignoring.

With the violent protesters using the peaceful protesters as cover, and the group ignoring a dispersal order, the officers are likely to respond shortly to force them to disperse.

Prior to the end of the Trump rally, the crowd had been peaceful throughout the day. They became violent after the pro-Trump crowd started to filter out.

UPDATE: Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump protesters are getting into scuffles away from the police line.

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