Philando Castile was an Armed Robbery Suspect

Philando Castille robbery suspect: Security footage of robbery

Philando Castile robbery suspect: Security footage of robbery (image source

In a major twist, it turns out that Philando Castile was stopped because he was a suspect in an armed robbery, not because his tail light was out. This new discovery is shedding new light on a shooting that is looking more justified each day.

Philando Castile was shot by St Anthony Officer Jeronimo Yanez during a traffic stop on Wednesday. Officer Yanez’s patrol partner, Officer Joseph Kauser, was present at the time. Immediately after the shooting, Castile’s girlfriend and passenger, Diamond Reynolds, started livestreaming the event on Facebook while narrating what was happening.

If you missed the video, you can see it here:

Until now, the only version of events that has been made publicly available is Reynold’s account of events. Reynolds painted a disturbing picture: Officer Yanez asked Castile for his identification. Philando Castile told Officer Yanez that he had his concealed carry permit. Castile then reached for his wallet and was shot. In the video, Officer Yanez was left screaming “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand off it.”

The accuracy of Reynold’s version of events is unknown, because there has been very little information about this incident released publicly. If her account is accurate, then it paints the picture of an overly-jumpy cop who shot Castile for reaching for his wallet, after being specifically asked to get his identification.

Now, news station Kare11 has received audio recordings of scanner traffic when the traffic stop was called out on the radio:

“I’m going to stop a car,” the officer says on the recording. “I’m going to check IDs.  I have reason to pull it over.”

“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery,” the officer says. “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer continues.

A minute and a half later, the recording captures the first report that there was a shooting.

Officer:  “Shots fired Larpenteur and Fry.”
Dispatch: “Copy you just heard it? …   You just heard the shots fired?”
Officer:  (screaming) “Code 3! Shots fired.”
Dispatch:  “Copy shots fired Larpenteur and Fry. Do you need medics?”
Officer:  “Code 3!”
Dispatch:  “Copy. Medics — code 3 to Larpenteur and Fry.”
Officer: “One adult female taken into custody. Driver at gunpoint.”

It’s believed that the officer was referring to a gas station robbery that had happened four days earlier, and was reported on by

Some people are questioning if it’s possible for Officer Yanez to get a good enough look at the driver of another vehicle where he could recognize them as the suspect. I can tell you for a fact that I frequently arrest wanted persons after I recognize them as they drive past me in the daytime.

The disparity between the radio traffic and Reynold’s version of events has people wondering if Reynolds is lying. Reynolds is most likely telling the truth about the reason for the stop. Police officers are not required to tell people the actual reason they were stopped, as long as they were stopped for a lawful reason. The officer’s purpose was simply to identify Castile so that he could be investigated as a suspect in the robbery. The officers likely told Castile that they stopped him for a taillight violation; that way Castile would assume that it was a routine traffic stop and hopefully not react violently. Because the officers knew that they were dealing with potentially armed felony suspects, they were likely on high-alert for any motion that may indicate that somebody was reaching for a gun. It just so happens that in the video, you can see Castile’s right hand on a gun:

Philando Castile's right and on a gun

Philando Castile’s right and on a gun

Despite Castile being shot for apparently grabbing a gun, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has declared that Castile was shot for being black and that the officers responsible would be brought to justice.

There are some media outlets that are going so far as to claim that Castile was actually the person who committed the robbery, but that information is actually unknown at this time. Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Assistance is investigating and they are not releasing further details at this time.

The media has already started to write up news articles about how close Officer Yanez and his patrol partner, Officer Kauser were. The newsworthiness of the relationship between these two co-workers is questionable, unless the media is preparing to attack Officer Kauser’s official account of events. It’s presumed that Officer Kauser’s version of events will match that of Officer Yanez, simply due to the fact that they were both present at the time of the shooting. If that account is different than the media narrative of an innocent man shot for being black, then they are prepared to defend their false narrative by attacking Officer Kauser. This kind of disgusting reporting by the news media is a significant contributor to the lies that bolster Black Lives Matter.

With no official details of the investigation released, it’s too early to definitively call this shooting as justified or not. However, there is significant evidence that the shooting may have been justified, and there isn’t a shred of evidence that Castile’s race had anything to do with his shooting. You don’t need to decide if the shooting was justified or not to agree that it may have been reasonable. Let’s get the word out that this wasn’t a cold-blooded murder, which is how the mainstream media is selling it.

  • Amber

    Officers can definitely see into vehicles, moving or not! I was giving someone a ride one day and got pulled over…. for no reason, or so I thought! The “friend” that I was giving a ride to was wanted… when I stopped he got out and ran. :\ I give no more rides!!!

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  • Bruce L Drucker

    Thank you for representing a balanced view in a world too quick to judge the actions and motives of the individuals who place their lives on the line every day to protect and serve others. Those who have never been in the position of trying to do the job have no idea what it is like having to make split second life and death decisions that have not only immediate but wide ranging impact once reached and acted upon.

  • 1. Philando Castile had already used a gun to threaten someones’ life during an ARMED robbery. That IS what “Armed” means.
    2. Diamond Reynolds turned her cell phone video on AFTER her boyfriend was shot. She held it in position while Philando died.
    3. Diamond Reynolds videoed her boyfriend Philando instead of showing any compassion toward Philando. She did not hold him, try to render aide to him or ask the officers to get him help.
    4. Diamond Reynolds had her 4 year daughter in the car with Philandro whom she has referred to as her fiance and as her boyfriend. Either way, she probably knew he was a wanted felon and that he was in possession of a weapon. This was not a situation where any minor should have been with her.
    5. Diamond Reynolds did not try to comfort her 4 year daughter or even protect her from harm. That would have been the natural, immediate response of a caring mother.
    Was Diamond Reynolds first priority to get video evidence so that she could file a civil suit against the police department? If not, why didn’t she stop videoing and respond to her fiance/boyfriend Philando or her young daughter?

    • Kobayashi_Maru

      Because the officer had told her to keep her hands on the steering wheel, if she had not, she would have been murdered too. Had she been shot by the officer, you would be saying that she should have listened to the him. Go suck a pig dick.

    • Anthony Joseph

      He was NOT a suspect, he did NOT commit a crime such as the armed robbery mentioned therefore was NOT wanted for a felony! You lady, well, you’re an idiot.

  • CJ Brown

    He was not a suspect, he fit the description of a suspect. There’s a big difference.


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  • The suspect in the video of the convenience store robbery looks a lot like Castile – same dreadlocks and facial hair. Also, Castile’s gun is out and near his right hand in the video of his death. The gun should have remained safely holstered and he would be alive now. It is entirely consistent for an armed robbery suspect who is pulled over to shoot a cop. Are the cops supposed to take a bullet before they can fire back? The cop who shot Castile is an American Indian of Mexican ancestry, and is no “cracker” white racist – not that a white cop should ever be assumed to be racist. I don’t blame the African-American community for being outraged. If the lies they are being told were true, it would indicate that a planned and coordinated anti-black genocide is underway. Except that the allegations of racism are lies. I blame the leftist media for inciting unfair hatred against whites and cops.

    • DarkPassenger

      You are going by what you have heard in the media. You don’t have the facts either. How does being a person of interest “maybe” and telling the officer I have a weapon and a permit to carry give the officer cause to kill? You are letting this crappy article cloud your judgement.

  • Lisa

    Marie Comer you can’t be a black person with that comment about Diamonds responses to Philando and her daughter. It is clear that the officer warned her on more than one occasion to keep her hands where he could see them. Also, with a loaded weapon pointed in my vehicle that just shot my drive AND MY daughter in the backseat, I would have been frozen and not moved either, scared that he could have shot my child more so than myself.

    If Philando was holding a gun or the Emerson who robbed the store, the police/media will no doubt show that to justify the shooting. But let’s be clear that chastising the way Diamond responded is NOT the issue here.

    Just like blacklivesmatter, I can agree blue lives matter too. If we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about cops, then dont jump to conclusions about the victims either.

  • Myk

    I love how people are just biting on to this. This is not journalism this is an attempted character assassination to justify what is at very least a wrongful shooting. Castille’s facial hair and the suspects facial hair are very different actually. Also I’m not convinced that that is a gun in that tiny tiny pixelated image to me it looks like a wallet and to claim that it is absolutely a gun is really reading into it or just plain dishonest. I could be wrong but it really just appears as this police officer lost his shit and pulled the trigger because he couldn’t handle things because his fear overtook him and he wasn’t able to rationally think.

    • dstallwell

      This is ridiculous!…They know darn well they were dealing with two different people. We all know this was a CYA story the cops came up with.

  • Well if you had of listened to the video the cops is clearly screaming KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE STEARING WHEEL several time’s so how could she comfort her DAUGHTER and BOYFRIEND’S when they didn’t want her to move and then when they got her out of the car they HANDCUFFED her its always good to LISTEN!!!!!!!!

    • Ver Auger

      Okay, everything you write could be true, in which case the officer who shot Castile would be guilty of being unfit for the police force, and maybe guilty of felony manslaughter, but not murder. If the worst allegations you made prove true, the shooting was a tragic mistake by a nervous cop. That is horrible, but does not justify the anger and rage directed against police nation-wide. I wish President Obama and the rest of our leaders, the news media and civil rights organizations would all emphasize the message that African-Americans should stay cool and monitor events closely as the investigations unwind. When all the facts emerge, if the police are exonerated, there will be no way to return to life and health the innocent officers who were ambushed today, nor for Obama to retract the damage done to Ferguson and Baltimore after his inflammatory speeches on those topics. You seem to be far more reasonable and fair-minded than the biased media. Good for you but bad for the media….

    • DarkPassenger

      What does that have to do with anything? I don’t understand the point you are making.

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  • Rubi

    Every black male does not look the same, being accused of a robbery is not the same as being convicted of a crime. The man in the surveillance video has a lean but muscular frame different jaw. Philando Castile had a frail stature and I have seen many videos of Caucasian suspects and criminals that violently resisted arrest, yet lived to see another day. For those who don’t know what it’s like to be an educated minority with no record like myself, it’s not a perfect community even amongst our own. In the Latino, black, Asian community their is self hate and a phenomenon termed “Colorism”. I can pass for white at times since I tan more during summer and have also dyed my hair since 15 just as expression. I like many others have been picked on for being considered too light to be Latina, some pick on my cousins they feel are too dark to be Latino. Some natural women(un-relaxed) hair insult other black or Latinas wearing their weave or relaxed hair and vice versa. My point is the common thread of some to say isn’t racial profiling is in correct racism isn’t that simple and because so many want to hide the past and tell minorities to “get over it” in respect to slavery, civil rights, it isn’t taught or discussed. I have been followed in a store more than once due to my skin color or hair in conservative slacks and collared blouse, I have also been treated unfairly in an all black club and refused a seat because a woman thougt I was white. Hate lives in all races or perceived race. However my first introduction to racism was a predominately all white school and it was brutal. I was called ape, monkey etc. because they only saw black or white. To them I was black. I see many sides of the coin I have relatives that are police, I’m a military veteran. I don’t search to shirk responsibility or disrespect authority. I’ve seen how people in authority do stick together even at times when they shouldn’t. While any hate is wrong it’s very clear at my age the United States is still sympathetic to the white male, I understood when I was disrespected that club that stranger saw me as the enemy because she’s seen her friends loved ones pulled over and hassled. With the history of racism what began that distrust was slavery, segregation, forced abortions in the Latino, native and black communies. What reason back in history did whites have to hate and distrust Native indigenous people or Africans!? Nothing, they just took over. I don’t allow myself to distrust every white person or Police Officer, but I also will not be blind to the reality that Police brutality exists and there is a disparity in sentencing and arrests with racial minorities. It’s easy for people t dismiss these real concerns and systematic oppression because people say they don’t deserve “white guilt” however, you can’t mend society without admitting these inequalities occur. Those who despise racism need to speak up and people who serve the public such as officers need to correct and reprimand their counterparts who cross the line. No we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion each time a situatin occurs like this one, however since case of injustice have gone under the radar or covers up in the eyes of s many many are just angry and tired of waiting for true equality and justice. I may not agree with all the tactics of protest and hot heads ruin it for lawful citizens, but I empathize with the discourse.

    • Paul Hue

      The robber and Castile look enough alike to justify the officer pulling over Castile for a better look. And of course the odd behavior by Castile — saying nothing about a gun until he was already reaching into its vicinity, never HIMSELF mentioning a carry license, disregarding the new order to raise his hands — surely cemented the officer’s fear.

      No word yet from the police about Castile’s role in that robbery. The fact that the police didn’t announced that Castile had been cleared of the robbery leaves me to wonder if he’s been linked but the police management worries about the political fallout if they announce that.

  • PJ1957

    This is a complete lie. They claimed they thought he was a robbery suspect. So you’re adding to the miss

    • James Dawson

      They didn’t “claimed they thought he was a robbery suspect”. They have the recorded police calls back to the dispatcher.

  • Richard Pancoast

    What a crock of shit. This only confirms that Castile was pulled over because he was Black. The suspects in the supposed bank robbery were man & woman? When did the supposed bank robbery occur; 10 mins prior? 10 days? And the cop could see the shape of the drivers nose from vehicle to vehicle? And that’s enough for suspicion? Complete BS!

    • rhonda daniel

      I agree!!!!!!

  • Kate Macaulay
  • writingmomma46

    You guys are full of it. You will try anything to continue to cover your evils and corruption. But, God will truly hold evil hearts and minds accountable for their actions of hate, bigotry and lawlessness. Keep upholding the wrongdoing and it will eventually catch up to you. For cursed is the man/woman that covets evil doing and seeks not after righteousness. The blood is on YOUR hands.

  • Darius

    BS…. “He had a wide nose…” GTFOH

  • Laura Stegmiller Golab

    for one you dont say your boyfriend has a CC card they reach for something, with that being stated you are saying he has a gun, and the videos going around of his girlfriend they need to lock her ass up for being an unfit mother

  • Jeremiah Huson

    Your lives matter less and less each time you present the public with “stories” such as this. You would do well to assimilate some of the things that are being said below into your psyche. Every time you present yourselves as arrogant, petulant assholes you lose credibility with your communities and turn more of them against you. Also, each time you say, “blue lives matter” you are seen for the racist, power-hungry assholes you truly are. Now all of you are being seen in that manner and it makes people much less likely to cooperate with you. The very phrase you espouse here is the phrase which has cost Dallas and Baton Rouge police their lives. You all need to understand that “The oppressors cannot be oppressed by the oppressed. Your lives already matter. You are the oppressors. Every time a police officer acts as judge, jury, and executioner, the public is steeled against you. You are not “Serving and Honoring American Law Enforcement,” you are acting in direct opposition to the very oaths you have all sworn as police officers. The very phrase “Law Enforcement” is diametrically opposed to that oath too. It implies that you are “at war” and need to do “battle” with the public. You are not engaged in a war with the public and every time you approach a scene with this mindset you have lost. You have failed the public interest, you have failed your jurisdictions, and most of all you have failed yourselves.

  • Jeanne Deaux

    This is not how you get people to respect police officers.

    And by the way, even if Castile had been the suspect (and he wasn’t, thanks for lying though), a police officer’s job is to ACCUSE you of a crime and then, if necessary, take you into custody pending trial. That’s it. You’re not the judge. You’re not the jury. You’re not the executioner.

    How many times now have white people *actively shot at police* and lived to tell the tale? Racism is so pervasive in our culture that even black cops are more likely to shoot black perps than white ones. The hate and self-hate run deep. We should be working to eradicate these, not working to excuse acts of terrorism. Because that’s what this is when someone literally has to fear for their life being pulled over for a taillight.